Son Stabs Father Over FIFA 09

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He stabbed his dad over a video game (for real this time)?
His mother said he's always on his Playstation?




But in all seriousness, he must have been unstable to begin with. Are there any details about a previous psychiatric/criminal record?

Great. More ammo for the "Games cause violence" activists.

wow he must be truly crap at Fifa

Seriously, if you thought the Italians took catholicism seriously, you have no idea how they view football.

Dare I say it? Sweet Victory? a FOOTBALL video game.

I wonder what side the media will take, "Football violence comes to a GAMES CONSOLE near you" "Video games make the friendly game of football violent" (I'd laugh if they were naive enough to pick that but I could see it happening)

But this just proves so many points that the media have been using in their anti video game arguments wrong.

Hope the Father gets well though can't imagine being gashed in the neck would be pleasant by any means.

Ummm, straitjacket. In fact, 2 straitjackets. one for his legs as well.

How spoiled do you have to be to stab someone for giving you advice? My guess is he either has intense mental problems in fact he sounds kind of like the technical physhological definition of pyshopath (showing no remorse for actions etc.) or hes was having a bad day and wasn't in a good mood, or both.

Homie's got issues. And FIFA 09 is plenty violent what with all the shouting and slide tackling.

I would react violently.... Fifa is a horrible game.

[facepalm] Kids these days....I think I'll think twice before I call soccer a sissy sport.


Wow, I know Europeans get kind of batshit insane when it comes to football(Soccer), but... wow.

Every single country in europe?

I thought only the brittish went nuts over football.

Oh no, its pretty much all of the world, except North America.

And as the oh so credible source of Wikipedia points out, it even sparked a war.

It wasn't the sole reason, but more of a "straw that broke the camel's back" type thing.

Sports Games : EVIL!

If I had to play Fifa 09, I'd stab my dad too.

and all he wanted was a hug.

Andy Chalk:
Son Stabs Father Over FIFA 09

"Mario is obsessed," his mother said. "He's forever playing on his PlayStation, and we bought him FIFA 2009 because we didn't want him playing violent games."

Oh, the irony. You could cut it, as they say, with a knife.

via: GamePolitics


This is the greatest piece of irony to ever exist. Seriously.

That is all.

Oh no, looks like Australians might have their soccer boxes without the shiny pearlies of Rooney and Ronaldo. Looking into those eyes might be enough to never awaken from the abyss.

Oh wow, this guy's going to be proper special when he grows up.

Auggh I hate when how whenever someone acts violently while playing a videogame it is automatically the videogame's fault. Videogames don't automatically turn a friendly straight A student into a axe murdering psycopath, you have to assume that there's at least a bit of mental disarray beforehand.

Although I am glad about how this will affect the whole "violent videogames cause violence" argument.

Damn it. If this finds it's way to Atkinson...
"See even non-violent video games like FIFA can trigger violence, how do you think games like Grand Theft Auto will effect the population?"

I hope to God his ignorance also covers this.

Well shit, now no gamers are safe from the ignorance of the common man

Darn soccer hooligans.

They take their soccer very seriously over there...

What in the world is going on today with teenagers? Have they all lost their mind because of a stupid videogame?

good thing they didn't get him grand theft auto!

then again If I got a stupid soccer game for my birthday I would be pissed too.


Wow, I know Europeans get kind of batshit insane when it comes to football(Soccer), but... wow.

Every single country in europe?

I thought only the brittish went nuts over football.

They start fires in the stands in Germany.

I'm just glad the father's still alive. By the way, the mother doesn't sound too bright.

I wish I had parents that cared what I was doing enough to comment on it and make friendly suggestions.

What a douche.

The father survived the attack? Oh thank god! I had assumed the man was killed in the attack. I'm just glad he's alright.

As for the child and videogame controversy, to be honest, I'm okay with the parents blaming videogames here. It wasn't the cause, I know, the son's immaturity and lack of self-restraint are, along with other possible factors, but some bitterness towards it is understandable, when he looked out for him like. Gifts are meant to bring people joy, not anger. I hope the child will grow up into a kinder, more mature person anyway. Don't want to make a habit of this.

This kid probably plays as Manchester. No wonder he's such a cunt.

Wow, I know Europeans get kind of batshit insane when it comes to football(Soccer), but... wow.

Pfft. Don't compare all of us to Italy. Those guys and England are insane if you ask me when it comes to sports.



anyone else think that he was just pissed off because he is still playing fifa 09 when fifa 10 is out now?

More proof that the ability to cause violence is actually somewhat INVERSELY proportional to the violence of the game itself.

However, that kid is fucked up.

On the other hand, this is far from the first time that incredibly disproportionate and brutal things have been done due to something about football.
Yes, I went there. Shit like this happens way too much with football or any other game when people are sufficiently obsessed over the subject matter. I'm sure many others are more familiar with riots that took place after football or other sports games for one reason or another?

Actually, people do stupid shit like this for any reason they can use to justify said actions.

This in turn leads me to once again state: HUMANS. SUCK.

Of course this will probably get gaming even more flak from those remaining few but incredibly persistent individuals who still won't join the current age.

However, I find it incredible that the father survived... I hope he'll be alright.

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