Superhero Wedding Forces Guests to Cosplay

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Superhero Wedding Forces Guests to Cosplay


Weddings can be stuffy, but when the guests are all dressed as comic book heroes and villains it takes the edge off.

Sharon and Neil Vaughan love cosplay so much they decided to expose their secret identities and get married as Wonder Woman and Batman instead of as regular Joes. The UK couple wanted all of their guests to get in on the action too, which made for one giant superhero wedding.

"I have always wanted to be Batman, ever since I was a little boy, and Sharon said she had always wanted to be Wonder Woman," Neil told the Daily Mail. The Vaughans spent a total of around $450 on their outfits, which is less than the typical wedding dress alone can sometimes cost. The savings were reflected throughout the wedding's expenditures, with Sharon revealing: "Our wedding was absolutely amazing and it cost us less than some couples would spend on just the dress."

The VIPs of the wedding complimented the groom, with Robin as best man and the Joker as master of ceremonies. Sharon made her entrance to the Wonder Woman television series theme. Guests dressed up as everyone from Watchmen's Rorschach to Wolverine to the star of Kick-Ass. The pink Power Ranger was also spotted, as was a mini-Iron Man. Though he's not a superhero, the wedding still allowed Yoda to attend.

Sharon called her wedding a "great day" and Neil says the couple just "wanted to have a fun day with our friends." I think this sounds much better than any traditional wedding, though I wonder if some of the guests took the opportunity to cosplay too far. Let's hope the ceremony wasn't interrupted by too many cries of: "Hulk... SMASH!!"

Source: Daily Mail


I would love to have this wedding

Now THAT'S a kickass wedding. Nerdy, but rockin'.

That sounds awesome. Best wedding ever.

Ha see thats how you have a different and a bit geeky wedding without making it too creepy.

LOLZ @ the joker in the back,he's the only one that stands out too me.

Wait...*squints* Yoda is a superhero?

I was really hoping the Joker was the best man, but Master of Ceremonies works too.

I take it nobody went as Doctor Manhattan then? :D

Unsurprisingly, some of the Daily Mail commenters insult the couple and their guests.

Personally, I think it's great that two people can do something like that on their wedding day. If it makes them happy and the day memorable, then they can dress like any superheroes they want.

What the hell is Yoda doing there?

Hey a wedding where I don't spend my time going. Where is dinner or can we go home now? Do something diffrent and they will come.

Holy crap that is one awesome wedding

This is how to really have a wedding. Realising its not all about big dresses and fancy ballrooms but about a fun and meaning ceremony / day. I bet the guests had a blast, esp those kids who didnt have to be in suits all day! This would have been a blast to go to.

I would totally cheat and cosplay as Jimmy Olsen.

"What's that? I'm not a superhero? But I'm Superman's pal.",

looks a lot of fun and certainly a day everyone would remember :)

I find it sad that the words "Affordable and enjoyable wedding" sound so odd to me.

Yoda isn`t that tall. This reminded me of my favourite Onion article:,17296/

It sure sounds nice to have an affordable and different kind of wedding, but somehow i doubt that it'd have that same romantic touch that i enjoy so much... (Call me whatever you want, i dont't care)

I find it sad that the words "Affordable and enjoyable wedding" sound so odd to me.

Indeed. I've never really heard "enjoyable, affordable, and wedding" all used together. Its... odd to say the least. And sad.

OT: Awesome, I would love to go to something like that.

My fiance and I are actually considering doing this for our wedding in 2012, great to know others have the same idea.

It sure sounds nice to have an affordable and different kind of wedding, but somehow i doubt that it'd have that same romantic touch that i enjoy so much... (Call me whatever you want, i dont't care)

Yeah it'd be lacking traditional romance, Which I suppose it a vital part of a wedding and I can't fault you for having your own view on that, you're a classic romantic, nothing bad about that.

I really like this for the fact that they're both sharing their love while showing off their joint interests too.
It's sort of like that wedding in Japan where it was two robotic engineers getting married by a robot.
Weddings like this should happen more often, tradition is tradition but this is so much more personal and likely much more memorable for those involved.

Also, Affordable is a definite bonus.

That sounds much cheaper than a normal wedding.

And more fun.

At least its unique, and cheap, remember, the less spent on the wedding, the more you can spend on the honeymoon.

/takes notes for her wedding

Yea seen this yesterday on the Daily Mail, The people that comment under the Storys are incredibly stuck up sometimes.

Glad to see these people dicided to do something different and had fun doing it!

There are quite amazing:

- Cosplay.
- Expenses were affordable yet it is a more memoriable experience, perhaps even better.
- The are completly original regarding this wedding.

I wish them a happy and steadfast marriage!

I take it nobody went as Doctor Manhattan then? :D

i lulzd. that would be up to me if i was invited. or if i walked past it. wedding crasher, bitch.

A wedding is to be enjoyed by the couple and it seems like they had fun. Good for them.

I like the fact that Joker is right next to robin by the way. LOL Todd

That has to be the most epic wedding, ever. love it. Great sense of humour!

It seems a lot less geeky when you think about the price point...
Still, it would've been cuter if this happened on Halloween.

Brilliant wedding. I have to ask though, did anyone go as the Question? He/She is the most underappreciated of the DC superheroes.

Loving some of those costumes as well, some of them are really professional.

Alright, I see the Joker there but it looks to me like he played nice. I'm just shocked no actual supervillains tried to ruin the wedding. You can't have a superhero at a wedding without it being crashed by a villain or two, you know.

This wedding is filled with awesome, hands down best wedding I've seen unless there was a huge star wars wedding with a shit load of troopers acting as ushers.

Thats absolutely brilliant and unique, if i ever have a wedding i'd hopefully do something different to spice things up a bit.

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