EA: Medal of Honor Will Overtake Call of Duty

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EA: Medal of Honor Will Overtake Call of Duty


An executive from EA Europe claims that MoH will outsell Activision's Call of Duty series in the next few years.

A senior vice president of EA Europe, Jens Uwe Intat, likened the two series to the competing soccer franchises, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. EA's annual FIFA releases gradually gained momentum and finally surpassed Konami's PES in sales. The first MoH in three years is due out on October 12, 2010, while Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops hits shelves on November 9th. Intat admits that MoH may not beat out Activision this year, but predicts a long, healthy, sales battle.

"We certainly want to get back on top for shooters with Medal of Honor," Intat said. "We're not going to outdo Call of Duty this year but it will get dangerously close. This is going to be a journey, as it has been with the way FIFA overtook PES.

"In the years to come, we're definitely going to beat Activision and Call of Duty," stated Intat. "The combination of digital marketing and advertising with the strength of word of mouth - something that really helped FIFA - should help the comeback."

Intat is referring to the fact that Medal of Honor hasn't had an entry to the series in over three years since Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox 360, PS3) and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (Wii, PSP) were both released. I wonder if Intat is hinting at an annual release schedule for MoH to more directly compete with Call of Duty.

EA also has a secret weapon in that MoH isn't their only successful shooter franchise.

"We actually have two IP bullets in our gun. Battlefield sold very well this spring and in some countries it came close to outperforming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."

Given that this year's CoD is an "off-year" with Treyarch designing Black Ops and not Infinity Ward (not to mention that whole controversy), it will be interesting to see if Medal Of Honor sells well in comparison.

Source: MCV


No it won't >.>

EA are getting as bad as Crytek.

MoH was never a "top shooter". I played the first when it came out and found it atrocious. Each installment was as terrible as the last too.

MoH will never do better than CoD unless CoD stops being made.

Even if it did i would hope it was for Great Storytelling, presentation and balence gameplay.
If not it would not be much of a win.

Hahahahaah. That's funny. You're funny.

Wait? You're serious? Uh, guys, could you, please, make statements like this after your game has come out and sold well? Pretty please?

Also, yearly releases. You don't have enough studios to do that for Medal Of Honor without it getting stale.

It won't. I've played the Beta, it was quite awful, even discounting the bugs and stuff.

On the other hand Black Ops looks like a pretty good improvement on MW2.

No way, but it's good to think positive.

Is this opposite day?

Is this guy smoking some kind of recreational pharmaceuticals?

MoH isnt even in the same state as CoD.

That's a ridiculous statement.

How are you going to outsell it when Ice T is calling your multiplayer "janky"?

Yeah, sure EA, right after the PSP catchs up and overtakes the DS in sales figures...

Yes. Yes it will.


Woo! More mudslinging between rivals!

Seriously though, as mentioned, with Call of Duty perhaps taking a 'leave' of sorts, we'll wait and see.

its like watching two kids smack talk each other at a school playground. JUST FIGHT ALREADY!

EA vs Activision...and what a baseless statement to make.
There are playground bullies with more class than these two.

Either way, we're being made some companies bitch for a genric, dull, moronic fps

I can't wait until we're out of the fps era, seems that's all the majority of the market want these days :(

I'm pretty sure no game besides call of duty will overtake Call of Duty.
I mean, MoH has to be pure GOLD. And even more! And then, maybe, MAYBE, it will barely win over CoD.
CoD is just too damn popular...

Greg Tito:
Given that this year's CoD is an "off-year" with Treyarch designing Black Ops and not Infinity Ward

Hold on, it's not really an off year as Treyarch are now the lead team on the CoD games, is it? or do we have to wait for the next Treyarch game before they can really be considered the head team?

Anyway haha fat chance EA keep dreaming, to many fanboys wont make the switch.

Medal of Honor will never overtake Call of Duty. Call of Duty has gotten to much exposure and has the entire might of Activision's marketing department behind it. Since nowadays it seems that marketing is the deciding factor on whether or not a game sells well and not quality and giving that the multiplayer portion of Medal of Honor is horrendously similar to that of Call of Duty's I think people will just stick to CoD.

I mean look at Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The multiplayer portion is something that every FPS game with a multiplayer portion should aspire to. It's tactical, it's fun and I can say without a doubt that I rarely felt frustrated whilst playing. Did it overtake Call of Duty, a game with inferior quality? No, it did not. Like I've said before, marketing is what makes a game nowadays.

Hell, even if it actually overtakes Call of Duty will that really matter? Kotick will still walk home tonight with even a bigger wallet than before and when the next Call of Duty game comes out he will walk home with even a bigger pocket. Just because you managed to sell more does not mean the sales of the game you managed to overthrow will suddenly fall.

The same argument can be made for World of Warcraft. People keep talking about a WoW killer but the term makes no sense. You won't "kill" WoW. The game will still make billions and just because it doesn't hold the crown anymore doesn't mean profits will suddenly drop.

That's not happening. MoH has never, ever been better than mediocre. Besides, even if it's not true they will be accused of copying CoD.

Im sure that MoH will overtake CoD. Treyach is not one of big, successful studios, it can only leech on Infinity Ward. And core IW workes have already left, and formed a new studio.

While MoH may be leader for some time, it won't stand a chance when Replay Entertainment hits the scene.

It'll be a cold day in hell when that happens

The Call of Duty games are pretty freakin' fantastic as far as I'm concerned, and this new Medal of Honor reboot would have to be pretty phenomenal to even compare, but you know what? Even if it is better, it still won't overtake COD. Why? Because in the minds of the masses, COD is the image of the contemporary shooter. The people who want this sort of thing trust COD and will continue to buy it. It's the same reason why Move and Kinect won't overtake the Wii, and why no MP3 player has yet been able to eclipse the iPod: Sometimes it's just a matter of hitting it big before anyone else does. The only way to beat COD is to do something different, and MOH seems dead-set on being a shameful COD rip-off.

I doubt MOH will be good anyway, if only because I'm automatically skeptical of anything that prominently features a Linkin Park song. Case in point: the Transformers movies.

...Someone is thinking in pipe dreams it seems

Will there ever be a day when shooters aren't set in generic places with generic people firing generic weapons?


I seriously doubt that. Out of the most played titles on Xbox Live, the most recent week had three of the top five games being Call of Duty titles.

It won't. I've played the Beta, it was quite awful, even discounting the bugs and stuff.

On the other hand Black Ops looks like a pretty good improvement on MW2.

I gave up because although I did well it always crashed just before the round ended. It meant that I was starting over every time I tried. Apart from that it was just boring and completely unbalanced. If you play as U.S all you need is one good tank driver and you'll steam roll 'em. Otherwise it was just COD6 with an inferior control scheme.

It'll do better? How do they even know it'll do well? I played the beta and can attest that it is very boring. It's also highly unbalanced. one guy with a tank can steam roll them.

Why do magazines post this as news?

Lately, quite a few devolepers/publishers are making these constant "I have a bigger penis" statements. Excuse me for the vulgar content but that's just bullshit.

It's like they know their game will fail one some aspects and try to bluff their way through. Everyone is insecure, rather than persuading us to buy their games they are putting people off. Don't they have a marketing/PR department to make sure ignorant statements without proof aren't leaked out?

In the same way I would court a wait and see approach to such hefty, but not entirely unreasonable claims, it is incredibly shortsighted to base predictions of the success of the finished product, on the performance of the beta code. It crashed, was rocky, hit detection was all over the place. But, they fixed it. Speaking of betas, where is Black Ops' beta? For a game that follows a title with *huge* balancing issues and modding/hacking concerns, can the inferior developer of the two really do what the superior couldn't without a beta?

Call of Duty 4 was great, it set the bar for future Call of Duty titles. MW2 straight up did not deliver, you know the issues, certain perk combinations and custom killstreaks on top of constant modding and hacking broke the balance over one knee, and no attempt was made to fix that. Singleplayer wasn't up to par either.

Now, Treyarch has really only made half-decent titles. Call of Duty: Big Red One. Call of Duty 3. Quantum of Solace. Spiderman: The Video Game. World at War had balancing issues as well, and the single player campaign on Veteran at the end was nigh-impossible. They neither have the history nor the pedigree.

Black Ops is a massive gamble on Activision's part, and it is a gamble. If it falls through, Call of Duty receives another less-than-spectacular entry al a MW2 and WaW, and Infinity Ward's dismantling will have been an omen. If it doesn't, then I praise their success and I will be glad to have been proven otherwise. But nobody think for a second that just because this is Call of Duty that this is a done deal.

..I'm still waiting on that beta, though.

Maybe if the beta wasn't the worst fps game I have played in a while I would take that seriously.

Didnt EA admit themselves that they would be taking the bronze in the shooter race between Black Ops, and Reach?

I mean im fine with optomism, but contradictions with your own words need to be sorted out.

It is an off year for CoD? Tell that to Treyarch Greg, they've put their heart and soul into Black Ops so that they can become as loved as Infinity Ward. While Medal of Honor will probably be a fantastic game and inject some competition into the FPS market that is currently dominated by Call of Duty, Halo, and MOH's half-brother Battlefield, I don't think that it will replace CoD in terms of sales. Besides, wasn't there an article on this site in which a MOH developer stated that the game would have to sell 3 million units in order for there to be a sequel? Why is Intat talking about a series if there is even doubt of a sequel?

Greg Tito:
EA: Medal of Honor Will Overtake Call of Duty
...He then announced plans to start a snow-shoveling service in Hell.


That's not in the article, but it should be.



...aheeheheee. good one.

We'll see, we'll see.

But I very much doubt it. MoH has been away from the scene for too long, and although the new game looks pretty good I doubt it offers anything particularly new or never-seen-before.

Plus, the only MoH game I ever like was Allied Assault, and even that had its bad moments so even if they have moved on from their past, it's gona take a hell of alot to move the titan that is CoD from it's throne...

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