Michael Jackson Estate Forces Removal of Plant-Eating Zombie

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when did elvis have a jerry curl? or where a leather blazer?

Well, never. It is obviously Michael Jackson. That just wasn't how I interpreted it at first glance.

This is a job for Don't-Sue-People-Panda!

They're making a fuss over THIS? Dear god....*facepalm* this is just...terrible...just proves my theory that all of this stuff after MJ's Death is bullshit...just...bullshit.

this is how i picture the objection takeing place

Estate : !oh my god they are makeing fun of michael jaksons death because he is a zombie!

Popcap : actually we are makeing a refrance to thriller one of his most famouse songs, you can tell by the red jacket and him danceing, and he was a danceing zombie in the song so it worked for our game. we are actually fans of MJ and where saddened by the tragic de-


Popcap: *sigh*

I swear if I was famous,parodied/homaged in a video games, then died, if someone tried to have my homage removed I'd come back from the dead to haunt them/eat their brains. And everyone knows they just want the homage removed because of the fact it's a small videogame business, you know Scary Movie 4 DVD's aren't even gonna be touched.(I mean touched as in edited, not implying touched as in no-one wants to buy it, and not touched as in what Michael Jackson did to-ok I'll stop now)

Infectionator has Zombie MJ as a hero unit, but I guess that's not as popular.

Yeah, I'm disappointed that Jackson estate is going to be such fun-killers.

Throw some money their way and I bet they wouldn't mind at all. Did anybody else notice that, after he died, so many people showed up claiming that they "suspected something was seriously wrong"? Same thing happened with the kiddie stuff? Shouldn't these people get in to legal trouble? Criminal negligence? Being an accomplice? What type of person suspects that somebody is dying or doing things with kids and doesn't do or say anything until they show up in court! Then they stand up in the courtroom and say that they knew what was going on! If I "suspected" something going on and I did nothing I would...y'know, I'll stop raging before this post gets too long or I get banned...

He wasn't burried in the red suit was he? That would be creepy to know that somewhere out there lies a real life recreation of the character he played in Thriller.

The Jacksons have been arses about M.J's "Estate" since he died. They are getting rather proprietary about anything remotely MJ.

When the Thriller zombie jumped outta nowhere I literally fell off my chair laughing.

And now they're taking it way.


Oh dear, this really is silly. Oh well, serves PopCap right for making something fun.

Perhaps the disco zombie will be even funnier, with female zombies dancing along!

Anyone that has the Steam version and would like to keep their MJ Zombie, let me remind you all that you can shut off auto-updates (Yes, they are retroactively updating PvZ with a GotY ed) and you can backup your game files to disk so that MJ can be preserved permanently.

What's the issue ? At least the zombie doesn't try to have sex with children.

In any case as I already have a copy of Plants vs Zombies with MJ in it, the Jackson Estate can kiss my arse.

Wasn't he already a Zombie?

Oh, come on. It's an homage, Jackson Estate. It's a damned homage, as in, a sincere expression of recognition. It's a zombie that eats plants. That's it. It's not as though the plants are boy shaped and the zombie eats them like a flirtatious woman eats an ice cream cone.

Keep in mind that the complaint is there because of Michael Jackson being dead, which makes the zombie's presence both hilarious and a little bit tasteless.

Susan Arendt:
This is both hella and lame. I am disappoint, Jackson Estate. VERY DISAPPOINT.

Not really THAT surprising, is it? I mean, its the Jackson Estate, after all - Jackson was at least quite layed back about this sort of thing...accept when he was singing for people to "Leave him alone"... But if the Jackson Estate involves any of the people he had around "Advising" him in life, the phrase "Money grubbing soul-less invertebratess" doesn't quite corner it. And bear in mind I never really liked the man himself!

In other news. Early this week a zombie interest group objected to Jackson's continued acts of child molestation.

"Yeah, we eat people," said one Zombie between bites of a dubiously pink salad "but touching kids? That's just making us look bad."

I have but one thing to say:


I like my PvZ the way it is. Just to be safe I turned off the auto-update feature on my Steam copy of the game.

Les Awesome:
I wanted MJ in a good game for once
why couldn't he be with the plants

MJ is in a good game :) and they can't retcon him out it either, it's too old :)

They could replace it with Elvis...im sure his relatives wouldn't mind =)

Of course...if any are still alive...

I'm not saying that the Jackson Estate might not have had legal grounds to stand on, and PopCap is doing the right thing in respecting the family's wishes ... but it just seems counterproductive to me.

I will go ahead and say that the Jackson estate did not have a legal leg to stand on. Parody is quite explicitly protected, even when it's in a for-profit product.

They didn't seem to care when they flaunted his kids to the media. Twats.

I guess I get why they asked for the change, but it seems like they're overreacting a bit. No one was trying to offend anyone. It was more of a homage


From this point onward my copy of PvZ shall not be updated! Steam shall refuse to do so!

Wait. Michael Jackson died ? When ? I must have missed it. I dont think there was nearly enough coverage of it.

Keep in mind that the complaint is there because of Michael Jackson being dead, which makes the zombie's presence both hilarious and a little bit tasteless.

But Plants vs Zombies was released 50 days before he died, it's not as if it was made in poor taste after he died.

To me it seems more of a tribute then an insult to him. Granted the game was released before he died but if it was really that much of an insult to them, they would have taken care of it a long time ago.

I really liked that zombie. Funny and tough to fight if you let him stick around. Hopefully, the Game of the Year Edition will be easily modified. A little image switching ought to do the trick. =) Or maybe the Zombatar will have certain clothes you can switch. Although, I do like the way that disco zombie looks.

A fun fact: the files for the Zombie Dancer were named "Zombie_Jackson". =D Just for fun, here's a little animated GIF of the zombie doing the moonwalk: http://i47.tinypic.com/ztzz3o.gif [196 KB]

You see, now everyone in the world will get behind this because Michael Jackson is the greatest most pure thing in this world right now. Its almost like everyone forgot about his little pedo problem. I wish there was a song for this.


Its a little offensive, so I took out the imbedded form

PopCap aren't insulting the death of Michael Jackson, it's parodying 'Thriller' so I think the received offence is unnecessary. Although if they feel offended by the depiction of a departed loved one then it's within their right to have the depiction removed.

im gonna miss it. when i first found the new dancing zombie i was really bummed

Out of all the MJ parodies out in our wide, wide world, they choose to attack this one? WTF?

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