Zombies Confirmed for CoD: Black Ops

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Zombies Confirmed for CoD: Black Ops


Do you really like shooting mindless undead soldiers of the Third Reich? Well, you now have another reason to start setting money aside for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

It was almost ironic in a way: Treyarch included the "Nazi Zombies" mode in Call of Duty: World at War as a fun little bonus feature after you beat the game, and it quickly became one of the game's most popular multiplayer features. While the zombies were absent from Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch's return to the series with this year's Black Ops meant that people were wondering: Will the zombies return?

First the zombies were rumored, then they were hinted at, and now they're confirmed. Sort of.

According to Best Buy, the Hardened Edition of Black Ops (and presumably the Prestige Edition as well) will contain a "Four Zombie Maps Pack made famous from COD: World at War."

Given that it would seem very strange for the collector's edition to contain an entire gameplay mode that the regular version lacked, I think we can safely assume that Black Ops will likely feature all-new zombie maps as a general rule of thumb. Given the subject matter this time around, they're likely to be Commie Zombies instead of Nazi Zombies, but the principle is the same. The map pack in the Hardened edition just lets those who shell out a few more bucks kill zombies classic-style.

Man, it's kind of a bummer that we don't have a handy little nickname for Black Ops yet the way we did "MewTwo" for Modern Warfare 2. CoDBO? BOps? BlOps?

That last one sounds pretty gross.

(Via CVG)


Is it just me who found Nazi Zombies to be really boring?

I am now going to call it BlOps. I do not care if it sounds weird.

However, Im looking forward to this.

Yay! More reason why Black Ops will be better than Modern Warfare 2.

(Off-topic - This is the second time the Escapist have made something a news story that I've posted in the forums! :S)

I never saw that one coming. Zombies, in another CoD game? Unheard of!
Although, I think 'BlOps' would be a rather funny nickname for the new game.
I'm gonna call it that. So funny :D

...that's it I'm sold I'm asking for this game for christmas

Werent Nazi zombies the specialty of Wolfenstein?

OT: Well, thats good I think. I am not getting this game (at least on release) but if it has mod support, then it might be worth the hype.

yay! The sole reason I bought WaW is back! Hopefully the random box comes back as well.

Kind of interesting.

It will be interesting to see if the game will have several innovations, or just be a rehash. Didnt play much Nazi Zambies, I stuck to Modern Warfare and dont regret it. Same can be said about this installation: what will it contain that would warrant me buying it so soon after MW2?

That being said, Im interested in shooting a Zombie with a crossbow. Just sounds really fun.

They knew they wouldn't be able to do anything else in the game right, so they just add a rehash of what they did 2 years ago. Great success!

Is it just me who found Nazi Zombies to be really boring?

I found it slightly less mediocre than World at War itself. Of course, that being said, I got bored of Nazi Zombies after the initial novelty of, "They're Nazis, but they're zombies! A mix of the two most evil gameplay NPCs ever!"

The existence of this just gives me the impression they're going to use it to violently cover up any mediocrity Black Ops's singleplayer campaign might have (multiplayer is not what you should judge this game on, so don't bother mentioning it).

I'm actually rather glad this title doesn't lend itself well to that sort of nickname, because I've always found referring to Modern Warfare 2 as "MewTwo" to be especially irritating. There's just something about it that puts me in mind of the stupid tabloid nicknames for celebrity couples that I unfortunately find myself exposed to every so often (handily confirming that tabloids are worthless tripe, though that was always a given because the cult of personality is itself inherently stupid and worthless).

Not that I especially care about any Call of Duty game in the first place, I just find those nicknames onerous, and if history is any indication, I'd be seeing it for ages if there was one.

BlOps is what i'm calling it!

And good I may buy this now, depending what the date is of which it comes back *checks* Yeah I'll get it!

Can we use the guns in that game or do we have to use the guns from the real nazi zombies is my question

Hah! Best news so far.

So if you didn't already have reason enough to believe it is going to be way better then MW2, we threw in an extra game-mode we know people will go crazy over. I never really did play WaW MP seeing as I was REALLY late to the party and my computer had trouble running it well but from the games I did play I know that Treyarch has some really great ideas and does some really interesting things, and get this, actually give 2 cents about fans being decently pleased with the PC version. *< Your not gonna get any of that with IW.* I was committing myself to buying the BC2 expansion but with all this new info about Black Ops and such, I just can't find it in me to hate it even with MW2 looking at me. Now if we could just get word on weather it runs on Steam or if it's just running on it's own with PB. *Not like it effects me in anyway, seeing as I use Steam ALL the time and have about 59? games on it. And that I played MW1 all the time even with the dumb YOUR KEYCODE IS IN USE! MP error.* *< No seriously, I never ever gave away my code and it was telling me that! I couldn't play for like 2 months and then I randomly tried it and it worked and started playing again.*

I hope it's still nazi zombies. It's not that I have a problem with commie zombies, it's just that nazi zombies are easily one of the most badass.

Why can not they bring out a zombie nazi game? Just feels like all games are jumping on the zombie bandwagon and doing them badly. What about Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead with Nazi's? Maybe they should try that.

Zombies? COD? Sounds good to me.

THERE IS A GOD! I was on the fence about buying this one but since there is going to be zombies i have no choice now but to buy it.

Won't this be a lot easier seeing as how your going to have better weapons then in WaW?

Oh, hell no... This is stupid.


Getting it with out a doubt in my mind. Yes, ZOMBIES *foams at mouth* AHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I apologize for my fanboyism.

Is it just me who found Nazi Zombies to be really boring?

Just you.

OT: Woo! This has sold the game to me!

Complete campaign on easy >> Zombies!

I'm really looking forward to this. The list of changes they've made to the multiplayer are great, and hopefully they'll all be avaliable on split-screen. I think, after all the flak IW got for the single player in MW2 that it should be better (I very much enjoyed CoD5's. It's my favourite in the series).

My worry about the Nazi (or whatever else) Zombies in BLOps is that they'll be more like the expansion pack maps for WaW, which I enjoyed far less than the original.

Is it just me who found Nazi Zombies to be really boring?

Its only boring if you dont have friends :P

BlOps? wtf?

What about just B-Ops

Should be cool, just really hope they don't make us pay for most of the maps again...

Kind of interesting, but I'm not buying another CoD until there is some real improvement going on. They had this in WaW. They were Nazi zombies. These aren't probably even nazis. So instead of improving it, it'll be inferior because there are presumably no nazis.

Try out vampyres next.

I thought they said before they were haveing them

OT:It's a good start after "MW2:The fuck up" but i still might not get it.

What a surprise....actually, do it isn't. Zombies was the thing everyone played and is the thing they will remember WaW for. So it'd be absolutely insane not to include in the sequel. And I gotta say, Commie Zombies is a nice name for it.

Oh God, fuck yes.

I love NZ, one of the best bits in WaW, for sure.

I was sure about buying Black-Ops, but I am for sure now.

Also, isn't BlOps another term for taking a crap?

and yet im STILL on the fence about getting this one they're good games but i kinda lose interest...who knows maybe this one will finaly take care of the games where i get spawn trapped...or the nukes!...ugh and the boosting

Yay for zombies! Likely one of my favourite addons from previous installments...

Well there goes any chance of me buying this game now. I was hoping for a return to Call of Duty roots with a respectful view of Vietnam... well, I guess there's always Battlefield Vietnam...

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