Who Would Pirate the One-Cent Humble Indie Bundle?

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John Funk:
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "ungrateful, self-entitled dicks," that's who.

Probably mostly true..

but I know my card doesn't allow me to make a purchase under 5 or 7 dollars, some weird number.

If i do make a purchase below the set amount, I am charged an extra tax of like 10 bucks.

Not sure how it is with anyone else though.

Im sure the pirates are just kids, or guys with no credit cards. Seeing as you cant walk into the store and give them a penny for it, it's bound to be pirated.

You know what's irritating? Amazon won't let you pay with money you have on one of their gift cards. Seriously, I have money registered to my account, I shouldn't need to use a credit card!

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Distorted Stu:
See video for answer.

I jest! I would buy it, i mean, come on, it's as close as physically possible to being free. AND ITS LEGAL! :o

I was wondering where that song game from...

OT: Im not defending these people or anything, but it did say you can pay whatever you want, maybe these people are so stupid that it ment free.

I'll just chalk this up to more evidence that pirates are just cheapstake douchebags. They use excuses rather than convictions to rationalise their downloading.

I've found that once people start pirating, they pretty much stop caring...
So don't take it so personal, they could care less if the pack was worth one buck or one hundred, people would still pirate it.

I have a friend that is on a private torrent server that requires you to seed something for it to let you download, so he got a program that faked his upload ratio, in his favor though the upload speed here is terrible (12kb/s at best).

Not to mention all of the people that make a living out of selling pirated games, music of movies right in the street.

Quite Petty.

This is not good PR for the piracy initiative.

I COULD have pirated this and left it to die in the tomb of the games I could forget.

I COULD have paid $0.01 and deprived some devs and charity of some money.

Instead, I went with the less cheapskate route of paying $4. Too good of a deal to pass up and it's kind of encouraging to see over $800,000 have been made on the Humble Bundle.

Well, they got my 1$ leftover on my old paypal account. I don't intend on downloading the games tho, so I guess if it's 1$ for no bandwidth, then its not a bad deal at all :P

I would say a lot of people pirating this probably don't even know how much it costs.. A lot of people just browse warez sites without trying to find anything in particular and download stuff as they see it. I would go on a limb and say this is the case for almost all of that 25% of people.

I'm wondering though, how the devs actually know 25% of people playing are pirates IF there is no DRM in their products? Strikes me as a little curious.

Either way this pack is well worth at least $10 if you're at all into indie games.

Edit: Disregard this post, I just read the first post properly.

I'm wondering though, how the devs actually know 25% of people playing are pirates IF there is no DRM in their products? Strikes me as a little curious.

Amount of times downloaded from their site vs the amount of "donations".

That doesn't include people uploading to other filehosts. So is probably higher.

Bloody pirates.

Anyone who's paying 0.01USD is a self-righteous prick? Yes, cents can pile up but really it is shamefully close to nothing as can be.

There are a lot of young people who haven't learned "if you can't afford it, you can't get it" because now they can get it. And we can write books arguing about if thats good or not and who's to blame and wouldn't be wiser..

I didn't buy or pirate the bundle because I have exactly 0% interest in any of the games.

well the only reason i think people have a reason to pirate is if they dont have a credit card or paypal account

Why did they pirate it? I present once more my personal theory on gamers:

AHEM... All gamers are assholes.

Surprisingly this is a fairly good explanation for general behavioral patterns. It's nice to see a group that is willing to stare piracy issues right in the eye and dare pirates but I can't help but feel bad for them to be pirated still. I wish people wouldn't have to worry about pirates at all. Apparently one step above open-source is still too much protection for some.

Do what you want because a pirate is free. You are a pirate!

I guess it goes to show that pirates have not yet left this world.

This is really sad. ITS ONE FUCKING CENT. But some people would rather die than spend one more cent than they have to.

mr. crabs from spongebob.

While I dón't hold with pirating these games I'm submitting that a LOT of the people who paid next to nothing are just as cheap and petty as the pirates. I wont be getting this bundle as I have most of the already, but if I did get it I would feel like a heel for paying anything less than 15$.

Only time I actually have payed the smallest possible amount was for Crayon Physics deluxe as my account was pretty empty at the time. I did return the next time I got some money and bought a decent priced copy though.

John Funk:

It really blows my mind that pirates don't seem to have a concept of "If you can't afford it, you don't get to have it."


I used to have to pay up to £100 on a video game soundtrack because the CD was out of print and collectible. And always 2nd hand to boot so none of the money went to the original creators.

I now download these music tracks for free and it's not harming the original publishers/ creators banks because they're not selling it anyway. This, presumably in your eyes, makes me a pirate.

So, in your opinion, should I have to suffer without because I'm more for downloading for free rather than give stupid amounts of money to greedy, opportunist ebay sellers?

I know your quote is more aimed at pirates who download games that are still in print, but it does somewhat irritate me when people lump all free-downloaders into one pot, unable to comprehend that people do it for different reasons, some of which I would say are quite reasonable.

Bloody hell.

Just goes to remind me of how some pirates are massively selfish idiots.

I mean, it's one thing to buy a game and then download a pirated version or crack it to bypass the DRM.

It's one thing to pirate it and try it out before deciding to use your hard-earned money on it.

It's one thing to download a pirated version instead of buying it, and trying to justify it with reasons like "I'm poor", etc.

But it is something else entirely to just download a pirated version of a game purely for the sake of piracy. That is just wrong on such an unimaginably selfish level. And to do so with a game that costs a penny - no, strike that, a game bundle that costs a penny. A penny! Unbelievable. Hell, this game is so cheap that you could bypass the whole "try before buying" thing and just buy the bloody thing with literally no dent in your budget, regardless of whether it does turn out like crap.

Laziness, selfishness and a sense of supposed duty to fellow pirates are the absolute worst reasons to pirate, IMO.

The reason I don't DL them (not saying I have done it illegally either, for I havn't) is that I don't allow my credit card to be used on the net other than Steam. Unnecessary paranoia I know but I have no trust in the net.

It seems petty and slightly vindictive to pirate a one cent game. I would have thought it was much easier and possibly less risky to just buy the game (It costs a penny!). I can almost (not quite) sympathize with people who pirate %100+ games (I use brackets a lot!)

"It's more convenient to click a torrent link that to type in a credit card number"
Well not only that. I don't even have a credit card and to get one I would have to change bank or start making $10000+ annually (not an option, I'm 19 and still in school).

And for those who have a credit card, I don't think it's about typing in a credit card number. It's more about stuff like getting PayPal and the delivery.

I don't think it's worth it so I'm going to the pirate bay.

Read the comments here, they're not that evil :P

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with either:

a) The article suggested "parts of the world where PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon don't work"


b) No credit card.

I can't think of any other reason that someone would pirate it.

...Wait, I think I can.

c) They figure the cost of bandwidth to the site from downloading it would be greater than one cent and instead use an external source. (This is really unlikely though)

Snarky Username:
So a quarter of the people who get this game go out of their way to be a dick...

This is why we can't have nice things.

There are multiple reasons why the difference occurs:
-Donation pooling.
-Multiple computers.
-Corrupted downloads.
-Interrupted downloads.
-Not having a credit card(not being american)
-Not having access to the payment methods(not being american or western european)
-Or plain not knowing that they have to pay for it because they stumbled onto one of the direct download links posted everywhere that say absolutely nothing about the sale.

I can personally attest the existence of 2 of the "multiple computer" downloads and one interrupted connection. By your logic about there ONLY being pirates, I'm 3 separate people all doing this to piss off the developers.

Well, we paid for it, and we're probably going to download the games at least four times. Maybe five.

And, this just in, you don't need a credit card. You need a bank account. There's a difference. Bank accounts, you can usually get at age 12-13 or younger.

I might, if I really really wanted them- I don't have a credit card, nor do I know anyone willing enough to bother buying it for me. Logically, it wouldn't make any difference to the guys who made it, because I wouldn't be able to purchase it in the first place. (Obviously I wouldn't download from the site, I'd torrent)
Of course, being a fleshy human who can feel guilt, I'd probably send some money their way when I finally do get a card.


Actually, you only need a bank account.

Then tell me how, if thats true.
I'm highly skeptical about the statement,
but if it works i'll buy it.



Actually, you only need a bank account.

Then tell me how, if thats true.
I'm highly skeptical about the statement,
but if it works i'll buy it.


Go to PayPal. Sign up. Sync with bank account.




Actually, you only need a bank account.

Then tell me how, if thats true.
I'm highly skeptical about the statement,
but if it works i'll buy it.


Go to PayPal. Sign up. Sync with bank account.

It works up to now, however Paypal takes 4 days to set up, so it is rather complicated to circumvent the creditcard requirement.
Big thanks, i hope its still up when i get the account finished. :)
I was pretty annoyed that i couldn't get the deal. Nice :)
(Paypal needs to sent a minor transaction that shows that your account is ledgit. You need to go to the bank and after 4 days the transaction shows up on in your printable history.

Could reality please stop being a parody of itself?

I can tell I'm going to be quickly unpopular when I say this: I pirated the games. Before you all burn me to a crisp, there's really two things that led to me doing it.

The first was my dad. Even though I'm 19, I don't have a stable credit card that can be used online. So, I usually have to use my dad's card and then pay him back using money from my bank account. This can work well when it's repeated purchases from the same company (e.g. Play.com or Steam) but can quickly turn into a nightmare of "discussion" (if you can count a mostly one way scream as discussion). Let me give an example of how quick he is to bring to a rage: My dad was already somewhat annoyed with the ferrets as they were trying to climb into a planet pot. He also wanted me to write down what games I had. So I decided that I'd just read out two of the games (Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem) and let him copy off the box of the third (some Star Wars game). He wrote down Resident Evil, and then I told him "Eternal Darkness Semi-Colon Sanity's Requiem" (yes, I know I should of said colon). He wrote out the word "Semi-colon". I corrected him. It led to him getting angry at me. So I usually refrain from confusing him too much, so I was going to just not touch the bundle.

Last night, someone I know offered me the game bundle, that they had the key. It was at that point, I thought "fuck it, I'll think of a way to pay them back" and clicked the link.

If my credit card was able to handle on-line transactions, then I probably would of paid about £2 all for the developers. Nothing I can do now I guess.

John Funk:
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "ungrateful, self-entitled dicks," that's who.

Hmm. Wow, it's hard to believe that pirates would be this unprincipled. Man, it's almost like the rationalizations that pirates use for their behavior (DRM, price, etc) are actually just flimsy pretenses to get stuff for free. Can you possibly imagine that?!

Why can't we use credit cards?

Is it worse to pirate something thats worth a cent? People get longer sentences when they steal more :\

/thinking about paypal while typing

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