Activision CEO Calls It Quits

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Activision CEO Calls It Quits


No, not that CEO: Mike Griffith, CEO and president of Activision Publishing, has resigned from both of his positions two months before his employment contract was scheduled to expire.

Things are getting shaken up over in the world of Activision. Not only is the publishing giant fielding not one but two lawsuits borne out of the chaos at Infinity Ward, but one of its highest executives is now stepping down.

SEC filings reveal that Mike Griffith is tending his resignation as CEO and president of Activision Publishing two months before his current employment contract ends on June 30th, though he will continue to serve as vice-chairman on the board of directors of Activision Blizzard. Griffith will remain on that post for a 12-year (renewable) contract with a salary of $250,000. I wish I could resign and still collect a yearly quarter-mil.

The timing is suspicious, particularly given the troubles and tensions over at Activision, but the publisher has not offered any reason for Griffith's departure or mentioned whether it is tied to the IW affair in any way. It's hard not to see the two as related, though - could Griffith be trying to avoid getting caught in the crossfire, or is he being "asked" to step down as a potential scapegoat?

Either way, I don't think we've seen the last shakeup at Activision. Things could go either way from here ... but let's be honest, they're probably headed downhill.

(Via Gamasutra)


You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly good sir.

I didn't even know he existed.

I suppose I'll have to continue circling the HQ for Kotick...

My hopes where smashed. Curse that title!

Aww f*ck!
You managed to make and break my day in two sentences. Now I need some Kevin Butler to fix up the rest of the week.

You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly good sir.

Indeed. I had "Na Na Na" all queued up and ready.

I got excited, then was sad.
Dammit, I had the champagne bottles all ready an everything.
Also is it just me or does anyone else think that that guitar looks photoshopped in....

Damn you and your misleading title!

Thats just wrong.

Looking like activision is braining itself on it's absurd success. Heres hoping. One less giant means... wait, shit, NO, NOT THE CEO OF ACTIVISION PUBLISHING! HE WAS SUCH A GOOD MAN!!

Bobby Kotick was pleased to announce his new merger with a mister Lou Cypher in the wake of this, and says he hopes this new 'Deal' will cause his own personal fortunes to rocket, although he predicts that some of his games may become even more soulless.

When asked to comment, Mr Cypher simple growled in a language none could understand, but that brought tears of blood to the eyes of all listeners.

Curse you Funk and your misleading title!

Here I was thinking "Holy crap! Really?" and then I found out its the companies other CEO.

Still its an interesting article.

Activision is falling apart faster than Sega in the late 90s.

I was so happy, then so. So sad.
But the shakeup seems pretty serious, lets hope Kotick takes a hint and gets out while he still can (probobly to make more money, but hopefully not in the gaming world).

Yet still gets $250,000 a year? Lucky man...

I got excited, then was sad.
Dammit, I had the champagne bottles all ready an everything.
Also is it just me or does anyone else think that that guitar looks photoshopped in....

It kinda does look Shopped, but I dunno.

Oh joy now Kotick has even more control. That's what Activision needed.

I hope all this drama doesn't affect Blizzard.

Well you certainly head-fucked me there!

To be honest I can see Activision being totally remade in virtually every aspect bar name in the next few years - they're just eating themselves alive.

You suck man. I had hopes that Fuhrer Kotick had finally learned things and left but no, you made some other CEO that no one even heard of until now. I had a big celebration planned and everything.

Looks like someone in activision divided by zero......

OT: Is anyone really surprised by this? Companies change and adapt, which is probably what Activision is doing right now.

I honestly hope Activision crumbles away and all mediocre regular titles die

Argh you! I thought for a moment all my dreams had come true, and Mr. Kotick would be riding a magic carpet to oblivion.

Sadly, no.

....................I went from "YAY" to "BOOOOOOO",..........that title is mean

eh at least they are changing up their corporate lineup

Activision seems to be crashing and burning.

FUCK! the title needs to be changed right now. Its not nice to do this to someone ;) John Funk you devious man.


Really, this company is imploding pretty badly. I think they'll pull through (for better or worse) but still, this is hectic.

I'll have to agree with the previous posters; title made me lol, but the article not so much. But maybe Kotick will leave one day...

I thought Bobby Kotick was the head of Activision?

Activision is falling apart faster than Sega in the late 90s.

Ohh snap!

Does this mean we won't be seeing Prototype 2? I'll cry.

I was weary when I read 'CEO' instead of 'Kotick'.. Oh well, let's wait for that mofo to bite the dust now.

I hope all this drama doesn't affect Blizzard.

Unless Kotick tries to pull some power play shit on them, I'm pretty sure it won't. But then again, knowing lil' Bobby, he probably will.

Well I suppose thats one way to make sure notyhing bad will come your way...I wonder if this wasa timed call

Oh balls. Why must you get our hopes up? Anyway, I've never heard of the guy so I have no idea what change this will make to the company.

That headline was almost as evil as activision it self. Please don't do that to me again, I almost died from disappointment.

Bloody hell, at this point I wouldn't be completely surprised if Activision itself collapsed!

Way to raise my hopes there! Curse you sir!!

Misleading title, but still, this doesn't bode well for Activision anyways. They deserve what's coming to them and I hope the form of pure evil to video gamers, the CEO himself, will just plummet to the depths of hell and Punished for his sins!!!

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