What Videogame Villain Are You?

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Robotnik. Dwuh? I said that I loved animals!

The Lich King
The Lich King

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I always liked Arthas

Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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Ooh yeh,


Sephiroth & Team Rocket

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Both Sephiroth AND Team Rocket! In the Same Quiz!!


I got GlaDos, Robotnik and the Lich King...

A few things, folks:

1. No one question determines your result. So you can like fuzzy animals and still end up as Robotnik.

2. For folks complaining about accuracy and suchlike...guys, it's a fun internet quiz. You might want to not take it quite so seriously.

3. For folks complaining about the selection of villains, it's a short list and obviously we can't have everyone's favorites on here. We tried to go with an assortment of very well-known bad guys so that everyone could have fun with the quiz. I figured that even if you haven't played these specific games, you've likely heard of their villains, anyway. And yet, we still encounter people who have no idea who Sephiroth is. (Honestly, I'm a bit blown away by that.)

There isn't enough evil laughter in this thread. >.>

GlaDoS ftw, I'm pretty pleased, although my friend got The Lich King when he wanted Sephiroth, gutted. ^^

I got Team Rocket!

Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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Apparently I wouldn't make a very good bad guy, but I'd say being good is more up my alley anyway.

(^ Dunno what is up with the spoiler... :'/)

I'm team rocket. Oh joy.

Meowth, that's right.

This reminds me of anohter similar quiz that had some great writing going on for it.
It starts with getting out of bed, goind to work, dealing with malfuncioning printer and plotting to take over the world. Found it after a bit of googling. (It used to look different, I think.)


Oh, and I got Team Rocket. Guess I better not quit my day job.

Never played FF... Meh, back to building the doom laser I guess.

I got Team Rocket. That seems appropriate: right now I'm playing Pokemon.

May I just point out that the pictured Team Rocket (Jesse and James) aren't technically videogame villains? Like, they had a cameo in Pokemon yellow, but that was after the anime.

It's like saying that because a RL wrestler in is Smackdown vs Raw he's a videogame character.

I'm just being nit-picky. People have picked me up on this before...
Now, to get all the other villain badges...

Sephiroth. I don't know who that is... I want to be Doctor Insano!


You are so Bad-Ass (but wasn`t Dr.Insano made for a FF8 review :p)

I got *Team Rocket - You're really pretty terrible at this bad guy thing, but at least you try.* Yeah that sounds right.

Sephiroth... Meh. I like Kuja better myself. That said I could've gone with Norio Wakamoto's epic dictator. Vega-sama fuck yeah!

GLaDOS, Sephiroth and the Lich King.

Could definitely be worse.

Grouchy Imp:
GlaDos & Sephiroth
GlaDos & Sephiroth

I get GlaDos, but who/what the hell is Sephiroth?

I cant get glados I keep trying but I cant

And one question, how many villans did you guys put in this poll?

Sephiroth, M.Bison/Vega, Team Rocket, Glados, Lich King, Pacman ghosts, Dr Robotnik, Bowser.

Is that all of them?

I've gotten all of those, I'm only missing Gargamel. I get him, then I'll have all of them, then we'll see who'll laugh.


Team Rocket? Dude, I've seen like one episode of Pokémon and never played any of the games.

"You're really pretty terrible at this bad guy thing, but at least you try." Ouch.

I got Bowser and Team Rocket, with the only difference is that Bowser likes Chilli & someone special to share a mansion with, whereas Team Rocket likes Cheeseburgers & a Menagerie.

However I can't complain, since I don't really know who any of these villains are (apart from Mike Bison), so their traits & characters are a mystery to me.

Apparently I'm GlaDOS...
Well, this was a triumph.
There will be cake.


Fuck yes.

Also, everyone knows that Blueberry pie is the villians fruit-based pastry of choice.



The Lich King & GlaDos

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Oh Arthas, it's so hard for you to be menacing when you've got all these idiots spamming trade chat.

[2. Trade - City][Tröllin]: Why is Arthas' mount called Invincible if I can see him perfectly?!
[2. Trade - City][Billius]: LFM ICC10 NEED HEALS. Pst Rank/WHR!
[2. Trade - City][Pallyhealz]: OMG! Ur thinking of invizable retard lol
[2. Trade - City][Dëäthknḯghtzz]: Rofl u n00b
You cover your face with your palm.

I was hoping for GlaDos. Got Sephy instead. I knew it was too much to ask for a Dycedarg from FFT option, but can't a guy hope?

Ive managed to get Team Rocket, M. Bison and The Lich King.

I was hoping for G-man :(

bowser and Sepheroth?!?! lol wut?!?!

Team rocket? Alright. Pretty sure my answers aren't on team rocket lines but... ok.

I got M Bison. :( BEH! I tried and tried until I got GlaDOS. And now I have, Sephiroth (YEGH! Gay!) Bowser (what?) Team Rocket (aw maaan!~) and a Pacman Ghost (Wait, that's actually kind of funny...)

There isn't enough evil laughter in this thread. >.>

Hurr hurr harr harr!
Did I do it right?

Bleh Sephiroth. The only question I might contest would be the mansion question. How did I get there from something like an inspirational statue, Sephiroth was all about misery and destruction.

M. Bison
M. Bison

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I knew I always played as him for a reason.


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Bleh, I don't want to be that guy.

I was hoping for someone a lot more corporate. Like a more stylish Scrooge McDuck.

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