Activision Declines Use of In-Game Ads Out of "Respect"

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I think the real reason is in-game ads are not great money makers because you can't measure to tell how many times it gets seen or for how long

...he is actually doing something...good? I think I nearly dies of a heartattack...

In-game advertising makes sense in certain titles, like Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero that use real-world products.

Translation - Unless it doesn't make any sense, we're going to throw it everywhere we can.

Awww...So this means no Pepsi can monsters? Dang...

OT: I never thought i would hear this from Kotick...The guy that whants to make cash by selling cutscences.

Yes, in other words, he wants more money from advertising companies. He will either get money from customers or from advertisers.
I can't believe anyone can think that Kotick is really doing something positive here.

Tom Goldman:
In comments made at a media conference today, Kotick stated that in-game ads are disrespectful to his customers.

Really? REALLY? Are these the same customers you were saying earlier that should pay more for games, and who wanted a pay subscription, you lying, manipulative weasel?

And who are you talking to? Are you talking to gamers? How about you start talking to the Governator before he cuts your umbilical chord full of money?

"There may be future opportunities where you might offer a consumer an advertiser-supported experience so they wouldn't have to pay for it," he continued. "But as long as our audience is paying $60 for a game or a subscription fee I think we're going to limit the amount of advertising or sponsorship incorporated into a game."

So, as long as people are paying you money they don't have to have adverts. You utter con-man.
And it's not even "Get rid of", it's "Limit".

This could go a long way for Kotick's image in the eyes of gamers.

Through a telescopic rifle, perhaps.


Kotick just earned some points, now how is he going to flush them down the toilet?

Exactly what I was about to say.

Sure, he made a positive statement, but he will counter himself in the negative this week, I called it, with some idiotic statement to fuck us up.

this from the company whos CEO wants to sell us cutscenes as movie to make a quick buck?. thats like a prostitue going "sureeee ill blow you BUT NO KISSING!"

Activision Declines Use of In-Game Ads Out of "Respect"

My reaction.

Activision and "Respect" in the same sentence? Someone started April fool's early this year.

I wish the Escapist would stop editorialising their news articles, and telling me how I should feel about the news presented at the end of each one. I think in-game advertising is a great way to get game funding, and having a fizzy drink monster in Diablo III would be awesome.

Kotick just earned some points, now how is he going to flush them down the toilet?

I think we already know.

This changes nothing. I still hate Kottick. He knows fully well that people don't play games so they could look at advertisements. He knows that idea is not profitable and now he's trying to score some good points with gamers. To hell with him and everyone who looks like him.

I am gobsmacked that this is Kotick, of all people in the industry, saying this.

Just... what?

Activision: "This makes us cool now, right?... Right??"

If by 'respect' he means that he and his cronies are worried how their consumers might wind up spending their time with non-Activision products, as a direct result of said advertisments, then yes. I suspect it is the right word. :p

Okay. The ENTIRE Tony Hawks series on PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox and I think X360 as well. They all had advertising in them to a painful degree, I found it irritating.

Can Microsoft do this? I'm paying the price of a new game for Gold, do I need to be hit up with advertising on the Dashboard?

I believe I speak for all of us, when I say:


You can't be both Darth Vader and Han Solo

Banana Phone Man:
Meh, he can say this because he is sitting on that money making pile that is CoD. Most game developers don't have that kind of money and maybe need ingame adds to bump up their cash. He's still speaking out of his arse.

Why do people assume that product placement is somehow going to make games cheaper for the user? Has Fox's 90% product placement shows meant fewer commercials? And do Indie films ever have product placement to compensate for low funds?

If they do add product placement, the money will only pad profits for the company, and the only games that will have it are CoD style games that are already going to be successful.

Oh fuck off and stop pretending.

If Activision wants to improve their PR they need to sack Kotick, not make him lie out of his arse hole. At least I can make Darth Sidious jokes when he's being a dick.


Oh wow. Mr. Kotick, you're more deranged than I gave you credit for!
This is almost bipolar in nature! He loves anything that can rape the consumer, but hates product placement!

What, is he jealous of those other products? Is it because he doesn't own them?



In-game advertising makes sense in certain titles, like Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero that use real-world products.

Translation - Unless it doesn't make any sense, we're going to throw it everywhere we can.

Well, In Guitar Hero I'd much rather be playing a Les Paul than some horrible creation of a designer. I know it's not exactly a realistic game but it's a nice touch of authenticity.

This is surprisingly reasonable coming from Activision.

How boring.

Who cares what his true motives are? It still stands that he's resisting in-game ads. That's enough for me.

Likewise. I absolutely despise in-game advertisements. They are a surefire way to break immersion (with the exception of sports titles; there, I cannot argue that they potentially even add to the immersion) and an insult to the consumer who payed a lot of money for the game.

Bobby Kotick may be "the devil", but I guess even evil has standards.

The Amazing Tea Alligator:
Selective assholism is still assholism guys, except now it's also manipulative.

I learned that in Assholics Anonymous. I shouldn't share this but I've seen Bobby in meetings. At least he knows he has a problem.

I like how he all of a sudden has respect for the customer. I thought he only respected shareholders. Which shows how out of touch he is. It seems most gamers don't care if there are ads in the game as long as it's done tastefully and logically.
What would really show respect is if he could fit advertising in their games AND lower the absurd prices. I'm much much more inclined to play a game with ads in it than to play a game with a monthly fee. Actually, I can say I have never, and most likely will never play a game with a regular fee. It's one of the things that scared me away from the 360.

Activision Declines Use of In-Game Ads Out of Respect According to Bobby Kotick...

This just in:

Activision Signs on for In-Game Subliminal Messaging...

This just in:

Activision Hires Captain Price look-alikes to force Monster Energy Drinks down the throat of everyone who buy's Call of Duty Black Ops

Jokes aside (or are they?), he kind of has to say something not 100% offensive after the torrent of negativity coming from the general direction of everything Activision lately.

Maybe they're just aware of how fine a line they're treading already.

Hmm. Okay, Kotick, I'm listening. What else ya got?

I wonder if he ever thought that he could use ad proceeds to lower prices and subscription costs.

Hmm. I'm going to go review what Activision has coming out this holiday season. The only time a leopard changes it's spots is when it left a big steaming mess on the shelf. That's my guess anyway; a better image to make up for what should have been a better game.

I love in game ads done right, but grats, actiblizzard has nickle and dimed us so hard that they no longer need the revenue from ad placements. I for one would rather big pepsi billboards in a city scape then have to pay 10 bucks for dlc bundles.

the first time in a while (ever?) Kotick has said something most gamers would applaud

of course, seeing how I really don't mind in-game ads (I like realism to some extent), it's not a huge w00t for me

The Amazing Tea Alligator:
Selective assholism is still assholism guys, except now it's also manipulative.

Hahahahah ROFL!


wait, what? I'm so conflicted! Do I want to say,"I hope other companies follow this guy's lead?" No, no, of course not, that would be crazy... BUT THINK OF ALAN WAKE!

I distinctly remember reading an article on Activision's PR wanting to clean up their public image. This is a good first step, but they would do much better by denying Kotick platform. Sure, he gets his company publicity -- just not the good kind -- and only serves to stroke his ego.

I don't care if he's running a successful business; I don't want to hear or read about his bullshit and the way he's constantly pissing on other people's shoes. It's trivial, pathetic and a waste of time. Not to mention that it always, always elicits a predictable response from the gaming community.

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