Korean Otaku Marries Anime Body Pillow

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Wow.. well, erm..

Good for him?

This world is a fucked up place..

You know what? I just don't care anymore. I'm just going to let people do whatever crazy BS they feel like doing as long as it doesn't harm them or other people.

I think this guy made the same mistake lots of men make - they get married too soon!!! If he waited he could have had one of these super hugh quality, classy and sensual body pillows: http://intimatebodypillows.com
Come to think of it, I believe there is no requirement for pillow monogamy, right?

Does the Korean Gov't require pillow monogamy? If not, he could go here and really spice up that boudoir !! http://intimatebodypillows.com

Does the Korean Gov't require pillow monogamy? If not, he could go here and really spice up that boudoir !! http://intimatebodypillows.com






Calumon: Humans are boring and weird. Why can't we all love me?

Because you're not real dammit! YOU'RE NOT REAL! AAAAAARGH!!

Don't deny the power of Calumon. Let this be a lesson to all as Furberts brain caved in on itself, all because of Calumon.

Calumon: image

Bawwwwww! Look at it, it's so cuuuute!
That is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! I want one!





........im going back to bed.
Wake me up when people can think rationally again.

You'll be asleep for a loooong time, my friend. A loooong time.

I hope so.
My dreams arnt as crazy as people like this.
And i once dreamed i was playing football in a Gundam.
I won the game by putting the ball in my shoulder cannon and firing it through the Freedom Gundam into the Arms of the G Gundam for a touchdown.
I kid you not. :3

That's a pretty neat dream. Most of my dreams would make adequate scripts for movies (except last night's dream which would just be an unfunny rip-off of Zombieland).

Most of my dreams are ether Deja Vu, it happens all the time ,just yesterday i did something i dreamed i would and it was like......wow Freaky, or Based on what Manga i read that day.
Iv dreamed in Manga Panels before.

I daydream Presque Vu's myself. DeJa Vu's piss me off but Presque Vu's always intrigue me. Presque Vu is more or less the opposite of DeJa Vu BTW.
As for dreaming in Manga Panels, that would be AWESOME! I wish I could do that! The closest that ever happens to me is when the entirety of my dream is in Tetris or Minesweeper form.

As for Minesweeper dreams......hell no.
It would be the most frustrating dream ever.
Tetris i can handle.

I once dreamed in MapleStory form. It was paradise and hell, at the same time.

His parents must be proud.

Arbitrary Cidin:
I wonder how he was with pillow talk on the wedding night?

"I love it when you're so quiet"

Super happy fun pillow time!! Crazy awesome love times forever!! Love true pillow sexy sex!!!

This just made my day. You know, I sort of could get the DS thing, since it does say things and respond to the guy, but a pillow? What happens if it gets a tear? Does he see a surgeon or someone who can sew?

You stay crazy, world. (salutes)

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