Trailer: Nazi Zombies Become Cowboy Zombies in Red Dead Multiplayer

Trailer: Nazi Zombies Become Cowboy Zombies in Red Dead Multiplayer

Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC will add a zombie multiplayer mode similar to that seen in another popular title.

To be a gamer today, you must embrace the concept of the zombie. People went ape for them in Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi zombies multiplayer mode, and they're reportedly becoming even more prominent in Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops. Adding to the multiplayer horror, Rockstar Games recently revealed more details and the trailer for Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare expansion pack which will feature a similar mode called Undead Overrun.

The Red Dead Redemption mode replicates the basic theme of Treyarch's Nazi zombies. Up to 4 players must cooperatively fight off waves of zombies that become increasingly more difficult. What differentiates Undead Overrun from the Nazi zombie mode is that players in Red Dead must constantly move throughout the entire frontier rather than defending a single area until everybody is killed.

Ammunition is limited, so players will have to make their ways to specific points to collect bullets, weapons, and other useful items that spawn in coffins, but the mode's zombies won't make it easy. New items include holy water, flaming phosphorus bullets, and zombie bait, while dynamite will likely find itself incredibly useful for destroying packs of the undead freaks.

Zombies come in multiple types including those that are quick and weak, those that are slow and tough, and the grossest kind that spits harmful vomit. If a friend is killed by one of these monsters, you'll be able to revive him within a limited amount of time.

Overall, Undead Overrun appears to take the basic idea of Nazi zombies and brings it back to the frontier, adding to the theme of Red Dead Redemption taking modern concepts and successfully placing them in the Wild West. Zombies might be everywhere you look today, even right outside your window, but if they make for fun game modes I'll never tire of their shambling ways. Until I get bitten.


I don't think I have ever been excited about DLC before, but I really can't wait for this now!

Looks like this will be a definite bye for me.

awesome looking.
will dig up read dead for this.

Shame it comes out the same day Fable does.

I've been back playing red dead again to prepare for this so I don't get my ass kicked when I get flooded by zombies. I can't wait.

Looks so good. I am buying this most definately.

Oh my god, the zombies are spreading!

First it was that isolated incident in Dead Rising...

Then it was Call of Duty World at War...

Then it was Borderlands...

Now it's invading Red Dead Redemption...

Bunker up before they hit Goldeneye!

You got to love the ryhming, although looks like I'm going to be passing this up.

That narrator was...hammy, I think is the word. This trailer was actually kind of a turn-off for me, strangely enough.

The trailer is probably the best thing I've seen about this Zombies thing, it's just a huge turn off for me because of the idea itself. I play Red Dead for a realistic(ish) cowboy experience, not Left 4 Dead with worse controls.

New multiplayer looks fun, but the real question is: will there be zombies in Free Roam?

Love the narrator. Reminds me of MJ's 'Thriller' narrator. Can't wait for the DLC. I don't even have Red Dead Redemption yet!


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