Go to College, Fight Zombies With Nerf Weapons

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My teacher and her husband helped Whitney Metzger organize Survive Norfolk. It took place in one of the neighborhoods up there, Ghent. It was originally going to be about 100 people playing, over 6000 showed up. They had to get city permission, close off roads, get officers to patrol, and some news channels even reported on it. Rumor had it that the starting zombies were the Norfolk parkour (free-running) team.
Unfortunately I wasn't old enough to attend. :-(

The music and the whole video was pretty cringe-worthy. Sorry, it had to be said.

However, the concept of this kind of activity sounds fun. Pity the video made it look awful.

We totally already did this earlier this year at my College, and are about to start it again next week! Yay ^.^

Former HvZ moderator at Truman State University here (now off being a grad student).

This video = awesome. Glad to see it getting a good amount of press as of late.

Why is there nothing like this in the UK?

Apart from a distinct lack of Nerf weapons.

Hey TimeLord, there actually are a couple games in the UK. They've been a little slower to start and the first couple were day long games (in a park) since they weren't specific to a university. Several of the players and organizers are active on the main HvZ forums. Here's a link to a recent thread (http://forums.humansvszombies.org/index.php/topic,1731.msg20199.html).

Oh geez, why not airsoft! They aren't embarrassing to own! But i guess its cool

Because campuses would ban that in a heartbeat if they haven't already. :)


The Rookie Gamer:

How awesome is it one a scale of 1 to 10?

IT'S OVER 9000!


This game is awesome, but my school doesn't play!

If you're interested in starting a game check out http://dmg.humansvszombies.org and http://forums.humansvszombies.org for tons of advice. If you don't/can't start a game but want to play, check to see if there are any schools that play in your surrounding areas. Many will allow you to register as a guest and play.

AND, if the week long game isn't your style there are several Invitational games throughout the year which only last for a full day (typically Saturday). I know of at least two taking place in the spring. The first is in Missouri at Truman State University on April 2nd (http://forums.humansvszombies.org/index.php/topic,2018.0.html) and the second is at Penn State a week later (http://forums.humansvszombies.org/index.php/topic,1695.0.html). Both require signing up in advance.

I hate being the lone voice, but... We had this at my college, and it absolutely sucked. Bad leadership, no mission, zombies could have shields (they were supposed to be the size of a paper plate, but the refs turned their heads at one guy who had a fricking TOWER shield made out of cardboard), etc. We even had one case where some friends of a zombie who were survivors snuck up on other players and physically restrained them for their friend to tag. Not cool. The leadership just went along with it and said it wasn't against the rules (who would write rules for 'in case a few players are major jerks who go against their own team for lols?' It never says in Football that you can't deliberately score on your own team, after all.) Just so you guys know, make sure that the group leading yours is interested in the game and does missions, rather than just saying 'oh, yeah, run around, final battle in... a week... uh... in the commons.' When they realized the game was boring like that, they implemented the 'strong suggestion' of going outside at night for no reason other than letting the zombies have a good chance of tagging you. Just go and hang out in the middle of the commons and let the zombies have a go at you. You know, to make things fair. In their own words "but if you wanna be a wimp and just hide in your room all night, you'll 'win', but we'll laugh at you".

Likewise, if you're gonna start it up on your campus, make sure you have a plan. Do a small-scale 2 hour event to start, if you have to, but don't do like the group at mine did at make the game a total farce. Plan missions, make rules, and for god's sake ENFORCE THEM! Keep with the spirit of the game and not the letter of the law. If people are playing against their team, ask them to switch teams or quit rather than playing the 'but we like our friend better than our team' game.

Champlain College's HvZ ended last Saturday. It was a student run activity, being run by my roomate, which was hilarious because I always knew what we were looking for in the missions (usually he borrowed something of mine to use as the item we were looking for).

EDIT: Also, smacking people with Socks (the melee weapon) was funny... especially when you stick things inside the socks.

What do you do with all the ammo? That shit's expensive...especially if you are packing a chaingun.

This makes going to college seem like a good idea.

Don't let them fool you.

That video was so bad it went into good and then through to bad again.

The Rookie Gamer:
Best thing ever.

I agree.

The entire history of human endeavor, every ounce of technical, social and artistic progress, all of it did nothing more than lay the foundation for that video.

What do you do with all the ammo? That shit's expensive...especially if you are packing a chaingun.

Not really. Enormous packs of the stuff is only a few dollars and, I assume people are kind enough to pick up the litter when they're done since the University would probably frown upon an activity that left hundreds of non bio-degradable foam pieces around.

This runs twice yearly at the ANU in Canberra Australia

I so want a go, even if I'm no good at paintballing or anything like it, it'd still be an amazing blast.

I would love to do somethign liek this!

Damn, I want to do that so much...

I want to play this game!

someone needs to make this a sport quick

And now to start this on a town wide level......

Most cheesiest, geekiest, worst acted thing I've ever seen.

It was awesome.

The zombies in the video seem to know how to parkour. Epic.

Oh yeah. I've been in a few of these games already, and they pretty much rule. The only problem is you don't have much time to play if you're serious about class. Also, I always get zombified pretty quickly...

I played a game a couple of months ago at RIT, it was AWESOME

that was really cool i wonder if any colleges in Illinois does this ?

That... was... utterly... awesome.

RIT has been doing this for years, and I know the film kids here have made dozens of movies about it so I don't see why SUNY Geneseo is the first to have a trailer/promotional video of it.

We only get to use socks and marshmallows because NERF guns cause crime scares? Something stupid along those lines so it doesn't end up looking too awesome.

I remember when my brother was doing these. He and some of his friends would take the air limiters out of the nerf guns just to get them to shoot farther.

Our game started on Halloween. The horde is growing but the resistance is strong. I use a modded CS-6 Recon

Oops double post

here is a picture of a kitty


ugh I heard about it nearby
so stupid

And my brain just exploded from the AWESOME.

There's a college that does that around me and the event takes place over the whole campus and usually last's a better part of a week.

Fun times are shared.

*Snip* (Deleted post. Don't ask.)

The City of Melbourne is doing this in January
I can't wait

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