Microsoft Accidentally Unveils Gears of War 3

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dogstile: trolling the guy though. Real nice of you.

Eh, your opinion on my internet comment means so little to me I'm only replying to point out how hypocritical you're being.

By claiming I am trolling you're in fact trolling me (in that you're baselessly (not a word but you should know what I mean) insulting me) - real nice of you. Yes everyone saw it coming, but a post such as that I quoted was not needed, had no relevance to anything and was posted in a sarcastic tone.

OT: We all saw this coming, except from that little Justin Bieber girl stealing his spot, that really sucks. I hate that woman.

And now you're trolling any Justin Bieber fans that may be posting on The Escapist - real nice of you.

If calling you out on being an asshole needlessly to the guy was trolling, then so be it. And Justin Beibers a big girl now, She can handle herself. Its not like I'm actively saying if you like Justin Beiber then your a massive *insert appropriate insult here*. /That/ would be trolling.

But hey, i'm only continuing to comment myself because i'm bored.

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