Warner Bros. Sued for Pirating Anti-Piracy Technology

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Like the mother who chastises her daughter for smoking as she hides a few joints, Warner Bros. got some splaining to do.

Wait....Warner Brothers WANTS anti-pirating technology.......that they pirated.....to use..against...pirates.

*Epic Facepalm*

VICTORY BELONGS TO (an anti-piracy tech firm in) GERMANY!

Oh wow. The irony so thick you could practically cut it in half with a fucking knife!

Straying Bullet:
Talk about being hypocritical.

I hope they get owned and pwned at this one, they fully deserve if it if the news is true. If they are trying so hard to crack US down, they deserve the same treatment. No excuses. A full blown court.


Exactly this^. Except I am not a pirate, so they are not trying to crack me down. But this blatant hypocrisy is what seperates a profit-centric company from an evil company. This heavily implies that Warner Bros. is evil.

I have a feeling we'll never hear the end of it. :)

Hope it shan't


If your anti-pirating technology was pirated, doesn't that mean that it's not really anti-pirating technology?

Yeah, it's like buying a stolen car alarm... it just doesn't seem like a good idea.

That is without a doubt, Seriously ironic...

Oh, the irony. I hope they get sued out of existance.

Best story I've read in a while!


Basically this.

Two choices, Either throw these pirates to the sharks and burn their company to the ground, or absolutely drag them through the court system and destroy them there.

That's hilarious!

oh the delicious irony!

also, licence to pirate if proven true.

How does such a large multinational company find this kind of behaviour acceptable? Especially as they preach so wildly about piracy.

If anti-piracy is pirated, then where can you go from there?

If anti-piracy is pirated, then where can you go from there?

Pirate pirated Anti-piracy software.


dude...so much irony there...

Wow the irony of this is staggering.

It's not ironic
You all should look up the word

If PIRATES sued Warner Brothers for anti-piracy stuff, THAT's ironic.




I hope you don't mind, but this confuses me to no end. I mean, pirating anti pirate technology... I mean woow.

This is so hilarious. Piracy of anti-piracy software......"ironic" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Ha ha ha, Oktoberfeeeest!

Sorry, could not resist. Anyway, the irony of this is sexy. Very sexy.

If your anti-pirating technology was pirated, doesn't that mean that it's not really anti-pirating technology?

This :D.

Can an anti-piracy firm create an anti-piracy technology that even it cannot pirate?

/mind blown

Oh, the irony. Though would've been better if EA or Ubisoft was caught redhanded.

It's... Killing... Me!...

Two fighters with guns enter an arena.

they start fighting, but one fighter accidentally gives the other a headstart by "accidentally" shooting himself in the foot.

this is how I see it.

Sad thing about this story is that it happens more than we know but it sure is funny to see these jerks get caught with their pants down like this.

Oh delicious irony, how I love thee!!! this made me happy, thanks

If there was ever an internet piece of information I passionately wish to be true is THIS ONE!!! Oh please Gods of all Pantheons, make this piece of poetry true.
As Straying Bullet says: get (them) owned and pwned!!!


These cupcakes were made with the irony of this situation.

I had to re-read the title a few times :-(


...That's just...wow.

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