Stan Lee's Next Big Thing: NHL Hockey Heroes

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So, whats gonna be the superpower of the Montreal Canadiens? The power to separate themselves while whining about how unique they are? An ability to accept government funding?

/I kid, I kid.


they already did something like this

Maybe they'll be in the series... what else can the Ducks do, except maybe all be extra-"mighty"?

The other was something like "The Real Sports Heroes" or something like that...
Starred Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and one other guy... Bo Jackson, I think.
They all had super powers related to their sport.

Disney no longer owns the Ducks. And that cartoon is hardly relevant as I see it. Some dipsy Disney cartoon that marked the end of their animation era and the beginning of their jailbait era.

The show was called ProStars and those three were the characters used all though none of them lent their voices. Gretzky did the live action intro and outro segments. The show was pretty bad.

So as far as the Duck hero? I dunno, he summons ducks. Lots of ducks and he's acts goofy. Think Squirrel Girl, with ducks.

I wonder what the Philadelphia Flyer will do... Though I suppose the Broad Street Bully would be a great antagonist.

They're all supposed to be heroes and fight against some kinda mega antagonist.

I personally like this. each hero gets their own special abilities, and are cooler then what people are saying (whether its in jest or seriousness) and it wont hurt to combine the two. its no worse then his who wants to be a superhero pagent reality show thing he did with Syfy.

Lame, bring back the Mutant League Franchise.

Now, I'm a hockey fan (really the leafs will win the cup eventually!) but, well, Bwaa?

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