What Videogame Villain Are You?

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Susan Arendt:
A few things, folks:

1. No one question determines your result. So you can like fuzzy animals and still end up as Robotnik.

2. For folks complaining about accuracy and suchlike...guys, it's a fun internet quiz. You might want to not take it quite so seriously.

3. For folks complaining about the selection of villains, it's a short list and obviously we can't have everyone's favorites on here. We tried to go with an assortment of very well-known bad guys so that everyone could have fun with the quiz. I figured that even if you haven't played these specific games, you've likely heard of their villains, anyway. And yet, we still encounter people who have no idea who Sephiroth is. (Honestly, I'm a bit blown away by that.)

Was Gargamel out-and-out removed from the possibilities? I hope so, since then my sanity can attempt to recover from grinding through the quiz too many times trying to get all possibilities.

Your sanity may rest easy. Gargamel isn't a possibility.

Not G. Ivingname:

Susan Arendt:

Who did you get? Or did you not take it?

Wouldn't really be fair for me to take it, since I wrote it. I'd know exactly how to get whatever I wanted. :)

I took it twice, and got the same result. Really? Team Rocket? I can't see why...
I'm of the opinion that, if I dedicated myself to evil, I would be much beterr at it than them.
Ah, well, it's just a quiz.
Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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I cant get glados I keep trying but I cant

You must be one with her. You must...think like her.
It was obviously not meant to be...

Anyway, I got GlaDoS the first time, and M. Bison the second... or was that the other way around...?

I Got the Lich King! Previously got Team Rocket though! haha Oh yeah! Haha.

Hey! I wanted Sephiroth. Might as well try it again. haha

Oh- My- Goodness!!!! I got GlaDos!!!!!
I might try again, just to see if the greatest villain of all times is in there (it's Irenicus, of course!), but GlaDos suits my scientific, down-to-earth self just fine!
Thanks for a great quiz!

Edit: Just checked the complete list posted on the previous page, and no Irenicus. Oh well, he's still the greatest video game villain of all times! ;)


Got M Bison. Kick ass!

I can understand why some don't like Robotnik (Eggman just isn't as a cool name as Robotnik), but he's not that bad in my opinion. Being a fan of the Sonic comics that Archie makes, it makes him into quite the devious bastard at times. Yeah, in the games, he's a little silly, but he has his badass moments in the comics.

Oh, for laughs, Eggman from the Sonic X comic, based on the anime series.



I got Team Rocket, I am not a very good villain.

The litch king. Woop.

Me no likes this quizz

The Lich King
The Lich King

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Lich King isn't me, i'm more of a dungeon keeper/evil genius/ghostmaster type who builds his perfect lair and invites brave and noble fools to try and defeat me, only to reward them with the most painful and excruciating ends possible.

Also, behavioural science is part of psychology, that question greatly confused me.
What kinda behavioural science are we talking about anyways? There's an entire psychological movement called BEHAVIOURISM which encompasses a lot of things.

I know these kinda quizzes are fun and games (a lot of the questions having only 2 answers proves that) but this one i really didn't like.

pac men ghosts and Lich king in the same quiz?

I wasn't expecting that, the Team Rocket thing made me smile :)

Great quiz guys, I got team rocket, guess I'm not too great at being evil.

Team Rocket
Team Rocket

Take this quiz I found this to fit pretty well.

I am the unholy fusion of Dr. Robotnik (1st), the Lich King (2nd), and M. Bison (3rd)
The common traits for all 3: Smart, strong, and Genuinly EVIL!


PS: No Gannondorf? WTH, man?

M. Bison & Sephiroth
M. Bison & Sephiroth

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M. Bison (Vega) or Sepiroth... cool...

The Lich King first time and M Bison the second time.

I got Team Rocket.

I got Sephiroth like 3 times :E, given it's just a joke quiz but the other quizes seemed better done oh well.

Finally got GLADOS which suits me a lot better (can't really see myself as anything but a cold-blooded science villain).

team rocket Really?

I'm Bowser. Quite cool actually. Except for the fact that I've failed many, many times and have succumbed to play Tennis with Mario

Susan Arendt:

Wouldn't really be fair for me to take it, since I wrote it. I'd know exactly how to get whatever I wanted. :)

I've been making quizzes and games like this since i was a little kid (would make mock personality tests and share them witht the class) and well, it's a passion that's being fed by my current studies.

Would you be offended if i pmed you some pointers to consider for the future? I have no malicious intentions, just want to see you refine your technique and methodology for these kinda silly quizzes :P

team rocket

Lich King/Pac man ghosts. So my only weakness is power pellets.

So I'm M.Bison, The Lich King, Eggman, and Team Rocket. Lovely.

Heh, I originally tried to do what I thought would get me a good answer, and got the Pacman Ghost x.x

I tried again in what was my original answers to them and got Bowser. I agree to the last one a bit more since I do plan on abducting a sexy girl away from a silly man and make him go to great lengths to get her back....Muahahahahaha....

Weird...if I pick cheeseburger I get Team Rocket, but chili gets me Sephiroth?


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Mwa hahahahah! Awesome. I've already told the missus that when my hair turns completely white, I'm not colouring it. I've already got a few strands, and it's about shoulder length now, so Sephiroth eat your heart out.

This quiz was fun.

Pac-Man ghosts! awesome!

Yay, Team Rocket!

That means I'm also the villains of pretty much every kid's anime starting with Time Bokan and going up through Pokemon and Nadia in the nineties.

Glad I didn't get M. Bison. Who wants to be a rip-off of a guy who got eaten alive by psychic maggots from the inside in Riki Oh.

How embarassing it is to be Team Rocket. Nevertheless, I never was much of a villain. I wonder what would have happened if I chose to never team up with my adversary...

Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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Looks like I'm blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Well according to the villian quiz i'm M. Bison. But i think i'm closer to Fritz from Brain Dead 13

Short, heavily armed psychopath.

Apparently a mix of Pac-Man Ghosts and Lich King... interesting. I wouldn't mind the Lich King part at all considering the current weather and Pac-Man Ghosts always seemed wacky weirdos so, everything adds up!

Then again if i would be to choose myself i think i would pick somewhere along the lines of Infested Sarah Kerrigan mayhaps.Most RPG villains seem too good deep down there for my taste.

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