Thinking About Violent Games Makes Men More Aggressive

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I disagree, there is nothing more calming than God of War. You'll never ever want to fucking hurt anyone again after finishing all the games.

I concur. I'm not a violent person by nature, and I'm pretty sure playing through that series has let me get out all the violence in my life through game form. Plus, it was reaaaallllly satisfying ripping the head off of Apollo.

Also, they got a serious flaw in that there study. Making people play Mortal combat vs DC. That would piss anyone off. Also, with the way they nerfed the killing in that game, guitar hero is almost more violent.

I could use a bit more aggression in an average day anyway.

Study proves what researchers thought it might prove. People in subject group agree/disagree. Here's Tom with the weather.

And boy...does that "competitive reaction test" stink. So a bloke beaten by a woman is going to be more aggressive than a woman beaten by a bloke? Damn...tough to work out that one.

Funny, they never tested a woman being beaten by another woman. THAT would have been interesting.

"The subjects returned the next day and took part in a competitive reaction test against an opponent of the same sex"

OT: Meh, who conducted this research?

Jeez this is like saying that people who think about committing a crime will definitely commit a crime.


But thinking about anything violent for 24 hours has an effect on your behaviour like when a bully punchs you. Your still thinking about working your self up and up till you hear your heart, the next day you see him you kick the crap out of him any thought of violence makes sane people aggersive. Fight or Flight ?

Funny, they never tested a woman being beaten by another woman. THAT would have been interesting.

Hahaha, yeah. Definitely. I think they should have done that, otherwise it isn't fair. ;P

God of war isn't infuriating because it's violent, it's infuriating because of that fucking rotating pillar in Hades with all the goddamn spikes sticking out of it.

There is a major flaw in the researchers' instructions, they instructed part of the test group to think about the gme for twenty-four hours. You cannot prove that they really did or did not think about the game. It is equally likely that they were aggressive because they were stressing about their midterms.

Uhhhh.. I heard that adrenaline stays in the system for 24 hours..
See a connection?

Could be the same for any competitive sport.

Thinking about violent games doesn't make me more aggressive.

Reading about some asshole's bullshit study does, though. Your sample size is only 126 people? Fuck off, that means nothing compared to the MILLIONS of people who play video games.

But no, you told people about this bullshit and now idiots like the State of California will use this garbage to tell the Supreme Court that video games are bad. Fuck you, Bryan Gibson and Brad Bushman.

Hear hear. What a bloody waste of time. I wish I was a professor and could invent stupid research to do all the time. Oh how easy life would be :|

Being forced to play Mortal Kombat vs DC would make me think violent thoughts too.

Sounds like YET ANOTHER conclusion in search of a study to validate it. Whatever happened to the Scientific Method? Also, I'd like to know who or what funded the study.

So more aggressive equals the same amount of anger I get when someone screws up my order at Subway? Great, I'm sure the anti-video game lobby will use this as ammo.

I agree that games make you more aggressive. I don't see it as a bad thing. Being aggressive is a result of sudden hormone changes, and you can get a similar feeling from watching a sport, film or fight. It's not the same thing as making you violent, which is what some people will inevitably read into this

Better to show aggression on a videogame than with an actual person.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

Well there is your problem...

So? Does it really matter that they they used video games? Tell anyone to think about nothing but violent anything for day and I bet you'll get the same thing.

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