Son Stabs Father Over FIFA 09

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I always said that sports lead to violence in the real world.

Theirs all this horrible things happening now thank god i'm not like that i wonder how the mother feels

This is a great day in gaming history, this is just one kid imagine what happens if they try to ban videogames world wide. The government will now be too scared to do it because of incidents like this! Thank you Mario and your contribution to fighting the good fight

Im joking this kid is batshit insane and should be shot before he ever plays a shooter online and gets killed by a camper. Who knows what would happen then

One question didnt the dad find it kind of suspicious the kid he was just arguing with came with a 15 inch knife

The DSM:
Football hooliganism is seeping into the games now.

Its not the realistic experience if you arnt attacked at football match.

Would be more realistic if he went at his dad with a broken bottle or a bat or something.

But yeah Italians take football very seriously. I personally hate it but don't mess with an Italian and his football team. If you do you'll all of a sudden find out he's got a lot of friends.

Three things.

1) Guess sports games make you just as violent as violent games.

2) I'm really glad the father survived. Now, if his son had Goomba Stomped him...

3) Thank God someone else here knows how to use DEFCON levels properly.

I think that kid has...problems.

Maaaaybe. Just maaaybe.


Is what I shall now say during arguments.

The kid is retarded. And his dad wasn't even telling him to get off his PS3.

this a bit over extreme if you ask me

Daystar Clarion:

Don't fret, I was only joking.

Yeah, sorry about that. It makes me look like I was angry, but I see similar posts that are completely serious, and I just tell them what I told you.

It's all good, no harm done.

This seems to have more to do with sports than video games...
Hey! I just think it's high time someone put an anti-sports spin on SOMETHING for a change.

These damned football hooligans!

The kid is retarded. And his dad wasn't even telling him to get off his PS3.

This proves that violent games aren't what drive children insane, no.
Sports games do that.
Also, this kid is a fucking psychopath.

Well thats a bit, extreme. Especially over FIFA 09

Ladies and Gentlemen.........we have conclusive not let european retards play fifa.

Ironic. Also, soccer fans are crazy but this kid is a frickin psychopath.


Andy Chalk:
because we didn't want him playing violent games


Wasn't Tony Hawks Skate apparently responsible for a stabbing a while back too?. Jebus Rice Jack Thompson was right all he got the wrong genre... it's not the violent video game, it's the sports games that are forcing people to murder..

If I wasn't sitting in a classroom while I read that article I would totally be laughing so hard it hurts right now. Especially from the final pun, which was truly terrible and oh so hilarious.

Parenting needed to start much earlier for that kid. Much earlier.


That kid has freaking problems.

Freaking problems.

Extreme freaking problems.

Welll it's Soccer (Or football, whatever), and it's europe. Stuff like that goes down.

damn that is fucked up!

Whenever my dad does that, I just cry. Stabbing the guy in the neck is a bit... harsh...

Obviously the kid has more problems than the fact I was kicking his ass at FIFA 09. Sorry to hear about the dad, although I'm glad he didn't die. I don't speak Italian very well, but I think I did hear something about "Pwn-o", and a chuckle. Plus, why get mad if the TV's off? Just pause.

You know, I can't help but think that there is a small but vigorous minority that comes to certain sports events with an express intent to engage in vandalism and/or violence as strong as their desire to watch the game.

Annnnnd yet you don't see a lot of politicians suggesting reining in organized sports because of the excesses of the fans. Or the players, for that matter. Pop quiz: if you said "The last thing this country needs is our youth emulating the behavior of overly glamorized, steroid-fueled sociopaths whose major talent is their ability to smack the living daylights out of things with clubs", are you talking about video games... Or baseball?

Maybe all video games really need is another eighty years and some spin to get some homey, sepia-toned nostalgia associated with them.

Before anyone takes my sarcasm seriously: people have seemingly managed to go batshit over everything from Taxi Driver to the Bible. There are people in this world who just go wrong and become terrifying engines of destruction, either of themselves or of others (or both.) Trying to second-guess what triggers them is largely futile, and trying to pin a violent outburst on a single thing, like Doom, is worse than useless. Video games may be a part of a culture in which people become increasingly isolated and less prone to look out for one another (which may in turn mean that more "timebombs" go off before anyone notices little Jimmy is taking an unhealthy interest in fertilizer bombs on the Internet) but they're not the cause.

The kid's a crazy idiot. And the worst part, since the dad survived, is that this is just more ammo for Atkinson and the rest.

That's insane. Dude needed a whole bottle of chill-pills and made a Viagra. Dude took his game too seriously.

Surprised he didn't jump on his head.
Anyway it's ridiculous what things kids do today.

What is it about all these parents stabbing children over videogames lately? It seems like there's one a month.

John Funk:
Well if Assassin's Creed 2 has taught me anything, all young Italian men carry swords and kill people, so this really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Sorry to coin the phrase, but this post is made of pure win.

I'm absolutely sure the father offered "constructive" criticism in a nice, non-demeaning tone. Then got up calmly and said, "Son, you're overracting. I really think you need a break." Right.

I'd like to know if the father has any history of alcohol abuse. My dad physically abused me often over video games (like if I beat him in VS or he didn't approve of how I was playing), so I can understand where the kid is coming from if that's the case.

Oh, man. So funny. Man, if only I had a penny for every time I heard about somebody stabbing their dad in the neck. I'd be a rich man. Hehe.

I hate it when things like this happen. Insane people, bound to snap at some point, snap while playing a game- and BAM!

Michael Atkinson and Jack Thompson have ammunition once again.

Let this be a lesson, parents:

Give kids violent games. This way, they kill virtual characters, not you.

This is news... why? Seriously, that's football.

See, people.
Video games in general don't cause violence.

football(soccer, for all the Americans) games do.

HAHA! that is jokes!

That kid has some serious issues.

So it's true. Violent video games don't cause violence.


Well thats a bit, extreme. Especially over FIFA 09

Oh do not under estimate sports games, I have seen entire friend circles damaged by them.

Ironic how a game all about working together and being social while keeping fun as objective is more mentally aggrevating then a game where you kill hundreds of people in brutal ways.

My point, When you play violent games your happy, When you play non violent games you get pissed.

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