Minecraft Explained Through Accidental Arson

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THis game if far too addictive, playing for 8 hours to build a floating castle even though i knew i couldnt save it

it was all good until he forgot that fireplaces should be fireproof. A bottom made of wood is a bad move XD

it was all good until he forgot that fireplaces should be fireproof. A bottom made of wood is a bad move XD

Apparently it's not because of the floor, apparently fire can spread to any wooden surface within 3 blocks.

I know this because I had a wooden bungalow with a sand basement. I put a fireplace in, it spread to the roof because it was only two blocks away. It's also the same if you put stone between the wood and the fire, and also if you have lava in the basement... On another note, sprinkler systems don't work. They just set fire to stuff through water.


That hut burnt down 3 god damn times yesterday.

I'm always tempted to try this game, but I'm very worried that it will take me over.

I also think it's a precursor to something very, very bad. It might be decades before it arrives, but there will someday be a game that swallows minds. Minecraft will have been its beginning.

I still don't know what it is. Is it some kind of MMO or like a first person version of Age of Empires?

It looks to be quite fun though, despite heavy pixelating.

It's obvious what happened. He gave his fireplace a wooden floor. o_0

I'm tempted to purchase Minecraft now, but something is keeping me from doing so. I'll probably will up some willpower and cave in, but for now I'll just gaze from afar, taking in the sights of what could possibly be...

So, MineCraft... Looks to me like a combination of Legos and Garry's Mod.

I feel your pain mate. :(

Nice, that is just funny

Absolutely brilliant. Its incredible how often this sort of this can happen on minecraft. <3

He said he didn't find it funny, but I think his inner Minecrafter was giggling at this, knowing he would have to rebuild it.

if you pause the video at 1:16 you can see that the moron has a wooden base where he put the wood it to burn. if it was stone it wouldn't happen.

some men just like to see other people's houses burn...

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