The Witcher 2: Epic, Everywhere and No DRM

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Andy Chalk:

Are they gonna keep all that great T&A in this one or will they make it tamer?

They've said in previous interviews that they're going to handle it differently but that Geralt's way with the ladies is a big part of the character, so you won't see it going away. And since the first gameplay trailer featured a damsel in distress with her entirely uncovered funbags flapping in the breeze, it looks like they're going to be true to their word.

Yeah, I saw that video after my post. I am cautiously optimistic, although I am assuming it will be cleaned up for the US release. But if its anything like the last one, an uncensored patch with be out shortly thereafter.

And DRM'd or not, I fully intend to buy this, to support a great company making cool games.

I've got the enhanced platinum retail of the Witcher and it has no DRM whatsoever. No disc check or any other crap.

I'm going to support these guys and buy the W2 full price. Still undecided on going either GOG or retail though.

And for once Steam is beaten. Sorry Gabe, but that's the way the cookie...oh, he's ate it.

Steam won't go down without a fight...

They're already selling The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium Edition (or taking money for pre-purchase orders at least) but they're advertising it as being released in November 2010.

Is the November 2010 release date a mistake on Steam's part, or a ploy sell more copies of their digital versions before the retail game is released next year?

A few people have already fallen for the release date and are feeling tricked into buying it early, it will be interesting to see how this develops and how much of a fuss people will kick up if they can't get a refund...

I'm trying to think of the last time I got a game that had no copy protection at all. It was RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, which had no CD key and no need to keep the disc in the drive to play. I wonder if Atari have ever done that since.

pre-ordered the Premium edition on steam back in february. i bought the original in the steam summer sale and finished it in late December (got stuck at a really hard monster 6-8 hours in and got discouraged from finished the game for a while, got back into it around christmas) and loved it to bits, even with the few glitches, reused character models and semi-stiff dialogue (saying exactly what you chose, instead of something similar to it).

i am so excited for the 2nd game. its gonna be GOTY material along with DA2 AT LEAST.

I just can't understand them.
They make the Witcher which, for all its bugginess, was a fun game.
Then they port Saints Row 2 to the PC like a fucking ape smearing faeces all over its face.
Now they release the sequel to the Witcher, and with all this free stuff. Are you a bunch of cock sucking whores, or are you a friendly bunch of eastern-European game developers? Make your mind up would you.

Looking forward to my CE in may,which can't come fast enough.

I have high hopes for this sequel and been pumped up ever since they announced it.

Because the whole "No-DRM" thing worked so well for World of Goo.

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