Critic Accuses Prince of Persia of "Whitewashing"

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To be honest, I agree. I want to see a Persian guy look Persian. The movie isn't as enjoyable if the prince of Persia is white. Imagine if they had a white guy playing Martin Luther King, or a black guy playing Hitler. When the entire point of the guy is that he is the prince of Persia, you need a Persian.

Isn't he a British orphan in the film? I don't see the problem. Fits pretty good with the story if you've seen the film. Racists....

The term Caucasian also includes those of Middle Eastern descent.

Besides, I think Jake Gyllenhaal did just fine. I was more disappointed with Ben Kingsley who was surprisingly boring as a villain. The Hashashins however were cool and menacing.

This matters WHY? You don't need to be Persian to play a Persian, just like you don't need to be American to play an American, or French to play a Frenchman.

Is there anything these days that can't be seen as racist?

They wanted a big-name actor, for their big budget Hollywood action picture. If you can name a young but well known persian actor who could pull off action roles such as this, let me know.

I doubt they sat around the table and went 'Hey, audiences want white people in their movies! Let's give them that!'.

YOU RACIST!!!!!!111eleven11 TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!11112111

No its not insulting in the slightest, he looks Persian enough, as after race half the time is just the color of your skin.

Next time they whine about whitewashing or racebending, look at Final Fantasy 8 and they say Squall I flat out Eruopean and then listen to the fan kids whine when someone NOT Asian cosplays them...many animes ect do feature white people you know...

Hell look at Cloud, when they Asainbended him into Adventchildren, wow he looked kinda dumb ... you program him as a white guy THEN make him asian....with the blond spikey hair? Really...I mean who is pretending of "proper" racial casting.

I'm not talking about if Barret is "African or Jamacian" We are talking about a obvious body, hair, faical mix that yes even though drawn in a manga style you blend to a real person doesn't work...but as SABAN showed can take power rangers sell the stock footage of fights and costumes to every country, have them fill the suits with the ethic majority of the country and make it there own to make money...

Or you can epic fail like the US, ever notice the Yellow ranger was suppost to be a girl but changes into her suit and loses all female feature and gains a crotch bulgde?

Oh right, this is only bad when the US does it for our actors...


Andy Chalk:

While there's no doubt some merit to the complaint, I think it's also fair to suggest that Gyllenhaal was given the role in large part because he's a known commodity who can carry a summer blockbuster.

What? Jake isn't known at all, he's only been a supporting actor in a few movies. He's never carried a lead role in a significant movie, let alone a summer blockbuster.

He hasnt done a significant movie? What about Donnie Darko?

I get it already, I'm wrong. I've been quoted about 30 times and corrected 30 times over.

I need to edit that post...

P.S: Donnie Darko, while a great movie, was hardly a significant movie of the same caliber as a summer blockbuster like PoP.

Didn't Movie Bob point out that the lead guy is half Jewish which is actually from that general area? Or was I ninja'd?

Honestly, I understand the issue here. I've been rather annoyed by it myself over the years. However, the way they seemed to cast him in the role of Prince was because he looked like the character in the game, so I'm actually not bothered by him being in it.

If anything, I'm bothered that the princess looks white as the driven snow, when she clearly wasn't in the games, voice not withstanding.

The Last Airbender star Jackson Rathbone may not have quite the same level of fame but he is a Twilight alumnus and that probably counts for something.

...What? If anything, I would assume that's a negative.

And on the reversal, it's like the Kane & Lynch movie, where they cast a Jamie Foxx as a white character.

"This part really needed to go to someone who's Persian," Dar said. "It's not only insulting to Persians, it's also insulting to white people. It's saying white people can't enjoy movies unless the protagonist is white."

What a crock of bs. The part needed to go to the guy who was best at it. End of story. Anything else is racism. A white prince of persia doesnt imply white people cant enjoy a movie with a non-white protagonist, it implies that the white actor was better than the persian ones.

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