Bizarre Indie Brawler Zeno Clash Hits XBLA Next Week

Bizarre Indie Brawler Zeno Clash Hits XBLA Next Week

Weird-but-nifty indie first-person brawler Zeno Clash is finally making its way to XBLA next week after several stumbles. Who doesn't want to knock out enemies by punting a pig into them?

Zeno Clash is an incredibly original game. It's a first-person brawler set in one of the most bizarre and surreal fantasy worlds ever seen in gaming - and despite its weirdness, its also quite good. Once you get the hang of the fighting it's very brutal, visceral and entertaining, and I will probably treasure the moment I punted a pig into an enemy's face to knock him out as long as I remember it.

After some setbacks, Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition is now finally making it onto Xbox Live next week courtesy of Atlus. The Ultimate Edition has an overhauled and tweaked combat system - you can see the "awareness" system they added in the trailer above - as well as some co-op play and a character gallery to see the cast in all its full, grotesque glory.

No word on pricing just yet, but as the original PC title was $20, it's likely that Zeno Clash won't break the bank. Plus, developer ACE Team is a small indie team working out of love with a great take on pirates. No reason not to show 'em some love, right?

Update: It'll be 1200 MS Points, or $15. Sounds fair.



Where and when did this game originally come out??

Where and when did this game originally come out??

Last year, PC.

Cool! I really wanted to play this when it first came out. I'll definitely pick it up.

Ha! I may have to invest in that!

Hehe. sounds like a curious concept...I like it!

This game is fucking awesome and everyone on this website should buy it.

I remember hearing about this when it first came out and wanting to give it a try. But I'm pretty sure I'm unable, as I own a Mac, which generally aren't suited to gaming. Sadly, I'm also without an Xbox, so hopefully this'll hit the PSN sometime in the near future.

Nice I've always wanted to play this but didn't want to install Steam.

Yes, if you have ever once in your lifetime complained about "brownnbloom" you are legally obligated to play this game. Punishable by five years in prison.

The ending is a bit confusing, though. The credits start scrolling almost mid sentence. Seriously, people are talking, one guy seems about to make an awesome point, then bam! credits.

is it just me or this looks like a game that could probably work with natal????

.......preparing for the future??

maybe just wishfull thinking

I played it and finished it on the PC, really good (but very weird) game. Definately worth a play.

I have this game on Steam and, well, it's definitely worth buying for story only.

So this is what they spent their time doing when they should have been making Zeno Clash 2.

Any word on whether the PC version will get an update with the co-op mode and tweaked combat system?

Either way I'm glad the console communities will get to play it.


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