Report: No Khan in Star Trek Sequel

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Report: No Khan in Star Trek Sequel


According to a source close to J.J. Abrams, the sequel to his reboot of Star Trek won't feature Khan but will focus on a character from the original 1960's series.

There is a certain synergy to Khan reappearing for the sequel to J.J. Abrams amazingly successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Many credit the second original film The Wrath of Khan as the best of its ilk and you could say that its success paved the way for the massive resurgence of Star Trek popularity in the 80s. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing casting calls for a Ricardo Montelban lookalike any time soon. An anonymous source close to the production of the Star Trek confirmed that Khan will not appear as a villain in the film. Khaaaaan!

But there is good news. While the source did say that the film will not focus on a typical villain plot-structure, it will feature a character from the original series that ran from 1963-66.

"It's definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited," he said. "Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it's one of those that I named."

So there you go, the antagonists of Star Trek 2 will be one of the following:

Harry Mudd - A flamboyant space mountebank who appeared in two different episodes, the first of which has Mudd making women beautiful with an illegal substance called the "Venus Pill."

Gary Mitchell - In the second pilot of TOS, Mitchell was the helmsmen of the Enterprise and a friend of Kirk's who was struck by an energy field outside of the galaxy and received god-like powers.

Talosians - The bad guys in the first pilot, Captain Pike is imprisoned by these big-headed aliens who can implant illusions within the minds of humans. Definitely dudes you wouldn't want as your jailors.

Horta - A weird lifeform that is killing miners on Janos IV. In all honesty, this one seems like a longshot.

So, Trekkers which one is it? My bet is on Harry Mudd

Source: Bad Ass Digest


My money's on the Talosians.

It's got to be Gary Mitchell. Throughout the entirety of Star Trek XI I kept wondering where he was and why they hadn't included him in some form.

Gary Mitchell.

Which suddenly reminds me of the Q Trilogy of books explaining the origins of the Galactic Barrier and the god-like entity in the center of the galaxy.

So...they're not going to include possibly the only good Star Trek movie villain in the reboot?

A shame.

In any case, I'll still probably see it. I was impressed by the previous movie.

Defiantly good to have some new villains... but will they be as memorable?

Now just to be obvious:

a-tyipcal plot based around something from the original show

those fuzballs will be the doom of us all

the. gorn.

I also say Gary Mitchell.
Also I would it really appreciate if they would go with new original content and not try to build off already established characters. Hell they rebooted the whole universe and now they use a villain already established in TOS (The Original Series)? Waste of chance right there, I think.

I have to go with Harcourt Fenton Mudd. The Telosians could be cool though.

Money on Gary Mitchell, but he'll obviously appear and act more Doctor Manhattan-esque (it's a word, shut up) then he did in the original.

Whoever it is I'm surprised that Abrams is going for a classic character after he did the whole 'time travel destroys canon' move you'd think he would have done that to create new characters. Actually, come to think of it, why would you go back to an old Trek character in a sequel when your villain in the first one was a new one?

I'm sure this was just bait for Trekkies, but TOS ran from 1966-1968 and went in to re-runs in 1969. The original pilot was proposed by Roddenberry in 1964. Okay, correction duty done!

Personally, I'd like to see a retake on Gary Mitchell....


Gary Mitchell. Please. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was one of the best Star Trek episodes ever. Of all time.


Personally i thought the plot of the last star-trek movie was pretty much one of the worst i've ever seen in a movie, sure the production values were high but it got a LOT wrong, not for star-tek but just in terms of being a good and modern Sci-Fi movie. It really left me wanting; apart from Simon Pegg there was no real memorable part of the movie. It was a very flashy void.

Hrm, Im speculating that it might well be Mitchell and the focus on the plot is that Mitchell is the birth of the Q.

Of course im likely to be wrong on this, but it seems right in my mind

Good news. Maybe I won't hate this as much as the first movie. Fed up of prequal movies trying to work in bad guys early saying the heroe knew the bad guy's earlier than you would expect. Smallville anyone. Some new charactors would have been even better. Prequals to me equal no new ideas....

This is neither disappointing nor surprising. Khan was a character from Kirk's past. The Trek reboot was about Kirk's origins. It wouldn't make sense if Khan was the villain before he was introduced first...
Oh. Now I get it.

I think either Trelane or Gary Mitchell would be the coolest to see in the next movie; I'm betting Mitchell is most likely. Come to think of it, the Horta could be really interesting too.

I'm actually really glad that Khan isn't in this movie. For one, they'd have to include the events of the episode he first appeared in, Space Seed, which would likely take up too much time in the movie. The '09 movie was about 2 hours long and that was after removing the Klingon scene which was about a half hour long (which still makes me sad). Secondly, I don't want to see a repackaged version of Wrath of Khan, it's too big in Star Trek lore to remake without pissing everyone off.

Rebooted Talosians would be awesome.

Mitchell would be cool, but then Harry Mudd would be fun as well. However he wasn't really a diabolical Villain that's good for a movie. maybe IN the movie, but not the main Antagonist without drastically changing his character.

I suppose Kahn may not have worked since: A) It would be quite obvious, and hard to do better, and B) Kirk hasn't met Kahn in the new Continuity yet. Then again he would be known from the Eugenics Wars so it's not too big an issue.

Man those Eugenics Wars in the 90s were really tough. I'm glad we put that whole sordid mess behind us.

Maybe the crew could take on the real enemy of the first movie... those damn lens flares

I vote for Gary Mitchell myself.

You didn't give Trelane a snippet of explanation as you did with the rest.

A shame.. personally I'd like a tie in for "Who Mourns for Adonis",m myself, but I understand why Apollo didn't make the cut... BSG played the Greek/Roman tie-ins to death.

Mitchell/Trelane are both likely, as it took Kirk/Spock/McCoy cooperation to beat both of them, like it took to beat Khan in TOS and they will get to play up the new triad without messing with what is arguably the most popular movie in the series.

After further thought, I'm going with Mitchell as my bet. I recall that episode having more crew interaction and more opportunity to show off the Enterprise herself, maybe even with a little CSI thrown in, as opposed to a Trelane taking a few members away from that and toying with them in a fantasyland.

possibly the ones who captured pike, because then it would make sense for him to be there other than as a force to get kirk into starfleet

The "KHAAAAAAN" joke got hijacked by Bill Simmons for the Minnesota Timberwolves' GM David Kahn.

Nerds need to find a new meme that hasn't gone mainstream.


Personally i thought the plot of the last star-trek movie was pretty much one of the worst i've ever seen in a movie, sure the production values were high but it got a LOT wrong, not for star-tek but just in terms of being a good and modern Sci-Fi movie. It really left me wanting; apart from Simon Pegg there was no real memorable part of the movie. It was a very flashy void.

I'll agree in that I didn't really like the main plot.

However, I was very impressed with the character interactions, and I've really become a fan of Chris Pine in particular after seeing it. That alone was enough to make me like the movie taken as a whole.

If Khan were to be in the reboots, the movie would be a rough remake of "Space Seed," not a remake of ST2:WoK, so it could work. That said, I am not a big fan of the reboot because they've turned Scotty into a clown and Bones into an afterthought (and that despite Urban's dead-on Kelley impersonation--the best piece of acting in the film). I really liked "The Devil in the Dark" (Horta) and think that could make for an interesting movie--for about 60 minutes or so, and then they would have to find something else to fight.

My mind went to Mudd before I even read the article. Gary Mitchell would be pretty cool, but for some reason my mind seriously rushed to Mudd.

We'll just have to see. I'm hoping we'll be surprised.

It's gotta be Mitchell

Maybe Abrahms will use Mudd and make a space orgy Star Trek movie. It would certainly be in line with what he considers to be Star Trek.

Mitchell or the Talosians will work. I'm having trouble seeing Harry Mudd as a central villain (even if indirectly), though.

I must place my money on Talosians. I mean that it is just so easy. And they do not have to explain the long trip to the galactic barrier (and what that barrier is) or the comedic sty lings of Mudd.

order of probability
Talosians - best case
Horta - an interesting one about weather or not they were a villain and a morality play.
Harry Mudd - slightly more likely then Mitchell.
Gary Mitchell - this kind of story has been done too death.


You could not match the suave sexy that is the great Ricardo Montalbán
God rest his soul!

eh...not sure if any of those sound good but they'll do something with it I suppose
still...nothing like Khaaaaan!

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