Black Ops Contains a Secret Classic Adventure Game

Black Ops Contains a Secret Classic Adventure Game

Older gamers picking up Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops may be in for one wholly unexpected blast from the past.

It seems that Treyarch has been busy packing little extra side-games into Black Ops. We all knew about the return of Nazi Zombies, but like a Transformer, there's more here than meets the eye.

Instead of having a typical menu screen, Black Ops' menu puts you in the shoes of a special operative trapped in some kind of interrogation facility - and with some clever manipulation of the controls, you can break free of your shackles and explore the room. To the side of the room is a computer, and by accessing it a player can boot up the first hidden minigame, Dead Ops Arcade - seen here to the right.

Whereas the command "DOA" brings up Dead Ops Arcade, however, inputting the command "ZORK" brings up something else entirely: If you couldn't guess from the input, it's Zork. Yes, that Zork. Father of the text adventure genre, you-are-likely-to-be-eaten-by-a-grue Zork.

As far as we know, it's the full and complete version of the classic text adventure, which should be good for at least a few hours' worth of nostalgia from older gamers who remember playing the original. Younger gamers, on the other hand, just might not have the patience for a text adventure, and will probably gravitate back to Dead Ops Arcade - or the rest of Black Ops - before too long.

How many other minigames will players find in Black Ops before all is said and done? You have to give Treyarch credit, though: Even if Dead Ops and Zork were the only two easter egg side-games present here, it's still really cool that the developers put them in the game in the first place.

(Via MTV Multiplayer)


That it awsome. Treyarch really went all out with the secret extras.


That's pretty epic. I am not disappoint. If I get to play Black Ops this is the first thing I'm going for.

I'm guessing that doing this on the PS3/Xbox 360 would not be advisable. I mean, even with the chat pad on the Xbox it would still be a pain in the ass to play a text-based adventure.

Thank you!!

I am happy now. Getting this on Wed.

Remember, don't go into the darkness with out a light.

I've actually always wanted to give Zork a go, but never gotten round to it.


I'm guessing that doing this on the PS3/Xbox 360 would not be advisable. I mean, even with the chat pad on the Xbox it would still be a pain in the ass to play a text-based adventure.

They might have a series of options you can choose, like you can move an analog stick to point at and then press A to Look Around, or Go North or Go East.

Seems that they put the effort into these little extras! Awesome work Treyarch.

I'm more interested in this than the rest of the game lol.

Isn't there an "Eaten By A Grue" article tag here at Escapist?

Treyarch has really improved their image with me. The work they have put into Black Ops and the fun loving easter eggs present show to me that they put a little part of themselves in their product. Two thumbs up for Treyarch!

My brother just played DOA.
I have to say, including a hidden arcade game in a computer, in the main menu, that is actually another room, is an awesome idea!

Okay, so I played Zork. Or rather, I tried to. I typed, "Go to mail box," then I get "It's Here!" I can't do anything after that. Seriously, all I keep getting is "It's Here!" How it the world do you play these types of games?

"how many more things will be discovered?" ... well, at least as far as that old computer is concerned (i'm pegging it at about a P166 with a voodoo2, btw, given the graphics on that top-down shooter; the title screen is a bit out of place, but eh, stylistic choice), does no-one know how to use DOS any more?

dir *.com
dir *.exe
dir *.bat
dir *.* /d

and off we go a-explorin'

maybe chkdsk for a clue on the disk size first, so we know what we may find. 500mb will be plenty sufficient to hide the zombie game, zork, GTA, shareware versions of descent, Doom 1+2 (maybe quake?) and still have the files for which it was officially set up :D

Is there any way to actually do this on the PC version??? From every video I've seen you have to alternate the fire/aim buttons which doesn't work on PC because clicking the mouse buttons interacts with the menu no matter where you are looking.

Okay, is that why you use 98% of my CPU power, Black Ops?!

dir /h/p

This could get interesting.

I got to the end of the rainbow under the great canyon with the jewel egg.... not that far.......

Ah Zork, the one of the best from my childhood.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Treyarch got +5 respect points from me.

Ahhhhh so THATS why it takes ten years for a map to be properly loaded.

Actually I had a go of Zork on BO just then, I remember hearing about these sorta games.
Its...intriguing yes.


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