Bible MMO Appears Unto Europe Next Week

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Bible MMO Appears Unto Europe Next Week


It seems that Europe is God's favorite continent, since that's the first market that The Bible Online will officially be coming to.

It wasn't all that long ago when The Bible Online was officially announced, but it seems that the game's beta period is just about over. As a result, the religion-based MMO is set to be released on September 28th in Europe. Those players who took part in the beta will receive an in-game gift of 50 Shekels.

According to Massively, "The first round of beta testing had over 2,500 participants, and the Bible Online forums have been increasingly active. The developers seem happy with the results, because they have declared the game nearly ready for launch in Europe."

In case you missed the initial announcement, The Bible Online is a browser-based MMO set during the days of the Book of Genesis. Players assume the role of Abraham - as well as his offspring Isaac and Jacob - during their journey to the promised land of Canaan. Gameplay consists of building villages, managing resources, and going to war.

The game is set to launch in both English and German, though there are presumably still plans to port it to other European languages in the future. If you're really interested in checking the game out before it's officially released, you can actually still take part in the beta until tomorrow, September 23rd (which is when the servers are due to reset). Currently, no plans for a U.S. release have been announced.

Source: Massively


Yeah this is gonna end well.

... Oh dear...

Just no.
There is nothing more I can say on this topic.

Actually! Anyone playing this: We can never be friends.

as usual, instead of doing something educating and promoting peace, there's always someone who gets and develop stupid ideas like this...

So...will you be able to pillage and force you religion on people? And summon fire and brimstone on enemy villiges?

If you can i will so be playing this. (Last sentense is not serious.)

Let the atheists bash it.
Let skeptics declare it already dead sooner than APB.
Let Straying Bullet announce, leave them in peace.

Awww first I was anxious about the epic PvP between Jews and Egyptians, but nooo, they have to turn it into another browserlike MMO snoozefest.

Seriously, this had way potential IMHO, I mean, it's just another MMO in a fantasy setting *booooo hisssss* Shun the nonbeliever!


So, will there be 2 armies like in WoW? I'd choose Satan's side!

Oh. My. God. That sounds crazy! :L

*Start game*
*Game ends*


I've read the website, it doesn't seem all that interesting. It seems like a really really simple game of Pharaoh with other players controlling other cities.

A MMO with all the players as Abraham? Riiiight

Well, good for Europe? They can have this boring-looking MMO all to themselves for as much as I care.

Huh... I had no idea about this.. I have decided I will be joining this.. at least for a little while... For no other reason then to piss off the people playing it...

Z of the Na'vi:
Well, good for Europe? They can have this boring-looking MMO all to themselves for as much as I care.

god of war was the only game to make religion interesting.

Everything I've seen makes this look like travian/tribalwars. As APAM said, snoooooze

Currently, no plans for a U.S. release have been announced.

Maybe they're going down the historical route and want to show things semi-realistically, and aren't releasing it in the US for fear of being shouted at by evangelicals.

Can you imagine the kind of nerd rage that may appear frm the players of this game?

Distorted Stu:
*Start game*
*Game ends*


I lol'd. But seriously, A Bible MMO?

If its old testament then fair enough, some pretty epic shit happened in there. But If its new testament then fuck this shit.

This game is automatically gonna suck, it will be full of loop holes and contradictions and the plot will make no sense at all

Most comments here will simply be bashing the hell out of it, irrespective of how it actually plays. For all I know it plays terribly, so what the heck. As for me, well:

Straying Bullet:
Let the atheists bash it.
Let skeptics declare it already dead sooner than APB.
Let Straying Bullet announce, leave them in peace.

Well said, my good man.

Oh great. We really need another crappy MMO to cram into an already crappy market.

Can't wait to see what the online gaming community does with this one.

Look out Blizzard...

made me laugh

Well if there is a Michael Jackson MMO and this its just a matter of time for all the other mmo flavors to come out..

Bible game? Is it adult only rated?? Cause the bible is full of sex, rape, incest, violence, torture, and slavery. =P

So since this is about Abrahamic religion as practiced in ancient Abrahamic times no less, the stoning grounds are going to be the most important tech tier building, and keeping food, water, and intolerance stats high imperative?

Or is just another a cheap browser rip-off of a civilization style MMO game with biblical characters smeared all over the place to market it "Faith +1" style?

A great mystery that shall never be answered, at least not for my part.

It had to be a MMOG, or else people would be complaining about potholes and useless levels.

Straying Bullet:
Let the atheists bash it.

Howabout the Muslims, Hebrews, and even other Christians?

Do they get permission too? Seems only fair....

Wait, aren't video games supposed to be evil?


Press A repeatedly to fuck/rape your sister/mother/father/brother/the family sheep/etc.

Press A to stone (Whatever it was that you fucked) to death.

Press A to pray.

Press A to pray some more...

You earn enough points to learn a new skill! Choose from Incest, rape, bestiality, misguided judgment, praying, unwarranted wholesale slaughter and persecution...

Imagine slagging off jesus on that game, you would get a LOT of hate... It would be funny though.

Hell yes! Book of Revelation expansion pack!

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