Creepiness Abounds in New Undead Nightmare Trailers

Creepiness Abounds in New Undead Nightmare Trailers


Rockstar released two new trailers which show off taming the Four Horses of the Apocalypse and the three kinds of zombies in Undead Nightmare: bolters, retchers and bruisers.

Killing zombies in the wild west may seem apocryphal but, having played the DLC for Red Dead Redemption at NY Comic Con, I can tell you that Undead Nightmare works. Watching the most recent trailers totally seal the deal for me. First off, the fanciful rhyming couplets in the narration gives the perfect Vincent Price vibe for a halloween-themed DLC. That and the features just seem like a lot of fun to play. Phosphorus bullets that ignite blue flames inside zombies? Using a blunderbuss stuffed with zombie parts to take out even more zombies? Finding missing people and climbing buildings to take out the zombies on the ground below? Seriously, you had me at phosphorus bullets.

Because Undead Nightmare is rated M, you must click through this age gate to view the launch trailer.

Add to that the hunting of mythical beasts like the Sasquatch and the fact that you can collect the four horses of the Apocalypse and Undead Nightmare looks pretty awesome. The horses of War, Pestilence, Famine and Death all have supernatural powers which help you take out undead (and living people) with the greatest of ease.

The launch trailer also gives quite a few story hints, answering some of the many questions that have been bugging me about the continuity of the game. Your first hint that there is trouble in the land of New Austin happens when Abigail Marston starts retching blood. Marston sets out to find a cure, and the quest brings him to towns and graveyards overrun with different classes of zombies: bolters, retchers and bruisers.

I'm still betting that the whole DLC ends up being "just a dream" with Marston waking up to find everything back to normal, but that's just a guess. There is no indication as to how the game plays if you've finished the main storyline already, but, as gamers who've completed the game are one of the major targets for this DLC, I'm sure it will all make sense.

Click here to see the multiplayer trailer.

The multiplayer mode of Undead Overrun allows you to team up to take out wave after wave of zombies. This trailer also has one of my favorite lines, perhaps because of the nod at Pokemon's famous catchphrase: "You've caught them all, Ah what a relief! Too bad your moment of rest will be brief."

Undead Nightmare is downloadable tomorrow, Oct. 26th, for 800 Microsoft points on XBLA or $9.99 on PSN.


looks good, might get it in the future. :)

Will defnetly get it at one point, probably not for a while though.

Me Wanty! I would quite like to get this for hallowe'en.

Before I wasn't sure if I was going to get it or not. This just made me want to buy.

Too bad that I traded in RD:R, because that looks fairly awesome. Old west-style zombie outbreak with insane characters? Sign me up!

Honestly I'm still not completely sold on this, but the way they're selling it as a low budget b-movies makes me think again. As long as it doesn't take itself too seriously I can take it. But I'll probably get it later when it goes for cheap anyway.

But seriously, I'm almost getting sick of zombies. I'll see plenty when the apocalypse comes, until then can we cut down on it just a little?

I still don't understand why it's not called Red Un-Dead.

First WaW does it and now everyone wants in on the act. Oh well, I can't say it annoys me. It's kind of enjoyable actually.

As I've said about this I'd really like to get this DLC whenever I get off my lazy butt and make an account and then buy it. I never buy DLC stuff but this makes me really want to get this stuff for the game.

I had to look up the word apocryphal, good job.

"Cattle Rusltin' and Bank robbery are at an all time low. But murder, blood drinking, and psychotic episodes seem to be prevalent!"

I want this. MUCH.

4 horses of the Apocalypse? Sasquatch? Zombie Bats!?! YES PLEASE.

...and it looks like I deleted my old RDR file for no reason. I could have played this separately! Son of a bitch.

I got red dead redemption and I was not happy to play it. I literally could not complete half the missions due to falling through the ground or freezing in place by a mountain only to be attacked by wolves that also glitch-out, freeze, and teleport around the stage. I my have gotten a bad copy but it really destroyed any desire I have to play this game. too bad It looks pretty awesome. I just don't wanna spend more money on an expansion that may be even buggier. (I even updated and still broken)

The "It's all just a dream" ending sounds like the obvious choice, but I don't think R* is going to sink that low. I think they'll take a page from Peter Chimaera's book, if you know what I mean.

Also: This is the one that's finally going to make me shell out for DLC. It's so awesome even my cheapass nature can't stand it.

Ok, thats it. You've finally convinced me Rockstar, im getting this game. I was on the fence, but your trailer has suckered me in.

Wow, both trailers are simply awesome, it almost makes me wish I had a PS3... oh wait... I'm already wishing to get one... someday...

The narrator of both trailers is simply epic and awesome, it makes it feel like it doesn't take itself too seriously... that and the fact that Sasquatch is running in the background is simply awesome. $10 bucks for this sounds like a great deal, considering the huge amounts of fun while killing zombies in multiplayer.

Seriously, major spoiler for the game here.

Don't read that if you don't know how RDR ends.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!! >.<

The outfits that come in this pack are fuckin awesome. One looks almost Wild West Vampire Hunter D, the other I saw looks like Ash.

This DLC is absolutely worth it.

And Sasquatch!

"Cattle Rusltin' and Bank robbery are at an all time low. But murder, blood drinking, and psychotic episodes seem to be prevalent!"

I want this. MUCH.

4 horses of the Apocalypse? Sasquatch? Zombie Bats!?! YES PLEASE.

...and it looks like I deleted my old RDR file for no reason. I could have played this separately! Son of a bitch.

Undead Nightmare is accessed from the main menu, so it's played separately from the main game. You don't need to worry about save files =)

I already wanted it, but this didn't hurt any.

Super-psyched! Gonna be playing this all Halloween. :P

Wouldn't a better name for it be:

Red 4 Dead

Ha ha ha see what I did thar.

It's neat to see the way that they are creating this mode, but I'm not really sure why people seem to think a "supernatural western" is all that big a deal. I mean it's been done quite a few times before as far as I can tell. The Western being one of those generes that has taken a ridiculous crossover beating through the years. I mean if you look you'll find that movies like "Billy The Kid meets Dracula" actually exist.

This is to say nothing of the fact that there was an entire RPG setting called "Deadlands" which was fairly popular for a while. It spawned probably a dozen supplements, a bunch of fiction, and two spin offs taking the setting from the West, to post Apocolypse (after the 20th century), to a colony out in space. It managed to see print under two engine simultaneously... D20 and it's own game specific engine.

While by no means brand new, this isn't ancient either, and as far as RPGs go that aren't run by one of the big three (D&D's current liscence holders, White Wolf, or Palladium) that's pretty bloody impressive as far as PnP RPGs go.

Deadlands featured everything from Zombies to Cthulhu like entities, and all kinds of creepy crawlies, zombies were however a mainstay. The idea of having the four horseman of the Apcolypse running around also seems to be directly from that setting as well.

Conceptually in Deadlands you had the idea that places were slinking into evil and fear due to some cosmic disturbance, in certain areas things go so bad that reality started to fall apart and monsters would start appearing and doing monsterous things. The PCs would ultimatly wind up having to head in and kick monster butt, but simply winning wasn't enough, they had to inspire the people to transform the area back (at least for a while) which involved a game mechanics where part of the adventure (as the conclusion) was typically to spin overblown tall talls (even more overblown than the actual adventure) of what the PCs did in order to win, to rally the people so their will would stave off the darkness.

It was REALLY wonky...

At any rate, the point here is that I just don't see how "it's a western with zombies" gets any real points for being new and original at this point. Heck, even Deadlands was inspired by a lot of the horrible schlock western crossovers that have appeared over the years, and wasn't getting many people giving it kudos for being paticularly original so much as bizzare and "OMG, someone actually made this playable".

I like this add on for RDR, but really I think comments about it should be a little better tempered to account for what has come before. Nerd education so to speak.

I wonder if in a few years I could rip off something like Fu Manchu wholesale and have people tell me it was the most original thing ever. :P

So... zombies, zombie horse, the 4 FUCKING HORSEMEN, and I get to make "Boomstick" jokes? Ho hell yes, I am getting this. I just hope they can keep the movie feel of it. It wouldn't be the first time zombies and cowboys mix, so maybe they will keep it cheesy fun.


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