Who Would Pirate the One-Cent Humble Indie Bundle?

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you simply need to type in

[quote=" personsname "]The message, and remember no spaces[/ quote]

FAQ snippy

Ah cheers for that, Im still a very junior member on this forum, unsure about the functions and very unsure about protocol here (the times i did quote i felt i was almost spamming, adding unecessary padding to whatever im writing ><). No worries about being condescending, you are merely offering advice ^^

This thread is (seemingly) full of sensationalist drivel.

Personally I don't pirate, it isn't a moral thing I just tend to figure if I don't want to spend money on something it is probably too shitty to spend my own personal time on it either. I understand the psychology behind piracy and that there are different kinds of people for all facets of life.

First off, painting all people who do ANYTHING by the same brush is always retarded. Even me painting everyone who paints people as retarded is retarded. I'm fine with that. I'm 100% sure someone is at least to themselves going to say "So you think you can't paint all rapists? HMM!" or some other extreme example like that, yes it is retarded.

With that out of the way I highly HIGHLY doubt those numbers are accurate. Because they get GREATLY ballooned by legitimate people downloading twice, people who buy for multiple people, people who spend an exceptionally high amount to cover multiple PC's and then people who are in some sort of social or global situation where they quite literally cannot pay. I work for a Free 2 Play game company and we have various nationalities that as of yet cannot invest in the cash shops. It's not as easy as some folks would think.

I may be going out on a long thing limb here, but this really does appear to be nothing more than a bunch of folks attempting to high horse on a topic of discussion that has been beaten so far beyond the hours of its life that it is really just obnoxious. Nobody looks good ranting on about how much better they are than a pirate, it looks silly and immature.

Yes Piracy hurts people (emotionally at least), no pirates are not all doing it for the same reason, no piracy and stealing real life things are not even remotely similar and anyone making that argument should probably headbutt the nearest wall with a stud behind it.

Again I immediately see the hypocrisy of the following sentence before it has even been entered into this reply box. This thread and this topic are the largest examples of "Don't Feed the Troll" that have, as far as I can tell, existed on the internet. If you can not pirate, it is positive if only because it doesn't feed the DRM trolls who act like they are losing sales (when there is little data to back that up and slightly more data to disprove that), feeding the high horse trolls that act like they've earned a one-way ticket to the gates of heaven just because they don't do something that shouldn't be a sign of pride (I don't brag about how I don't punch infants in the genitals so no need to brag about you not pirating), and finally the actual pirates who do it because they are pricks. Ranting on about how evil they are really does little more than give them a boner.

For everyone outside of these three groups it just looks utterly silly.

Anywho that's my input for the month. I won't be the least bit hurt or surprised if someone points out it wasn't a very good piece of input. But it exists nonetheless.

This is extremely cheap. Why would you pirate a bundle at such a ridiculous low price? To kill any potential profit?! >:-(

I would also like to point out that pirating isn't really that hard and plenty of people not old enough to have a credit card can figure it out before they can get their own. My mom is pretty stingy on me using her credit card. I guess that's fair. But to a pirate, that's probably a perfectly good reason to pirate it.

Believe me, there are plenty of videos on youtube of 12 year olds telling you how to pirate software. It's kinda pathetic.

WTF people...
its only a PENNY

if your too poor to spend 1 cent on 5/6 games than go get a job

Seriously, how cheap do you need to be, to not want to pay 1 measly cent.

It's probably not that they don't want to pay a cent, but rather because they don't have access to a proper payment method like a credit card.

edit: posted in wrong thread, sorry.

It's probably not that they don't want to pay a cent, but rather because they don't have access to a proper payment method like a credit card.

..or a bank account. You can pay through paypal directly from a bank account, many people don't seem to realise this.

Also, Get away from here evil necromancer!

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