Art Game Guru Brings Collection to DSiWare

Art Game Guru Brings Collection to DSiWare


A collection of three artistic games from a famed creator is coming to DSiWare this year.

Roger Ebert might not think videogames can be art, but Nintendo DSi owners will be better equipped to dispute his claim sometime this year. Joystiq caught a press release from Sabarasa that announces the future release of a compilation from well-known videogame art developer Jason Rohrer.

If you've ever looked at a top-ten list of games that could be considered art, chances are you've encountered a Jason Rohrer creation. His most recent release was Sleep is Death, which is like a two-player version of Dungeons & Dragons, but without the dungeons and the dragons. The games included in Sabarasa's release, called the Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology, will be three of his past works: Passage, Gravitation, and Between.

The collection will be released as a DSiWare download and likely priced cheaply considering all three games can be played for free. However, they cannot be played for free on a Nintendo DSi XL's giant screens, which would no doubt increase the factor of enjoyment. Passage is about life, what people choose to spend it doing, and how it doesn't quite last forever. Rohrer says Gravitation is about "mania, melancholia, and the creative process" but I thought it was about kids, blocks, and a ball when I played it. Between is for two players and about "consciousness and isolation." Art is usually very much up to interpretation, so play them for yourself. Rohrer's puzzle game designed for the iPhone, Primrose, is also coming to DsiWare from Sabarasa.

Do you really want to stick it to Roger Ebert and force him to change his mind on games as art? Do you not care about a movie critic's opinion and just want to play some neat games that might make you think a little? Check out Rohrer's games, or wait for the DsiWare release of Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology, though it doesn't have a confirmed price or release date yet.

Via: Joystiq

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This is the first step towards a complete reversal of the industry, eventually bringing indie developers to the forefront.

However, I wonder if it should be accompanied by Passage in 10 Seconds. You know, for the people who don't have that much time in their hands.

Not really to bothered by Ebert's opinion, I just hope people have fun with whatever they happen to be playing.

Its nice to see independent developrs getting some of the main light.

God move I think, great exposure and media for all

I bought Sleep Is Death recently, mostly out of respect for the art-value it represents. Jason Rohrer is an impressive individual, and I hope, as time goes on, game design like his gains prominence until we're seeing at least occasional full-budget releases of games like his.

...incidentally, 'Altplay' would be a good name for this emerging genre.

This is great! Not only will it hopefully get Rohrer a little more recognition with the masses, but it gives me an excuse to support his artwork. =)


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