Activision Tried to "Steal" Paintballer's Identity

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I remember that video game.

Does it really need a sequel.

Also, Activision - At least try to pretend you're a nice company.

The problem is these distributor/publishing companies have become too big for their own boots. Too many amalgamations, mergers and no competition any more. I think we can all remember what EA done to Westwood Studios and what happened to the C&C franchise. That is what will happen more frequently from now on. It will only result in poorer gaming experiences for all of us.

Paintball games exist? Is it wrong that I feel more drawn to these than actual first-person shooters?

On the same note, somebody at Nintendo needs to pay attention to Robert Chipman and finally make Mario Paintball.

Activision was trying to take this man's name away because he wasn't using it. It's his fucking name, Activision. He uses it every damn day.

Mr Companion:
like some video game industry equivalent of umbrella corp.

That's exactly what they are! I never thought of that before. Soon they'll be throwing purposefully terrible games out into the streets just to see what the results are, and then sell the games to third world dictators. And Wesker.

hopefully Blizzard and Bungie can talk some sense into Activision.

we need gamers actively outside of retailers telling people not to buy Activision games and why. We have some really good evidence; this thread is full of it. None of this online, "we won't buy their games and that'll show them" but have a real boycott with signs and pamphlets and information. And no, "DON'T BUY ACTIVISION BECAUSE KOTICK IS THE DEVIL!!!" bullcrap, but show people the logic of why Activision is evil. They tried to use someone's name to sell a game for crying out loud.

We are educated gamers. We know to not trust Activision, but the rest of the world doesn't. It is our responsibility as gamers to inform those who are less informed. If we don't inform regular people of the practices that Activision is up to, how will they know? They don't spend hours reading up on this stuff, they need to be informed before they make their purchases at the place they are planning on buying.

As a business and a company, after they lose their number 1 publisher spot, they'll notice and hopefully Bobby will lose his seat.

He seems impossible to beat now, but that's because we're sitting here just talking about doing something. If gaming has taught us anything, it is that we cannot save the world by doing nothing. We need to go out there on that quest. We need to purify the lands of Activision's corruption. We need to do hours, days, weeks, years of grinding. We must show the people that we are here to making gaming better and that we are not a bunch of do nothing who waste our lives on a silly toy. We need to show them that as gamers, we grew up. We will earn their trust and use our voice. And in the end, after we have exhausted every avenue we will find that the final boss isn't as impossible as we once thought. We will find that with all of his power he is just one man and that we are many. This is our adventure and we are the chosen ones. We must rally together and show Activision that we will not stand for this chaos. With the hope that someday, some day we will see a light in the future of gaming. But that will never happen if when we are asked if we are willing to go on this quest and we choose [no].

Tom Goldman:
If the higher-ups at Activision are engaging in immoral business practices, I don't approve, but even I'm starting to feel bad as their reputation seems to be tarnishing.

Only now your starting to think that, well cookie of optimism i guess :P

Activision you crazy bastards you make me laugh

You know, once you have enough money to live the rest of your life quite comfortably, I never understand why there is then a sudden drive to keep stealing everyone else's. Is that fun now? Corporate goons, you truly baffle me.

CoD4 paintball mod's better.

What I want to know is why anyone would want to buy a paintball game.
I mean- It's something easily doable in reality; why bother doing it virtually?

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