PopCap Announces a Mind-Blowing New Bejeweled

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PopCap Announces a Mind-Blowing New Bejeweled


First, there was Bejeweled. Then, there was Bejeweled Twist, Bejeweled - in WoW and Bejeweled Blitz. Now, PopCap has unveiled its latest Yahtzee-fueled breakthrough in Bejeweling technology: Celebrity Bejeweled.

Few games have enjoyed mass-market success like PopCap's incredibly addictive Bejeweled, and the casual gaming magnate has always tried to push the boundaries of its flagship franchise. The original Bejeweled gave way to Bejeweled Twist, and pushed its way into Blizzard's behemoth MMOG as an add-on for World of Warcraft.

But the match-three scientists at PopCap keep thinking of ways to evolve the franchise, and we here at The Escapist are proud to announce PopCap's latest evolution: Celebrity Bejeweled.

Celebrity Bejeweled takes all of the colored gems, and replaces them with celebrities whose names all happen to be gems (or other minerals), like Neil Diamond, Jewel, or former wrestling superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Also - in the picture seen to the side here - you might recognize one particular Brit with a sweet hat as a guest star, too.

But that's not all! There will be one incredibly awesome special edition of Celebrity Bejeweled, featuring the genuine genetic samples from the celebrities in question - for use in research, cloning, genetic splicing, or other household biology as you see fit. For this reason, Celebrity Bejeweled will be selling for a price of $2,000 which is really cheap when you think about it.

Update: The folks at Destructoid have gotten their hands on an exclusive picture of what the retail box is going to look like. Man, isn't that gorgeous?

PopCap's full official press release can be found below:

PopCap Announces Celebrity Bejeweled® - A Star-Studded New Adaptation of Flagship Franchise
$2000 MSRP Game Includes Certified DNA From Neil Diamond

SEATTLE, Washington and DUBLIN, Ireland - April 1, 2010 - PopCap Games, maker of some of the world's most popular video games, today announced a new celebrity edition of its flagship franchise Bejeweled®. Available only in a limited edition retail box crafted from cubic zirconia and sold only at PopCap.com, Celebrity Bejeweled replaces the traditional gem pieces with holographic likenesses of gem-named superstars from popular film, television, music and sports. Further, the special collector's edition package includes actual genetic samples of featured celebrities, for use in home chemistry experiments, various forms of extortion and/or sale on eBay. Celebrity Bejeweled carries a suggested retail price of US$2000. (Due to live DNA samples, this product requires hand-delivery to addresses in Kentucky, Michigan and the less lenient counties of Arkansas. Further, some copies may contain trace amounts of Alec Baldwin spliced with Lady Gaga.)

Dozens of celebrities were considered for inclusion in the new game, with the following receiving the ultimate honor of their respective careers: musicians Neil Diamond, Jewel and Crystal Gayle; renowned artist Jasper Johns; and action movie star and former big-time wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Singer Pearl Bailey and NBA Hall of Famer Earl "The Pearl" Monroe will share the honor of replacing the white gem in the game (mostly because Oprah Winfrey refused to legally change her first name to "Opal"). Lastly Amber Smith, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and first model of the original Wonderbra ad campaign, will thumb-wrestle TV and film actress Amber Tamblyn (of General Hospital and Joan of Arcadia fame) for the seventh and final gem spot.

About PopCap
PopCap is awesome!



So all they did was change the jewels to peopels faces? Gee, that must've been hard work.

Shit, I only just remembered its april fools day. I feel like an idiot =/

What happens when you link three Dwayne Johnson's together? Does he go out and make another terrible children's flick?

Yay for April Fools.

I kind of figured this would be an April Fool's joke as soon as I saw the picture. Still, it's kind of funny.

Hehehheheehheeh...good one :)

Totaly gonna buy this!

I've been waiting for one of these.

Good show guys. Good show.

I would ACTUALLY play this.

If it was real.

And they could patch characters in and out.

Ok, now THIS has to be an April Fools joke, let alone the Porn&WoW thing.

Nice April Fool's.

Almost had me there. Almost.

I was buying it until the genetic samples. But, an army of Yahtzees could have their uses...

Oh my god. I made it to the press release not realising at all lol. Then, "now this is just ridiculous, and not possible." Even then, I thought it was just a humorous kind of press release. Finally, "oh yeah, April Fool's."

Come on, try harder with your april fools.

I would get it... but only if the celebrities faces blew up in millions of pieces of gore everytime I connected them :P

i need to switch my yahtzee there with my neil diamond there. :D

I would actually buy it..

Come on, try harder with your april fools.

I'd hate to say it but until there was something about genes included i believed it.

You almost had me until it got ridiculous. Although I am a bit curious whether this was PopCap's joke, or The Escapist's joke.

Also, I'd play it.

well guys u know how it it, from all the pracks at least one will end up not being a prack, otherwise april's fool will be no fun.

I thought April Fools Day jokes were supposed to be convincing? You blew the joke by putting "Mind-Blowing" and "Bejeweled" in the same headline.


God dammit escapist, now I'm VERY disappoint.

Whoa....Dwayne the Rock Johnson!? Screw April Fools...I WANT THE ROCK IN MY BEJEWELED!

Wow, I'm gullible. I only skimmed the article and I thought it was real until I read the comments. I was awful confused there for a second.

i saw a prank just earlier about how some scientist leaked information about a hospitable planet, also pokemon kart for the wii haha

Lolpril fools, eh?

Though it does seem like something they would do.

I'm gonna take a look at today's date and go with this:


God I love April Fools. Highlight of my year.

Trust nothing and noone, this day ITS A TRAP!

That's far too much work to do considering it's immediately apparent that it's not a real game.

I'm trying to pretend this isn't an April Fool's joke, but it just isn't happening. Oh well.

This is an April fools joke, right?

But it sounds like something those idiots would do...

It's believable up until the DNA bit. Bets that someone will make this?

hah, awesome april fools xD I'd actually like to see a bejeweled with yahtzee :O if only to hear his review ^^

Wauw that has got to be the most dumb thing I've ever heard.....

EDIT: Crap just read the rest and realised how dumb i am -.-

Hmph... Would Play It If It Was True But I Feel I Can Do This On GIMP So I Can Say It Might Be A April Fools Prank
Hope Its No Prank

Almost got me there lol

So all they did was change the jewels to peopels faces? Gee, that must've been hard work.

Shit, I only just remembered its april fools day. I feel like an idiot =/


It certainly made me giggle.

Very good Popcap XD

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