Limbo Devs Working on New IP

Limbo Devs Working on New IP


Playdead, master of the spooky platformer, is working on a new game, and it really wants you to play it.

After the success of its deeply atmospheric, Live Arcade exclusive, platform-puzzler, Limbo, Copenhagen-based developer Playdead is getting to work on a brand new game and IP.

Speaking at the IndieCade Festival in California, Playdead CEO Dino Patti couldn't say much about what the studio was working on, just that Limbo fans would enjoy the game and that while it would clearly be from the same team, it would be very different from what people had seen before from Playdead.

Patti also reiterated that the exclusive part of "Live Arcade exclusive" meant forever and always, and that Limbo would not be appearing on any other platform. Limbo had cost Playdead a lot; both in time and money, and Patti said that sticking to just one platform had been a way to recoup the monetary cost. As for Playdead's new game, Patti said that nothing was fixed and there was still a possibility that it might be another console exclusive, but that what the studio really wanted was for as many people to play the game as possible.

Source: Joystiq


i've really quite liked the look of limbo, but if theres no hope of a pc version, then i'm stuck not being able to play it ever....(no way am i spashing out on one of those crappy 360's again after that damn red ring! and theres no good xbox games anyways, just rubbish sheep games like COD and all that rubbish....)

How is it that Xbox gets all the arty indie games while Playstation gets all the arty mainstream games?

Shit. I waited so long with Braid and then finally after it dropped like a year late I was left dissapointed. Not necessarily because it was bad, just because it wasn't as good as I hoped. I already expected the same to happen to Limbo, but damn, that isn't even coming to PSN.

Well, aslong as I have Pixel Junk games on the PSN...

and theres no good xbox games anyways, just rubbish sheep games like COD and all that rubbish....)

Whut? Fail...

OT: Sucks that it won't come to other platforms but I do have an Xbox and Limbo ;D I should get back to beating that last achievement sometime...

Can't wait to see what the new IP is!

LIMBO was pretty darn good so anything new by them guys will be good. Just wished they'd add a bit of closure to LIMBO though...

Damn, I was really hoping Limbo would come to PSN.

this would be the only thing that would make me actually get a 360 :/

Good for them. It's always relieving when an Indie game succeeds enough to let the makers move on to more things. Bravo to those who let this happen, way to reward creativity!

I think Limbo might be the best 360 exclusive there is.

I used Limbo to win a "games are art " argument. so I'm happy to see them doing more stuff

If they make another game like Limbo, well...


I think there might be a possibility for a Limbo 2.


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