What Videogame Villain Are You?

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I'm Team Rocket, apparently. Oh well, I'm probably not cut out for the villain role anyway...

Pac Man ghost...


I think the diciding factor of the quiz was if you would dye your hair or not.

I'm apparently a psychotic AI that continues appeture science testin even after the compound was closed down... Due to me flooding it with deadly neuro toxin.

Doctor Robotnik? Fuck that shit!
Doctor Robotnik AND The Lich King...


Susan Arendt:

Wouldn't really be fair for me to take it, since I wrote it. I'd know exactly how to get whatever I wanted. :)

I've been making quizzes and games like this since i was a little kid (would make mock personality tests and share them witht the class) and well, it's a passion that's being fed by my current studies.

Would you be offended if i pmed you some pointers to consider for the future? I have no malicious intentions, just want to see you refine your technique and methodology for these kinda silly quizzes :P

I'm sorry you find them unenjoyable and in need of refinement. Most folks seem to have fun with them.

GlaDos & Sephiroth

You understand that sometimes cruelty is necessary...for science!

I'm two villains?

I'm not complaining, I just didn't know that you could be two villains.

OK, so I picked every option leaning towards intelligence over other skills, and still ended up with Team Rocket? What?

Pac Man Ghosts. solid.

Dr. Robotnik? Apparently I have a hatred for small furry creatures and like facial hair... even though there weren't any questions about facial hair.

I picked intelligence as the important thing and yet I get Team Rocket, bad quiz is bad.

I got Team Rocket here, but on a quiz on another site, I'm Dr. Doom.

How does that work?


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I'm... Bowser? I'm not entirely sure about that.

I got Bowser. OF COURSE I got Bowser. I felt that going in. I am the friggin King Koopa.

GladDos... Science is a cruel mistress. On a personal note this quiz has apparently outed my gentile feminine disposition.

First time around I got Team Rocket and then the Lich King, does anyone know how to get the GLaDos badge at all?

Gah! How hard is it to get GLaDOS as an answer?!

I'm GlaDos...awesome!

Oh Jeez. How the HECK and I Team Rocket?

I mean, besides my talking pet?

I'm team rocket. Oh joy.

Me too. Actually GlaDOS AND Team Rocket!

Good ol' Lich King.

Susan Arendt:

I'm sorry you find them unenjoyable and in need of refinement. Most folks seem to have fun with them.

I didn't mean it like that, if i didn't like these kinda quizzes i wouldn't take them.
They are functional but i just feel there is room of improvement , and since i've been doing these kinda quizzes for years, just thought i could share some things i've learnt.

Well nvm , keep up the good work and my apologies if i seemed rude/ungrateful/unappreciative or merely out of order.


Dr. Robotnik

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wasn't expecting that...

I got Dr. Robotnik, I've never really compared myself to him, but whatever. To the pet store, I need to fill these robotic animals with something.

The Lich King

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Well I can do just about anything I put my mind to,and I love science. This was a triumph.

Team Rocket!!! FUCK YEAH >:D

But seriously?? I though I was pritty badass??? :S

pacman ghost ... retro nice

I got Sephiroth...

There are some who would be happy with that result. I am not one of them...

Team Rocket

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I guess that makes sense. I'm a goody-goody at heart; anything evil I do is more or less for the lulz.

The lich king

I tried 5 times, and got results in this order:
Lich King: Who?
Bowser: Meh. I don't like tennis or falling into lava.
Team Rocket: Do they classify as villains?
Pac Man Ghost: Silent. Deceptive. Deadly. My sort of guy!
GLaDOS: Heck Yeah! One of my favorite villains EVER.
"Your entire life has been a mathematical error. A mathematical error that I'm about to correct."
Well, now I have 5 new badges. 3 of which are people who I either don't know or don't like.

Team Rocket...the hell?

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