Civilization V Coming to PC This Fall

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Civilization V Coming to PC This Fall


2K has announced that Firaxis Games is working on Civilization V, the PC-only sequel to 2005's Civilization IV, set for release this fall.

If you were a little disappointed in 2008 when Firaxis revealed that Civilization Revolution, the last title in Sid Meier's long-running strategy series, would be console-only, then you'll be happy to learn that the developer is returning to its PC roots for the next Civilization game.

In addition to featuring improved graphics over its predecessor, 2K says Civ V will add new elements to the series, including a more intuitive interface (with "trusted advisors" who will assist you with unfamiliar aspects of the game), the addition of City States as a "new diplomatic battleground," improved combat, including the ability to bombard enemy units from a distance, and an in-game community hub that will make sharing custom levels and chatting with other Civ V players even easier.

Details are still scarce at this point - 2K hasn't even set up an official site for the game yet - but my knee-jerk assessment is that they've taken some of the more intuitive aspects of Revolution and brought them back to the platform where the game belongs. And if it plays as well as Civ IV does, then I imagine I'll be losing at least a month's worth of weekends come autumn.

Source: 2K Games


Want...NEED...MUST HAVE IT *foams at mouth*. Ahem. Good to hear, I look forward to it!

Time to upgrade my graphics card.

I do love a good stratergy game, and this series has served me well in that regard.

I cannot wait, I loved Civ 4 to death. I played revolution spending my time wishing it was more like Civ4.

I just hope it wont need great specs so I can play it on my laptop.

Oh god, I...I think I just had an accident. You should be more careful about posting news like this. But release this fall? Hell no.

As I said on the non-official thread about this, this news essentially sends me into a flurry of ecstatic delight.

I cannot wait, literally. If I had a time machine right now, I'd use it.

Jordan Deam:
then I imagine I'll be losing at least a month's worth of weekends come autumn.

A month?

I'll lose a few years of my life at least!

cant wait for this to come out.

It's beautiful. I may need to get this once I have a decent computer.

Just... Beautiful.

Hopefully this game won't make me be late for work again... Bah! Who am I kidding. I'll probably get fired when this comes out.


i lurve civ.

Even though I have no idea how to play I still do pretty well for myself!

This is such good news. Im a civ fanboy and I think I just had a fangasm.


Civ is my favorite series ever. No question about it.

I'll play it. I got Civ IV, spent about 4 hours with it (enough for about 2 long plays), and immediately found myself losing over and over due to it being so damn complicated. It was fun though, and if I'd given it time I would have enjoyed it more.

Civ 5 is a definite must-buy for me.

Might need to take a week or two off work to play it though!

*looks at picture*

I know what I'm getting my friend for Christmas this year. He loves Civilization.

I am so happy right now I can't even think of a metaphor.

Can we get the "dying happily" picture in here? I don't have it saved.

Well, I've already expressed my enthusiasm in the first thread about this, but whatever...

Dear Mr. Meier,
how could you do this to me?! I am already a chronic insomniac, and now I will not get ANY sleep come fall. You, sir, are a monster, a draconian fiend without pity or mercy for us rest-dependent humans.
Well, I can't wait to send $50 your way though :)

I want to be excited, but I never fell for the series. I couldn't get past 1 hour without getting mowed down by China.

And there goes my life and my sleep for a few months. "just one more turn" is never enough.

Saw this at Eurogamer earlier today, and I almost spontanously combusted, materialized, jizzed and then went two minutes back in time in excitement.

I am looking forward to this!

Well, I can kiss goodbye to my youth - this game will have more replay value than nuclear waste has shelf life.

Civilization Series = Awesome

Hex grids = Awesome

Civ + Hex = Overload of excessive awesome?


... I think so.

... Is it fall yet?

My heart started beating with the might of a thousand drums when I read this. I look forward to my grades getting lowered, and entire months of free time disappearing due to this game.

Interesting how no one cares that this is a fourth sequel to a series, not counting any addons and expansions and whatnot. Very interesting.

Not that I'm any better, I'm just as excited as everyone else. Just interesting to see how people react to repeated sequels from different series.

Good gives me a reason to unistall civ 4, its not that i hate the game it just takes up some space with its expainsions.

I'm cautiously optimistic. CivIV is my still my favorite game, so we'll see if V has enough new features to warrant a purchase. I'm not feeling any loss for not buying The Sims III yet.


And thus my Autumn & Winter free time has been aptly consumed.


Civ IV was amazing, hope V is even more so. I am a CivAddict!.

There is a God. And his name is Sid Meier.

We are not worthy!

Hopefully it isn't too CPU-intensive. Want to hear more about the changes too.



Civ IV was amazing, hope V is even more so. I am a CivAddict!.

SAme here!

Cant wait!!1



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