Comic-Con Hilariously Strikes Back Against Hate Church

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This is a great day for justice and free speech:)

Personally I would have dressed as DooM Guy and held a placard that would read:



Aw man i so wish i was there...Any go nerds! Show those haters!

HAHAHA! Anarchy and nerd worship overrule religion!

"God hates sentries" is the best one IMO.

Ive always wanted to do that to a church, to out game them. (I am catholic and I am saying that)

Guys! there are videos!

Edit: done!

Epic win! That is hilarious! Though I wonder why we haven't heard of more "counter protests" against the WBC. The only other one that I've heard of was when they were protesting the funeral of a soldier who had biker friends. His biker friends surronded the funeral goers and revved their bikes so the WBC people couldn't be heard.

Lol thats awesome. Great Job guys :)

I was hoping the counter-offense would include paintballs, but this is good. Not as good, but still rational.

EDIT: Pyro holding "free hugs" and Flash holding "International Beer Day" made my day.

Ha ha, this is epic.


Makes me wonder how many of those sings the church members got. They knew they were being made fun of but not why I suppose. Anyways the counter-protest is awesome! Good going guys.

Speaking as a Christian, this church sounds more like a cult than anything. Goodness, all my comic books! I'm angering the lord! Give me a break. Point to me exactly WHO worships Superman like a god. It's people like them that make us all look like unaproachable, hate filled nutters.

NICE! that just rocks

I love every single person involved in that counter protest. Liking the guy with the sign that just said: DERP.

Oh man that's awesome. Thanks for the laugh, nerds, and good job owning those bigots.

These counter protests have been happening a lot lately. It's great to see, particularly when the "I was promised donuts for this" sign gets brought out.

Hee hee hee.

Gotta hand it to those geeks, I wouldn't have had a good enough sign to show compared to theirs.

And to think those WBC people think they know how to protest.

Huray! I hate that damn "church" ...its more of a hate cult if you ask me.

Yeah, just goes to show that we nerds are capable of being generally awesome people. Gives you hope.

lol those videos were epic

"god needs a starship"

im writing that down

And to think they could beat nerds. Apparently they dont realize we too are trolls

Saw this earlier at another website, loved it. Especially the spy, who was also making rounds at a furry convention.

Gotta love that Gentleman.

Sir I present you with an award for the greatest avatar ever.

Oh that just gives me so much joy to know that when someone decides to troll the greater nerd community, they'll just troll back twenty times harder.

My day has been made :)

I can't wait to see if we hear any reactions from the WBC protesters about the counter protest.

Dont count on a reaction. They have been chased of a campus by well 1000 students, attacked by a motorcycle-gang and trolled by the Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.


My favorite one is the Mass Effect reference. Commander Shepard is so awesome. Godly, you might say.

My faith in humanity is restored.

Well....the nerd community of my faith is restored...idk about everyone. but these people here...all deserve a HighFive

I would get my own sign, stand in the WBC ranks and lift my sign...

It would say "Look at me Mum!"

Dr. wonderful:


Dr. wonderful:

In spy, we trust.

Kind of Oxymoronic though, isn't it?

(Both statements, now that I look at it...)

Hey hey hey, don't ruin it!

Yeah you right, I should change it!

We are. Through License of our own damn selves. We create. We destroy. We create anew. We are the eye that follows the course and the aim of the stars, the ear that hears the tree fall in the forest, the hand that create the new software, the voice that sings the song. Your church cannot stop us. Because all you of are idiots! WE ARE NERDS. Get out of the f__king way!

How is that?

I... I'm so happy... You've made me a believer, in NERDS!


THIS is a great way to strike back, Kudos guys, awesome.

I LOVE the Mass Effect 2 reference

My hate goes off to these glorious nerds, put those bigots in their place.

Times like these I'm damn proud to be a nerd :D

wish I could have been there

For some reason, "We are the Champions" is just blaring in my head right now. Way to *go*, guys. That's the way it's done! If I ever were to find out who organized this I swear I'd kiss them, this is just brilliant.

Hell hath no furry than a nerd scorn. This is probably the biggest resistance these guys have ever seen.

Curses! I live in San Diego but they started schools where I live early so I didn't get to go. Go Nerds! Reminds me of the last time they came here to protest and many of the churches around had a counter protest telling them to stop spreading lies about God.

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