What Videogame Villain Are You?

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I got GlaDOS.

This is the first quiz I've actually liked the result I got.

Really Team Rocket... *sigh*

glados question
why do the cores have leather grips

oh btw i got sepiroth

What? I'm Team Rocket? Now that's just plain insulting. Oh well it's probably true, I wouldn't make a very good bad guy.
"Team Rocket blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!!"
sorry, had to do it

A cross between GLaDOS and Bowser... interesting combination!

Oh boy, oh boy, I'm a despotic, undead controlling, death god. Awesome.

First, I got Lich King/M. Bison, then I got Pac-Man ghosts. Dangit, I was hoping for G-Man.

First Pac-Man Ghost (wtf?) then the Lich King...


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The failure.


Erm I got Bowser... really not sure how that worked... but cool I guess.

GlaDos, fitting. I am not truely evil, but I achieve my goals no matter how cruel I have to be sometimes.

I got Lich King.


Team Rocket

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I guess I'm not a bad guy after all ¬¬

I got team rocket

Not sure how I feel about that but I usually stick with the answers ive given so it will have to do.

Im not spending my time chasing after an electric rat though!

team fucking rocket. i'm not effeminate...much

Pacman ghost. Well. Don't know what to say.

It seems that I am bowser xD I don't really care either way, but there's no villain that is less like me than him. Unless all Mario games featured some other Bowser. Ror

Sephiroth & Team Rocket

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Emo? I may be a curmudgeonous bastard, but emo I am not.

I was Robotnik... random, and I hate how I chose "pets can add a lot" and still got a guy who hates pets as a description.

I was Robotnik... random, and I hate how I chose "pets can add a lot" and still got a guy who hates pets as a description.

He has robo pets.

I got Robotnik, but then retried. That's much more like it!

The Lich King

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I was someone named M. Bison. I have no idea who that is, but apparently I am him.

Lmao, Sephiroth.


That's what I get for straightening my hair :$

Great, at first I'm a probably over hyped character (Sephiroth) and on the second try I'm team rocket.

I guess I'm somewhat in the middle of both? Bad at the villain thing, but don't spend my time chasing some kid.

On second though.. yeah I'm pleased with team rocket more then with Sephiroth. They have some style you know, they have their things, like the theme for instance, while Sephiroth have a sword (barely played FF7).

So since we were asked to announce it as villains, and I'm bad at being one, I have no other choice then obey it right?

*over dramatic music (with some classical instruments, maybe team rocket's orchestrated theme?)*

I believe it would only be fair to introduce myself. I am the second banana, I am the explorer, yet I lurk in the shadows and yet the armadillo. I randomly comment on threads but not even on all of them I read since my emo side makes me think my opinion on the subject is subject to flaws. I goof around, enjoy clichés and even rick rolls, yet a more serious side of me exists, a side which is losing faith in the future of human kind. Bobipine! Prepare thyself, but take your time, I'm probably bound to be defeated by thy anyway.

*end music with a fiery background*

Meowth, that's right!
Cannot believe I just posted that.

The Pacman ghosts? Awesome! Retry anyway.

i with ya dude

Dr. Ivo Robotnik at your service fellow Escapist members!


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Hmm, Team Rocket. This is the first time I've 100% disagreed with a result on an Escapist Quiz.

The Lich King and Sephiroth
Your frosty disposition ensures that you're a loner. That's ok. It leaves more room for your villany.

I was GlaDos. Cruelty is necessary for the sake of science.

Team Rocket???


I never watched Pokemon, but apparently, they're horrible at being bad guys.

I think I'd make a pretty cool villain...*walks off sobbing*

EDIT: Retook it and got Glados and M. Bison.

Who the fuck is M Bison?

In The what kind of gamer are you quiz,I got the Tinker. I love to play Garry's Mod.
In The what kind of escapist are you quiz,I got the Watchman. I watch all the videos here.
In All things mario quiz,I got Luigi,who is obiously superior.
In The what villian are you quiz,I got robotnik.I never really cared for sonic,but robotnik always stuck out.


GlaDos & Sephiroth

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Oh yes. This pleases me immensely.

Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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Yeah, I'd never make it as a villain. but they seem to have fun "blasting off again!" at the end of every episode.

Team Rocket

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Huzaa! (for some reason I was expecting something weird, like G-Man.)
I guess this fits because I'm not all *that* evil. (my brothers seem to think otherwise)

To protect the world from detestation
To unite all peoples within our nation
To denounce the evils of truth and love
To extend our reach to the stars above
Team Rocket, blastoff at the speed of light
Surrender now or prepare to fight
Meowth, that's right!

(I had to go look that up)

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