Rumor: Universal Considering Lord of the Rings Theme Park

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I would make every effort to get there! To Mordor!

I did get this survey. It started out asking about a whole bunch of fandoms, and ended up focusing on Lord of the Rings; all sorts of things about what type of merchandise I'd buy, what characters I'd like to see, etc. They seem to want to do something about the space behind City Walk. Keep in mind they immediately started asking me all of the same questions about Hannah Montana, so it seems they're considering both.

I live less than an hour from Universal. I'd love to have another park to visit.

They should have done this 5 years ago, you know, before the recession, when the movies were somewhat fresh in memory, before the games started to stink. When there was still anticipation for the Hobbit movie.
Now, well, now it's like Lord of the Rings Conquest.

A few things would need to happen. First, there can be no use of mass transportation in the area. No wheelchairs, either! Sam & Frodo dragged their hobbit asses across the nastiest terrain in Middle-Earth; the least you sad lot can do is walk on hot pavement! Second: Restrooms and beverage/snack carts must be placed at absurd distances from one another, and none whatsoever in the Mordor area. This would help recreate that 65% of the trilogy that consisted of "we're walking, we're walking, we're walking, we're walking, we're walking, THIS SUCKS, we're walking..." Last but not least, there has to be at least one employee dressed as Gollum whose job it is to sneak about through the park and spy at visitors, occasionally getting close enough for 14-yr old girl to hear "my Precioussssss..."

Do all these, and I'm totally there! :D

OMG I want to go! That would be the best thing since sliced bread.

Well, i cant wait if this is true!

Wow, this actually created Fanboy Feelings in me and left me want to scream NO!

When there is one message in Lord of the Rings then it is surely not to mow down landscape to fill with artificial landscape and scenery made of plastic.

Forget a Lord of the Rings theme park (ok don't forget it, it's a great idea, however) what would be an even bigger selling point and a more widely wanted attraction would be a Star Wars theme park. I mean it's a gold mine waiting to be tapped into. If Harry Potter gets one why not one of the largest movie franchises in history, and, most of all, one of the most beloved movie franchises (the Harry Potter films haven't after all got anything on the Original Star Wars trilogy). If anyone was at Star Wars Celebration V they probably saw an art print by Star Wars artist Tom Hodges of a dream Star Wars Theme Park (and if you weren't most likely here's a link to the image

Now this guy has the right idea, I just wish Disney and Lucasfilm would come to some arrangement to build a whole park or at least a large section of Star Wars themed attractions, it would sell big-time.

This gets a big thumbs up from me. Now if only I could actually afford to go to it.

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