Kotick Itching to Sell Cutscenes As Films

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I can think of a few reasons to be dubious about this -- If games have the gameplay/cutscene/gamplay/cutscene approach to story telling, then there are going to be large gaps - "Oh, did a huge battle just happen while we weren't looking?" Also, who would pay$20-$30 to watch cutscenes? If people are THAT big fans of Starcraft they are obviously going to already own the game and be able to watch them IN CONTEXT on their $60 product as opposed to seeing them all chopped up for an addition $20-$30

This is one of the DUMBEST ideas I've ever heard in a long time. By taking cutscenes out of a game, you will completely ruin the narrative in a lot of games, which makes them less fun to play (at least for me). And I would NOT pay half as much as the price of the game for the cutscenes that I missed. What a terrible, terrible idea.

So the games with story are going to make sense how, if we don't have cutscenes? A lot of games tend to tell the majority of the story through cut scenes.

Sure blizzard released a cut-scenene compilation, but it was stuff already in the games, so collectors could get it if they wanted to, but it did't suck the story out of your games.

Do it smart if you wanna do it, while i haven't seen it yet, "dantes inferno: an animated epic" is supposedly the games story made into a film, in the style of the the cut-scenes in the game. So they take nothing from the player, but just offers them the chance to buy something extra.

can we please do something about him? He's ruining the industry from the inside

This guy is an imbecile. They need to hire a guy to hurt this dude every time he says something stupid.

Dear Mr. Kotick,
Don't be an ass and start thinking about the people who buy your games.

the gaming community

P.S. when did the consumer cease to matter?

*25 years in the future*

$25 per character, $10 per cutscene, $30 per track of music and $40 for the base game (no sound, no music, 3 characters included)
Get the entire game for only a measly $325!

On a serious note, words escape me...
"you'd have the biggest opening weekend of any film ever." Thats seems a little off... Hold on a second...
"you'd get the biggest DDoS from any anonymous attack ever." There! I think that's much more accurate!

This is fantastic news! Soon we'll be able to just buy a game and not have to sit through endless, unskippable cutscene after cutscene. Joy! Video games will be games again :-D
Now if we can convince this Kotick fellow to make quick-time events chargeable extras too?

Blame Experienced Points for this getting resurrected but... Has there been any developments on this at all?

Also, Kotick might think he'd be onto a money mine with this idea, but he clearly knows jack shit about his demographic. That is all.

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