Fallout: New Vegas Patch Coming "As Quickly As Possible"

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I care more of the fact that I can't get back into New Vegas without a "key", which does not exist.

Anyone see the problem in that?

someone worked out a way to get past that particular glitch Jakeinator.

you have to wear an ' old cowboy hat ' before re-entering the strip.I've researched this and most of the people who try the cowboy hat trick manage to beat the glitch.

also some tips that might help people get through the game without many gamebreaking troubles..

turn off all auto saves and just manually save your game on a few slots every few minutes.Rotate the saves so if it crashes or that particular save becomes unusable or corrupt you can reload a previous save from a little while ago.

Gotta love fallout bugs. This one is really interesting tho haha

Yeah yeah yeah, that's great and all, but what about gamers who don't have an internet connection? Despite it's extremely small chance, it IS still a possibility, and those gamers will be stuck with a horribly buggy game just for having the nerve to purchase it on release instead of waiting 6 and a half months for the game of the year edition. As a rather helpful poster put it,

Here's a fucking clue:

Fix it before it's released.

Why are we thanking them? People should be lighting torches and grabbing their pitchforks.

you know, im starting to miss the days when console games couldnt be patched and developers actually had to deliver a working product as is.

glad that your actually rectifying your mistake obsidian, but that doesnt excuse the fact that you keep making it.

Well, while the game does have it's bugs, even in it's released state, I only had one major game stopping CTD, other than that it's been smooth sailing. I'm playing it on the PC. And post-patches, I haven't had any issues at all.

You know ive realized that most of these bug problems are on the PC platform.

OT: I nearly crapped myself when I saw this. Like WTF? is my gas leaking again.

Is it me, or would that video make an AWESOME intro to a game.....

Actually... with the music and visuals... it felt like a dark fantasy game. for me the bug created a very captivating atmosphere in those 2 minutes. I like it! ^-^

I'd suggest that if we all waited 6 months before buying games, and of course, then buying games for $30 instead of $60, they'd probably try to repair their damaged image.

All the time we're willing to queue up at midnight knowing that we're probably going to get broken goods with no chance of a refund, I guess we're the ones to blame as much as them.

I sense I'll do what I did with Fallout 3, pick up the GOTY edition when I see it for about £15

Of course I accept that a huge game with so many things going on, so many things that also affect other things in the game, will have some bugs, but, it's not good to see the same bugs that riddled F3.

Trouble is, if we DID mostly leave it a few months for bug fixes, it'd be blamed on 'piracy'.

OMG that is the scariest bug ever.

I knew it was going to be really buggy and that's why I'm waiting a while before buying it. Next month at very earliest.

That's very optimistic of you. I seriously doubt that any of the real game-breaking bugs will ever be worked out. They eventually released a patch for F3 months after release but that only fixed the things like bouncing deathclaws, stretchy cadavers, floor drops, and other entertaining things like that which looked weird but didn't mess up the game. That one still has problems with freezing and annoying things like that.
So far with this one I've noticed that the music shuffle system is broken (I keep hearing the same 5 songs over and over again), the REPCONN factory mission has a bunch of glitches that can render it unfinishable, and I also had an autosave get corrupted on me and I had to go back to the last hard save.
Like F3, it is a lot of fun but needs a lot of work.

I don't get bugs in my fallout games, I just crash to desktop.

Yes, this still includes Fallout 1, 2, 3, Brotherhood of Steel, and new Vegas.

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