You Are Probably Not Using Internet Explorer to Read This

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You Are Probably Not Using Internet Explorer to Read This


For the first time since Netscape, less than half the people browsing the web use Internet Explorer.

At one point in the 1990s, Microsoft's Internet Explorer enjoyed an almost 90 percent market share for web browsers. For many users, that blue "E" icon was synonymous with "internet." The ubiquitousness of Microsoft's browser and its policy of bundling it with the Windows operating system is what led to the famous antitrust trials last decade. But now, with the growth in popularity of Google's Chrome, Apple's Safari and Mozilla's Firefox, Explorer's kung fu grip on the internet is loosening. Explorer was only used by 49.9 percent of users in the month of September, according to StatCounter.

"This is certainly a milestone in the internet browser wars," said StatCounter's CEO, Aodhan Cullen. "Just two years ago Internet Explorer dominated the worldwide market with 67 percent."

It's important to note that stat-tracking of this kind is not an exact science, and that other internet statistics still places Explorer on top. For example, Net Applications reports that IE is still being used by 59.7 percent of the web-browsing audience.

Still, Explorer is losing ground. And given its lack of innovation and general slowness when compared to Chrome and Firefox, it's not hard to see why.

Source: CNN


...I'm using IE.

49.9 actually surprises me..

...I'm using IE.


OT: Good, it's shit.

I'm using Firefox and loving it.

Well obviously readers of a video game website aren't. I'm using Chrome atm. Firefox and I aren't on speak terms right now.

HA, jokes on you, I am using Internet Explorer

just kidding, but now, seriously, I'm very fond of Opera, I find it to be an excellent explorer all around, though I do use IE for webs that dont work very well with opera, like the System Requirements Lab and stuff (stuff would be Robot Unicorn Attack game ^-^)

I'm using Firefox. I won't touch IE with a 40 ft. pole. ...except to get Windows Updates.

49.9% is still the biggest market share, though. Obviously with three other browsers named in the article and even more out there than that, there isn't one other browser that everyone else is using for the 50.1% remaining. Nice to see that IE is slowly moving closer to dying in a fire though. The only thing it's good for is using to download another browser.

Although to that 49.9% of people, what's wrong with you? Get Chrome or Firefox right now!

49.9% of people are still using IE? That's embarrassing. Even my mom has firefox.

Firefox and... Flock. thats what i use.

i just cant understand why doesnt microsoft improve the IE??? they certainly have the money....

Safari (Mac), Firefox annoys me these days. Its like the new IE.

*runs for cover*

...I'm using IE.

Same, don't really like firefox and chrome.

Hate IE
I'm using Firefox, although I prefer Chrome

I'm forced to use IE here at work because my workplace won't download another browser
At home though I used to use Firefox until it started jumping to any possible search bar that was on a web page. I've since switched to Chrome. I don't mind it, but if FF started working again I'd probably go back to it

I'm using Firefox, actually only started regularly using it because IE went through a phase of continually freezing every 5 mintues.

I'm on chrome personally (it's the only web browser that loads webpages at a half decent spped on my Craptop)

I'm not surprised it's fallen that low to be honest. The only reason I think it's still that high is because the older generations (50+) as a generalisation wont bother changing browser from whatever came with their computor in the 80's

I've seen some awesome IE9 marketing (features they say will be there, but beta installer failed in a really miserable way). I hope it gets a lot faster then, because I'm so sick of installing Chrome at every place I go. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen IE8 work normally at all (well, the optimization and debugging department). It is either painfully slow or leaves resource hogging processes of itself even if you close all its windows.

Simply put, I don't really like IE. It's just slow and cumbersome. Firefox all the way, for me =D

Using IE is pretty fail. Even if you don't like others, they're still better and more secure. Which is why you should use them over IE.

Yo, Greg.

I'm using E! right now? What are you going to do about it?


used to use firefox then went back to IE

too many viruses

Ah, Chrome. So pleasant.

I'm using Chrome at the moment, I just love how fast it is while still being really shiny. I'd always imagined something more graphic-heavy would slow my computer down.

Firefox is my second choice. It just seems like Chrome but with less flare :D

What does a PS3 use? I'm using my PS3 while my computer's getting fixed.

firefox, internet explore and me dont mix well, but i do use IE for a few things, like updates

Hurray! That lump was slow and unstable on my newest computer's factory-startup, for goodness' sake.. then, and now, it reliably crashed every time I try to open a new tab. I mostly use chrome, for its minimalist interface - firefox if something a bit more readily compatible's needed.

Finally come competition-based innovation.

im using IE

This is a pretty biased poll though because what comes boxed with every new computer? IE

So most of the business users will be using IE not through choice or ease of use, but of necessity - despite Chrome/Firefox/Safari being better.

Apart from all those with Itunes that have Safari anyway. (Oh, you clicked "Do Not Install"? Re-check your was included with one of their auto-updates)

Safari FTW!!

Why does everyone hate EI so much? I use it and have never had any problems.

And you would be wrong.

I prefer IE, simply because it is compatable with EVERYTHING.

I use Internet Explorer for reading webcomics and for doing things that I don't want my friends to know about -_-. I'll leave it to you to guess what I mean by that.

But for everything else, I use Safari. This happened after it was automatically installed on my laptop when I installed iTunes, and I was fed up of IE as it kept shutting down, cutting out, without warning whenever I browsed The Escapist. Though that problem has gone, when I tried Safari out I was hooked, and now I use it for everything apart from the above mentioned things. With webcomics, at least, it's easier because I already have a folder in my Favourites tab with the ones I read regularly, so it's easier than trying to do it all over again setting one up in Safari. I read a lot of webcomics...

Why does everyone hate EI so much? I use it and have never had any problems.

A combination of some, like me, having a good few problems trying to use it.. and knowing full well that when a software field is monopolised, development stagnates.

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