Professor Layton Taking On Phoenix Wright In New Crossover

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Professor Layton Taking On Phoenix Wright In New Crossover


Capcom and Level 5 have jointly announced that the top-hat professor will be taking on the spiky-haired lawyer in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

Last month, when news broke that Level-5's Jiro Ishii was working on the new Ace Attorney title, I idly mentioned that it could in fact be a crossover between the Ace Attorney series and Level-5's own Professor Layton puzzlers. In fact, I believe I said that it "would be the best game of the past five years if they did that."

Well you know what? I called it.

Last night, at a Level-5 press conference devoted to the developer's upcoming Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle and Ni no Kuni, the studio dropped a bigger bombshell. It revealed a collaboration with Capcom's Ace Attorney team - Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, a new title in development for the 3DS.

Despite the "Vs." in the name, this isn't one of Capcom's traditional "Vs." fighters (which would be a hilarious image, now that I think about it). Nor will the two characters be pitted against each other - Layton and Wright will be working together to solve the mystery du jour.

Naturally, as one would expect from the respective franchises, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is described as a "combination of puzzles and a crime mystery," though we know little else about the title other than that it will involve a "majo saiban," or "witch trial." This, then, is likely the mysterious project that was teased on the Ace Attorney anniversary site last week.

Frankly, I don't care how little we know right now. The Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright games are both some of the finest titles available on the DS. There is nothing that I do not love about this.

I mean, holy crap guys, it's a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover! What more do you want?

Edit: The game's Japanese title is Layton Kyouju vs. Gyakuten Saiban, which actually translates to Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney - but frankly, don't you think Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright is a much better title? I sure do.

Update: Here's a new, high-quality trailer. Check out more on the official site. Yes, it's been over half a day since I learned about this news and I am still excited.

(Via VGTribune)


Well, actually that is a No Brainer!

Layton is intellectually far superior to anyone in the Ace Attorney Universe except Edgeworth and old Phoenix.

Further the games have a very different style. Layton is a bunch of Brian teasers where Ace Attorney is more immersive because the riddles are crafted as a part of the gameplay.

Yet I am very interested to see how this works out.

Seems like I'll need to get a 3DS by the end of 2011.. *sigh*

Never played any game with Professor Layton. I do love Ace Attorney series though, so I'll definitely give it a look. Hell, I think I'll even look at that Layton stuff in the meantime if I'll manage to get my hands on it.

Oh wow, I'm SO looking forward to more news on this! What an amazing combination!

John Funk:

I mean, holy crap guys, it's a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover! What more do you want?

Nothing! This is definitely the pinnacle of gaming right here... can I preorder it? Twice? Now?

Honestly though, I'm quite curious to see how they plan on tying both types of gameplay in together and still have them fit... Will the old mind-reading minigames be replaced with cracking a riddle or puzzle in their head? At the moment that's the easiest thing I can think about, and honestly I'd have no problem with that. Now there's another game for me to get excited about, dangit. I only have limited funds!

Wheres the user: Professor Layton, I assume he will post here. XD

..if this turns out to be as awesome as it sounds, it might tip the balance for me getting a 3DS.

On one hand.. HOLY CRAP!

On the other hand... DAMNIT I need a 3DS?

I is biggest Professor Layton fans on site.

GET IN HERE. Will he get this quote notification if I made up the quote?


*head explodes*

Well...I know my game of the year when it comes out.

And I am now officially sold on the 3DS. It needs no other proof of the continued awesome third party support that the DS had.

None of Nintendo's shit did it for me, as I'm not much of a Nintendo fan outside of Metroid and Zelda...but this did. Oh boy... This did.


This doesn't even make sense.

After reading this my Eyeballs just Orgasmed.

Never tried this Professor Layton stuff, but I do love the Ace Attorney games. Though to be honest I thought the art style on the two clashed somewhat. That's just me though.

I remember seeing this on twitter a few days ago that hinted that it was a crossover. Glad to see it's true.

nice to see its Phoenix Wright too. And not the sub-par Apollo Justice *shudders*

But you DO know what this means.

Chemley (or whatever his name) + Gumshoe will be teaming up!

The puzzle solving Layton helps the court savy Phoenix in a super tag team effort to solve super crimes? Hell...yes

For all those who don't believe in god, I present to you, this. I may not own any Laytons, but I will preorder and buy this game...hell, I'm getting a 3DS almost for this game exclusively now ^^ lol

The only this could be more cooler is if Batman came into the picture and the three of them had to work together to stop Professor Moriarty so they could rescue Sherlock Holmes.

And then it turned into a fighting game.

First micro-transactions for TF2, now this.

You really are psychic.

:'( Phoenix Wright is back. You have no idea how happy this genuinely makes me. I love Edgeworth and Apollo as well but nothing compares to Phoenix. There's nothing Nintendo could do that would stop me wanting a 3DS now.

Random Argument Man:
Yep! There's nothing else that could make this game better.

I wholeheartedly approve of this, and show my full support to this initiative. If there's a trial, EDGEWORTH BETTER BE THE F***ING PROSECUTOR!!


Damn, now I want a 3DS. I had no interest in the stupid thing until today.

John Funk:
I mean, holy crap guys, it's a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright crossover! What more do you want?

A proper Phoenix Wright 4, that's what!!

This seemed pretty obvious when level 5 announced they would be doing Ace Attorney, its good to see this considering gaming crossovers are rare, they both know that this will bring in both fan bases and make them money.

I smell shipping opportunities!

But seriously, I have no idea how the hell this would even work with the continuity of each series. If they can pull this off in a reasonable way, I'll be amazed.

Oooh, I love the Prof. Layton games, so this...I didn't know my jaw could actually drop at gaming news, but it totally did, if only because this just seems so random and interesting.
If it turns out well, it'll be awesome! If it doesn't... well, that'll probably be exciting too, in a horrible way!

This is one of the few times I believe the phrase "nerdgasm" can be used without irony.


Best thing ever

This is one of the few times I believe the phrase "nerdgasm" can be used without irony.

Seconded. I my pants?


This will be the best DS game of the decade if it's pulled off right. Which is a given that it will be pulled off well, because let's face it, it's the dev teams behind Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright...

In other words, WOO-FREAKING-HOO!!!!!

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright has the potential to be the new standard in unlikely-yet-successful pairings. So long, chocolate and peanut butter.

I'm beyond excited about this. As if I didn't need another reason to pick up a 3DS.

Man, the 3DS seems to be on a roll lately! First that Megaman Legends 3 announcement, now this? Super cool. I've only played one of the Professor Layton games, but I'm still trying to get the other two.

Also, are those cutscenes in the trailer really from the game? Cause I am in love with them!

YES. If this comes to 3DS that's one more reason to buy it.

I practically squealed like a little girl when I saw this headline.

There isn't any sort of debate in my mind as to whether or not this will be a Day 1 purchase.

*Clears throat*

We might have to be careful, that amount of concentrated awesomeness may bring about an awesome singularity.

Damnnit. Looks like I need to start saving up for a 3DS. :|

Hey, Layton would definitely fit in a classic "VS" title. He's proven incredibly spry in the action sequences of his games.

I don't even know what to say. I didn't think I'd ever see Phoenix in action again.
+1 to my upcoming 3ds library.

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