What Videogame Villain Are You?

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I got the Lich king, but I loathe the undead.
THen I got team rocket, but I never watched pokemon.
And finally pacman ghosts.

Best villens ever

Why wasn't Kefka one of the options? I'd say I'm much more suited to him than I am to Sephiroth.

GlaDos & Sephiroth

For science indeed...

Team Rocket
Team Rocket

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Yup, I am a pretty terrible bad guy. At least I'm nothing like Sephiroth, I hate him.
Time to get the rest of the badges.

The Lich King

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for sizzle. i get to be a king. hooray.

How the hell did I get Bowser, I answered for like, all the intelligence stuff....

This is the first Escapist quiz I've actually been dissapointed in...

Sephiroth of course.

Bowser.quite fitting but a bit more scientific would help.



It said Bowser but personally its Gary off of Bully. I sound and act just like the little fucker.

Bowser? In a way that me be good because I don't like Mario. At all. But still I think that something is not right here.

M. Bison
M. Bison

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I do indeed make ass-kicking look like an art form.
When I saw The Lich King and Sephiroth were the same, I was a tad dissapointed.

I do want to know what the other options are, though. So far I've gotten Eggman/Robotnik, M. Bison, Sephiroth/The Lich King, the Pacman Ghosts, and Bowser. I know Team Rocket is still out there, any others?

Edit: Just got Team Rocket. "You constanly get trounced by a kid and an electric rat, but at least you try." Lol.

I got him too, who is he?

The goddamn Lich King.

Hell. Yes.

The Lich King
The Lich King

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I gotz Teh litch king :3 I like :D

The Lich King & Sephiroth
The Lich King & Sephiroth

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I was hoping the G-man would be a result but since he's kinda ambigiuos, Im okay with my result:image

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The Lich King
The Lich King

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At least my drinks will always be chilled.

i got dr. Robotnic/eggman

Woo I'm GLaDOS. (They spelt her name wrong at the end of the quiz...)

Team Rocket, seems like a bad thing, but plenty of people have it so it's all good!

Silver Patriot:

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You understand that sometimes cruelty is necessary...for science!

Though not what I expected, strangely fitting. I approve.

I'm actually happy that i got GlaDos. The most awesome of all the villains here.

Bowser? Pah! Still, at least I'm not Sephiroth.

Gah! Why am I having such a hard time getting Bowser? Think like a turtle, think like a turtle, think like a turtle!

EDIT: Ooooh! Sephiroth & Bowser! I'm getting closer to it :D

EDIT 2: Finally, I did it, the Koopa-King is mine!

First try, Sephiroth.

I'm okay with that, but I get along with my parents and said as much during the quiz.

BOWSER =^_^=

no ganondorf... Wow You left out the KING OF FUCKING EVIL for what That one guy from WoW and and an Emo with a Large Katana(Seriously Kefka FTW)

And why the Lich king, Warcraft Sucks.

... Team Rocket?... Well, I suppose once their hair greys and they become truly despondent, they will finally shape up and become a blind-siding strike team to take out young sprightly protagonists everywhere...

*window breach* Prepare for trouble!

*door bursts inwards* Better make it double!

*chambering rounds*
*draws a bead on the young poke trainer*

Say good night...
*kid riddled with shots*

*parting double-tap from sidekick*
Meowth! ... Pwned, sucka!

... *disapproving silence from Jesse and James*

LeChuck the ghost pirate

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I am Dr.Ivo Robotnik ... the most cunning scientific genius in the world! Well if it was the old school Saturday Morning Dr.Robotnik that was awesome then that would be cool but not the current one that Segac pitches as some sort of genius but he can't even catch a hedgehog ... and he has been trying since what 1991?

Team Rocket, I dont like, and they are anime villains not videogame villains

Sephiroth. I don't know who that is... I want to be Doctor Insano!




Now, to engineer all my traps without accounting for Sonic's one ability: speed.

I'm sure it'll work this time!

Team Rocket first time, GlaDos the 2nd time. GlaDos is awesome

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