Comic-Con Hilariously Strikes Back Against Hate Church

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I'm up for picketing Fred Phelp's funeral. Anyone in?

Nice work Comic-Conners. Wish I could have gone.

Now that's awesome, wish I was there really, if only for the actual convention. This only makes it better. Just like this guy:
Oky it's a simple giggle, but heej, kudos for doing it!

Saw this earlier at another website, loved it. Especially the spy, who was also making rounds at a furry convention.

Gotta love that Gentleman.

Please tell me he was wearing an animal mask there.

hell this is great i hope somthing happens like this in october in london

These ignorant bigots are banned from England =p Sorry to disappoint ^^

OT: This is freaking sweet. Way to out-troll the trolls my fellow nerds!!

I love this. I really wish even more that I could be at SDCC right now. I do hope that G4 covers this as part of their SDCC special.

...can't breathe... laughing too hard... too much win....


I dig it alot. Though I have to admit, amongst flak, that I do support the Westboro Crazies simply because it shows the beauty of Freedom of Speech. I'd rather have nutters saying that some nonexistant deity hates something rather than some nutters strapping on explosives.

I get ya there, but I would just as soon see less ignorant people out there altogether. If that church had the slightest bit of brain cells among them, they would be getting into cosplay and sharing leaflets with con-goers. Instead they do absolutely no good whatsoever.
I have my faith, and enjoy my comics and gaming. Please don't hold all christianity at fault for what these nutjobs are doing.

To be fair, they are literally interpretting the Bible which is quite clear on cases of holding idols sacred and homosexuality. Technically they're preaching the actual message of the Bible, just not as much of the jesus stuff included it seems.

Putting aside my utter loathing of religion, the counter-protest was inspired! Some of the signs / placards were hilarious! My personal favourites were: "Is this thing on?", "Superman Loves Fags!" and "God eats pizza!" - brilliant stuff!

I noticed that there were a few fursuiters in the counter-protest, which makes sense as a good number of the fur-fandom, myself included, are geeks. Someone also mentioned that the "embedded journalist" did the rounds at a few conventions. Although I am one of the minority of furs who is a)Not a fursuiter and b) Straight, I'd like to know how he got on.

Also, I would like to share a related tale with you. A well-known furry and convention regular told me that a US convention had a very small protest outside. "God hates furries!", "Go home, furfags!" and so on. Rather than get pissy and/or throw stuff, a number of furs went out and (jokingly) joined in the protest. In addition to this subtle (but brilliant!) mind-f*ck, when it started the rain, the protesters were invited into the hotel to get out of the rain and have a hot drink. They declined, packed up and p*ssed off! Brilliant stuff!

It's the way to deal with these hateful, weak-minded pillocks. As much as I would like to drive a monster truck over them all, the Comic-Con counter protest was a hilariously fiendish idea and more power to them for it!

Well done!


I saw this and had to laugh at fella in Bender outfit with "Kill All Humans" sign. I can only imagine the confusion this causes local San Diegoans.

Things like this are what make me proud, absolutely proud, to call myself a nerd.

*Sigh* Another group of morons who don't have anything to back themselves. I mean, I'm a christian, and I've never found anything in the Bible that speaks out against anything at Comic-con...

WIN... Overload...

I wish I was there...

me to, this is great XD
if more people do this back at them, will they finally shut the fuck up?

Is there a source with more photos? I would love to see more signs and what-not.


WIN... Overload...

I wish I was there...

if more people do this back at them, will they finally shut the fuck up?

Not likely, they feed on attention like some kind of leech, any publicity is good publicity to them...

I have to say, that's pretty cool.

Go the nerds and our unfailing ability to annoy stupid people.

I would gladly picket with my own sign, or buy those that did a beer.

God that is great, although it won't solve anything. Those people will still be crazy tomorrow.

Please tell me he was wearing an animal mask there.

Check it out :)


This is so full of win, I can lose everything else in my life and still feel awesome.

Although I do wish someone thought to bring fake Jarate to the protest... that would've livened it up no end...

Say, I wonder if Indiana Jones was there, holding a sign saying "All religions are right! (I just can't Prove it)" That would've been awesome.

The nerds have had their revenge.

Thats how we do it!

Is there a source with more photos? I would love to see more signs and what-not.

Same here.

God, it would have been awesome if there were two Team Fortress 2 Scouts (one Blu, one Red) and both had signs attached to their bats, the Red one w/ a sign that says "God Hates Blus" and the Blu w/ a sign that says "God Hates Reds". Of course, the two of them would have to be right by one another.

Maybe next time this 'church' wishes to protest a mass gathering of geeks and nerds. Maybe next time...


ah classic...too perfect (yeah my comic book experiences revolved around X-Men lol)

My sign would say, "Ceeling cat hatz teh stoopids"

Nerd rage has been replaced with Christian rage.
Hey look what I found.

Someone needs to stop these guys. I'm a Southern Baptist and I can tell you're we're not like this. This is like...some kind of 1400's BS thats going on. I'm a Christian AND a nerd, and I'm pretty sure I don't have the plague. These guys can do some serious damage, though, if people start to think all of us are like them. Maybe thats their real goal, or something. Maybe they're just all on crack.

But seriously, you don't troll nerds. Hopefully they've learned by now that the nerds troll back. I wonder how long it's gonna take before one of these days all the police protection in the world won't stop these guys from getting themselves beat down. Heck, assuming they are Christians in even some sense of the word, then maybe they should reread their Bibles. I believe that what they're doing is one of those things that anger God personally. I'm not sure, but I'd rather not take that chance.


I salute to the geeks who counter Religious Bigotry with Satire and Humor. Fight On, Nerdy Ones.

I love the "Is This Thing On?" protest sign.

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite news post of the day.

I'm Commander Shep- dammit ninja'd.

Only thing that would've made it better is if someone infiltrated the WBC protest with an "ASSUMING CONTROL OF THIS PROTEST" sign.

My favourite was the "Hallo. My name is Inigo Montoya" one.

But yeah, that was awesome.

I laughed at "Is this thing on?" and nodded in happy approval at the geek-fu being deliciously executed by those most splendid people at Comic Con. I /salute them all.

And kudos for keeping it calm and peaceful. Bad luck Phelps cult, no money from lawsuits for you.....

+2 internets to the nerds!

And a cake.

These monsters will never learn, or change their ways, or decide to act with even a shred of human decency. While this was amusing, I still think we should wait until next time they gather in a big evil mob at a gay funeral and plough a truck through them. "Sorry, brakes weren't working. Phelps was found with a bullet in his head? Wouldn't know anything about that."

Some people just forfeit their right to live. The WBC are among them.

I'm up for picketing Fred Phelp's funeral. Anyone in?

You're on. I'll kill him for you.


This counter-protest made me laugh. I love my fellow nerds. If I could have gone (grrr not having monies) I would have dressed up as a follower of Cthulhu with a sign that says "Cthulhu saves, some for later" or "Heaven for the scenery, Hell for the company."

My sign would say, "Ceeling cat hatz teh stoopids"

I would dress as a Pryo, my sign would say. Mpphhh mphh mphhhh mphhh mhh!

That or "God hates spawn campers", "God loves sexy cosplayers" Becuase he does or "Teh n00bs shall inherit teh Earthz"

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