BlizzCon 2010: Cataclysm Equals Two Expansions' Worth of Work

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[quote="Therumancer" post="7.240914.8720493]

As far as the Lore goes:

They are somewhat ambigious about whether The Lich King existed before The Burning Legion or not, all we know is that Arthas was sort of set up into defeating the last one.

Er, we pretty much know exactly when Lichie came to be - just after the 2nd War, when Ner'Zhul fled from the destruction of Draenor and got ambushed in the Twisting Nether by Kil'Jaeden. KJ tortured NZ till he agreed to serve the Legion, locked his soul inside his armour, his armour inside a crystal and then catapulted the crystal into Northrend. Bam. Lich King.

It's an expansion. It's sold for 40% less then a full game. Complaining about value is what people do because they are cheap. The amount of tweaks, changes and updates, along with the new 80-85 and end game content, I'd say we aren't paying enough. From what I've seen at Blizzcon, I would say we are going to be getting our monies worth... and then some. I can't wait!

Indeed, people who dont play WoW, I often see them complaining about the subscription fee, but I say its practically a steal for all the hours worth. Ive got about 2-3months of /played time, which is far more than any other game ive ever played. On all the [i] Halo [/5] Series, ive got about 550 hours, and then ive got about 380 on CSS. Catacylsm is going to be fantastic IMO, I love the lore, the new raids, the new features (guild levelling? Ftw!) all that shizzle.

I look forward to see how much is copypasta for them to deem it "2 expansions" of work

If only the raids were any good, I'd still be playing.
But they're not. The raids are exactly the same as they have been, just worse... -_-

And I swear to fucking god, if I have to deal with RNG in D3, like I did in wotlk, heads will roll.

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