Gabe Newell: Valve E3 Surprise Isn't Episode 3

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Uggh, can't we at least get a tiny it of information on Episode 3? Even just a piece of concept art?

Yeah because Gabe will tell you what's the surprise via e-mail. "-_-
I'm a little nervous about this too, I just we all wait. I have a faith that it is Episode 3 of HL3.

Counterstrike 2! Haha well that wouldn't happen, but maybe a new shooter altogether?

Then it'll be a new IP. Or a replacement for Source. Valve has relied for so long on Steam and Source, and on three main franchises, after all: Half Life; Team Fortress; Left 4 Dead.

We're unlikely to see an announcement of Portal 3 so soon after the Portal 2 announcement, that would be silly. After L4D2 has only just been released, and there is still a sizeable community for both L4D and L4D2, then L4D3 would be a silly idea. Team Fortress 2 still has a massive player base with new DLC and announcements on a regular basis, so suddenly announcing TF3 wouldn't be the wisest move. And apparently it won't be HL2: Episode 3.

Which means there are only two sensible options for it to still be considered a 'surprise'. One is a new engine to replace Source, more likely than not this would be Source 2.0. That's a very big possibility. Or, it'll be a new IP. Personally I'm leaning more towards the new game engine announcement myself, though a new IP wouldn't surprise me.

Uggh, can't we at least get a tiny it of information on Episode 3? Even just a piece of concept art?

Well, they did release two concept art's a while ago. And it's legit by the way.

If it's not Ep3, maybe it's even HL3 then :-D
That or they built a fully-functional portal gun.

I'll go with the portal gun, much more believable.

dont say that... dont say that... dont say that... I thought diablo 3 was 2011!??!?!

I hope Diablo III comes out before 2014 :(

John Funk:

On the bright side, PC gamers will probably have a damn good year when both Episode 3 and Diablo III release in 2014.

You forgot Duke Nukem Forever :P
And the year is 2020+



YES! THIS IS BRILLIANT NEWS! Seriously, this makes it so much more likely that it will be a new IP, I've been longing for something new.

What's an IP?

A new IP is a new Intellectual Property, IE a new game franchise.

Oh. Okay, thanks! :)

I reserve the right to be dissapointed. I'd love to see a Valve strategy game or something new. Maybe an Opposing Force RTS :O . Well I'm not really expecting that.

TF2 Engineer update, where the engineer can build a new machine that creates Half-Life 2: Episode 3?

Oh my god... It's Duke Nukem Forever all over again! It's just so awesome that it destroyed the fabric of space time and became non-existent! Well I hope those still alive in the rubble of post 2012 apocalyptic wasteland will enjoy Episode 3.

Well my bets are on something new entirely. Valve is damn good at milking their cattle, but sometimes you have bring a new cow in to milk.

Maybe it's the L4D2 Midnight Riders DLC which will supposedly let you play as the Midnight Riders, which is awesome.
I don't care about Episode 3. Anyone with a slightest bit of knowledge of Valve's development process knows that they really care about the things they make and want to make them the best. Just look at all the content cut from Half-Life 2.

oh for f***'s sake! first Rockstar and now this!

The mystery will hopefully make the truth worth all the anticipation. If not, Valve will take a major shock in terms of the casual fanbase.

So it's not Portal or HL2Ep3, so maybe it's both. I'm keeping my hopes up.

Bhaaaggghhh! Damn you Newell and your stupid glasses!

Soren, you wear glasses as well.

Shadup you! *sulks in a corner*

I wouldn't mind if its a new CS.

Why no Portal 2? To be honest, I'd like that way more then Ep. 3.

All I'm going to say is:

It better involve a certain HECU marine...

Maybe it's really a surprise and something totally out there.

Sort of like

"Hey guys, after March Madness we here at Valve have realized there is no money in catering to 'gamers' anymore, so we are cancelling all of our franchises and will be instead re-focusing our development efforts on casual, browster based, play as you go type games.. using a similar format and philsophy to our March Madness rival Zynga. Our first new project will be a farming simulation tenatively set on the 'Half Life' universe, where you have to try and grow crops to feed the starving rural populations of a combine ravaged earth. It will be a lot like Farmville, but periodically giant walkers will show up and destroy your crops, unless you pay real money to bribe them to stay away... we're excited this will be an entirely new gaming experience, unlike anything else before. While we've all seen farming, this will be the first proper simulation of being an OPPRESSED farmer in a truely unfair, conflict ravaged world. Sort of like that happens with farmers in Africa when the warlords come around... except you know, with space aliens, and you paying us the bribes via credit cards."

NOBODY would see that coming. :P

All told though, I get a bit tired of sequel-itis, I'm sort of hoping it's a new property rather than a new chapter of an existing franchise.

John Funk:
Gabe Newell: Valve E3 Surprise Isn't Episode 3


If you'd been hoping that Valve's June 14th "surprise" would be an unexpected reveal of the long-dormant Half-Life 2: Episode 3, time to hope a little bit harder.

Not too long ago, Valve kicked the internet hype machine into a frenzy by announcing that it was unexpectedly canceling its Portal 2 E3 event - and replacing it with a "surprise." Naturally, this stirred the Valve fanboys into a frothing fury of excitement: What else could this surprise be but a glorious announcement of the seemingly-forgotten Episode 3?!

Well, I don't know what it is - but it's not Episode 3. And that "Freeman: June 14th" picture that's been floating around the tubes? It's fake.

Both of these were confirmed via no less a reputable source than Valve head honcho Gabe Newell, reports So sorry, people, time to take off your party hats and put the bubbly away - Episode 3 is still unlikely to see the light of day any time soon.

On the bright side, PC gamers will probably have a damn good year when both Episode 3 and Diablo III release in 2014.


I don't know if I'm the first to say it, but it might be the revamped DotA. Icefrog said he teamed up with Valve last year.

Hopefully it's something new. A new franchise wouldn't be so bad, and a bit of the old Valve magic could make it something special.

I hope to Offler the Crocodile God that it's not L4D3 though. That would be pushing it a bit too much.

What could the surprise be now? Team Fortress 3? L4D3? Portal 4, a game so awesome it tore a hole in time (the same fate that befell Duke Nukem)? Maybe a brand new game!

Damn, ninja'd on L4D3. Imagine if they announced the super-epic-awesome new DLC! And the already announced Engineer update! Meet the Pyro or Medic perhaps?

Maybe they reinitiated Prospero... who knows.
Or the ridiculous DoTA thing...(please God, no)

NOBODY would see that coming. :P

But you apparently did.
While we're speaking sequel-itis, some truly ridiculous ideas pop up. Counter-Strike 2? Day of Defeat: The Second Day? HL2DM2? I saw somewhere that the creator of CS is working on a new game, so that could be it.

"Instead of announcing a game we've decided to announce that from this point onward all computers with steam will spontaneously ignite."

Fanboy rage will rip a hole in the space/time continuum if it's L4D3. And to be honest i'll probably join them 2 seems to be dead as a dodo most times i try getting a game on.

Better be PS3 Support or there will be murders....

Pardon me while I go kill myself.

it better not be L4D3! omg another one? lol this time we'll be able to attach chainsaws to our assault rifles-wait...

haha it's gonna be HALF-LIFE 3 straight out!

...or not idk anymore

Darth Sea Bass:
Fanboy rage will rip a hole in the space/time continuum if it's L4D3. And to be honest i'll probably join them 2 seems to be dead as a dodo most times i try getting a game on.

Increment the number! Double the boycott! Triple the fanboys! Drama! Love! MURDER!

Now I don't have to eat my pants!
fuck...they are delicious though...

I think Episode 3 will be released the same time as Left 4 Dead 5, in 2012.



one word
anyone who would care will know what i'm talking about

I think my jaw hit the floor when I read this. If this were the surprise I would be perfectly satisfied.

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