Martin Aircraft: Putting the 'Segway' Back in 'Jetpack'

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WELL CRAP. I can no longer complain about how "we were promised Jetpacks." The promise has been fulfilled.. Thanks Martin. Now all I need is $100,000.

Must. Buy. Before. Outlawed. Need. Money.

So, first CERN discovers how to hold anti matter for 2 tenths of a second, and now we've got jetpacks? I think we may almost be in the future.

The market for this thing is going to get insanely huge!

This just in:


I'm...I'm so happy...

Its about time!!! I've been waiting forever!

The thing isn't exactly portable. I mean what are you gonna do? Will you fly it to a location and walk around with it strapped to your back, or just had your $100,000 flying machine to the valet at walmart while you get the single bag of items likely allowed by weight restrictions.

I don't think the average fatass will ever even get off the ground in one of these things anyway lol

When it drops below 10,000 I'll by one. It would make the commute to work quicker and cooler.

'Kay, but how do you land?

My friends, the future is upon us. Soon jetpacks will be everywhere.
And it will be awesome.

I really wish I was rich right now. I'd buy one of those in a heartbeat.

First holographic pop stars, the ability to project holographic messages a la Star Wars and now jet packs.

It's good to live in the 21st century.

'Kay, but how do you land?

Either very carefully or very violently.

Finally, I can have hover jousts!

Im going to go ahead and call it, someone will die within the first week, and it will be outlawed.

The jetpack transport times are getting near. Im sure there will be no problem in making automatized systems that would make it safe.

is it just me or does that look like a WH 40k assault marine jumppack? (one of the old ones)

I... must... have... one!

They require a training course before you can buy one. So I guess it $100,000 plus travel and training expenses in New Zealand. Also it comes with an emergency parachute built in.

I like... but i think they will have to pay me to get on one XD

Jackpacks = many hilrious deaths

Need 100K


Well, shit, the server blipped and nuked my longer post, so more simply:


60mph for a half hour is perfectly enough for most commutes if nothing else, and it wouldn't need massive recharge times unlike an electric one. Just get GPS guidance to the nearest gas station (and fill it up with diesel, if I'm not mistaken?). It'd do me fine - to and from work in 10 minutes, straight line, rather than 35+ wiggling through indirect, traffic choked roads. Even my bike which knocks 10 mins off that itself can't go much over 65mph.

It'd take me about 10 years to save up for it from my current position now though :( and that money will likely have to go on a house instead. Dyer think the bank will front me a loan when I'm likely to die at the controls?

Now will they make us a nausicaa-style air scooter to go with? (Faster in a straight line, can glide if the engine quits...)

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