Gamers Helping Haiti Offers $1400 Worth Of Stuff for $20 Donation

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There are a lot of D20 micro-supplements padding out the bundle, but I'm pleased to see it actually does have several popular and well-reviewed stand-alone works in there. All in all, it's a pretty accurate snapshot of what you can buy on site.

Three Sixteen is in there. It's a great game, wonderfully simple but amazingly nuanced. Practically the best game ever.

-- Alex

Hold on...there's a Doctor Who RPG that I haven't got????

Oh...yeah...Haiti...that's nice...might spend something as well.

If you are talking about Dr Who: Adventures in time and space, it has a jiggery-pokery rule!

Boffin - This Trait allows the character to create Gadgets through the fine art of "Jiggery-Pokery". Your average Joe can try to open their household appliances and wire them together to try to make something - though they'll probably only gain an electric shock or worse. Only a Boffin can do this and create a useful device that can scan DNA, cracks safes, or disable Dalek forcefields. More details on creating Gadgets can be found in the Jiggery-Pokery rules on p.[?].


Captain Pancake:
I know it's a tragedy and everything, but I find it hypocritical that we'll help out these people, yet the Lubicon first nations people in Canada are being completely ignored while they suffer just for the sake of oil. Hell, the only reason I heard about it was because of my involvement with the Amnesty International group at my school, and I think it's a little shoddy that as soon as money and wealth is involved, people will turn a blind eye if it's to their own personal detriment. Haiti? Sure, people will help, it's a horrible occurrence, but the Lubicon people? Obviously their petrol is more important than the thousands of natives on those lands.

You've made quite the position statement there. To avoid being a hypocrite, I shall not donate to any charities until I am able to donate to them all.

Okay, hypocrite was the wrong word, I was writing that in a flourish of indignancy. All I'm saying is if we could give as much support to situations like the one I described as we have for something that only just happened, then the world would be a happier place.

I think they have enough help now. Like half the world's governments are giving aid so there really isn't need for every man and his dog to give some too. I am sure the residents of New Orleans are feeling quite angry that their country and the world didn't care about them in their disaster!

No, just... no. I wish people would research stuff before just saying things. This in particular is something I am so sick of hearing.

Anyway, OT I'm not really interested in tabletop games myself but I will have to send this link to a few friends of mine. I'm amazed at how much money has been raised from this alone so far.

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