Don't Let Resident Evil: Damnation's Teaser Lick You

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I'm excited to see this. And I'm hoping for Billy.

I thought Billy Coen was the guy from the smashing Pumpkins. Wtf.

And sorry if this is a considered a major bump, but this trailer is on the Resident Evil Afterlife (the bluray edition) which I've some how received 2 days early. It looks nothing like Chris, I mean, I thought it was Carlos at first, but If I remember rightly they have never met. I think it's just another soldier. Like the whole, 'my enemy is your enemy'

No one has given a thought that it could be Carlos Olivera, from resident evil 3 Nemesis :/ seriously there are loads of people it could be. Give it some more thought.....

Jesus men! What the hell are you all saying? This movie is placed before RE5, so it has to be after 2005 (RE Revelations and Degeneration take place in 2005) and not beyond 2009 when RE5 takes place. Nobody gives a shit about Nikolai nor Olivera, it must be Chris, impossible to be Wesker because he simply doesn't go in the middle of a war zone, not his style and anyways he doesn't use anything different from a pistol of his hands, again not his style. For those of you who said it is Krauser, well since nobody used the dragon balls to bring him back to life, it's not him, Ada killed him, remember? And it's dark not easy to see somebody in the face and recognize him right away, especially if you never met him in person before (just phone call or email or whatever it was --->RE Code Veronica X).
I personally like the Movies with Milla Jovovich, but they are simply not worth the Resident Evil title.
I am really, really looking forward to this movie :)

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