BioWare: Gamers Prefer a Manly Shepard

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BioWare: Gamers Prefer a Manly Shepard


BioWare has released a few more "Fun Facts About Mass Effect 2" including the percentage of people who created a female Shepard, who the most popular squad member was and how many players let that guy out of the thing.

Back in September, BioWare revealed that it had collected a big pile of data about people's Mass Effect 2 playing habits. They discovered, for instance, that the soldier class was more popular than all other classes combined and that people generally paid attention to the in-game conversations, which had a skip rate of only 15 percent. But that apparently was just the tip of the iceberg, as BioWare recently slipped a whole bunch of new statistics to Destructoid.

Character customization was a highly-touted feature of the game and a whopping 83 percent of players created their own faces for Commander Shepard, but only 18 percent elected to play as a female. That's not terribly surprising given the heavily male-dominated videogame market, but what I do find shocking is that only 50 percent of Mass Effect 2 players had fully upgraded their ship by the time the game was over.

It's likely that the figures are skewed by multiple playthroughs, as gamers experiment with their ship and crew to see how it affects the endgame, but it still suggests that a fairly large number of people are overlooking some big parts of the game. That, of course, was the whole point of collecting this stuff; as executive producer Casey Hudson said in September, having access to this kind of data allows BioWare to design even more appealing games in the future.

Other interesting bits of information: Ten percent of players left the Krogan where they found him, an average of 14 percent of the squad dies in the suicide mission, Archangel was one of the most popular squad members for side missions and 36 percent of players made the Renegade choice during the big finish.

As for me, I fully upgraded my ship, the whole crew loved me (even the surly one in the basement), we all came out of the Big Thrilla in one piece and let's just say I'm probably not on the Illusive Man's Christmas card list anymore. How did you do?


I prefer Hale's voice acting. And I'm not saying that to be different. I truly do. It feels....weird playing male Shepard now. It's just not the same :-/

Fully upgraded the ship, lost that amazing Professor on my first finish. Second finish cost me Tali.

I just can't seem to get everyone out alive. I'm still working on that one.

My playthough was the same as Andy's. Also I totally hit Lawson. Tali feels like a sister after everything we went through in the first game. *shudder*

I played male shep aswell, and I too will not be on The Illusive mans christmas card list =)

Also, *cough, nice pic there ;)

Male Shepard's voice only seems to fit the default Shepard with the beard. Lost interest during the loyalty missions, the gameplay just wasn't compelling enough for me to finish.

I played "manly" Shepard here, upgraded the ship fully, was best friends with everyone, but I just couldn't bring myself to do the Paragon ending, I just didn't agree with it.

All lived except Zaeed (don't care) and Mordin (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!).

As for the Illusive Man, I may as well have cut him a vagina and dumped a JCB digger's worth of sand into it.

Hale's a good actress, but she didn't pull off "Sarcastic prick" for Renegade like the male actor did.

And which Shep is getting all the recognition exactly?

My Sheploo Soldier kicked ass hard with Zaeed and Grunt on his side, everyone survived, but I've misinterpreted "I want to know you better" as "Let's be friends", so in order to stay faithful to Space Smurfette, Jack hated me.

And TIM wasn't really happy either.

Really, given how many people talk about how much they prefer Femshep I expected the figures to be equal, if not skewed more towards playing as Femshep.
Well, I guess you have to figure the amount of people who played the game and don't talk about it online.

As for my playthrough, I always find a neutral hero to be much more interesting, so I had a pretty fair balance between Paragon and Renegade, The Illusive Man is not going to put me on his Christmas card list either, though.
And as for Shepard, I'll create a custom female one, but I can't make a male Shepard that's better than the default Sheploo.
I also prefer Mark Meer's voice acting for the renegade options, a lot of them deal with a dry sardonic jerkass sense of humor which I think Meer captures better than Hale.

Since no-one else has said it... DAT ASS

I usally play as a female Shepard though, because the male voice actor sounds terrible.

I prefered the female character, if you ask me the voice acting was soooo much better. She just looked ugly as fuck.. (plays a great bitch themed character though)

Pulled off a similar, unofficial news topic. Details ahead with added tweaks.

- I spent a good three hours making sure my characters were made exactly to my liking. Damn right I'm gonna use them. Not to mention default John just seems "eh".
- FemShep player and damn proud, though I'll play a female in every game that gives me the option. Didn't really care for any of the romance options for my character, and only hooked up with Jacob for achievement purposes (as if the game didn't try to force you two together in the first place).
- Infiltrator for me (with Adept for the side character). Fit my character quite nicely as an expert marksman. :)
- Garrus is cool and all, but I never thought of him as the be-all-end-all greatest squad-mate. When it came to actual missions, I always used Zaeed and either Kasumi or Legion.
- I let Grunt out of his tank just for the sake of it (and because Steve Blum is awesome). The only times I bothered with him after that was his loyalty mission.
- Does upgrading the Normandy include the Med-Bay?
- I seem to lose an average of 1 person for various reasons, whether it be a bad choice somewhere or BioWare's fucked-up ass "reinvented" karma system. Although once you figure out where to put who, it makes the whole squad member choice thing idiotic.
- Cerberus may have let my characters live to fight another day, but I still say they can all suck a big one. Creepers, insane rachni, getting Admiral Kahoku killed, being a key instrumentalist for an ambush from the Collectors... it's a little hard to forgive some of those things.

And for the record, the only reason TIM went for the closing of the Pragia facility was the scientists didn't ask him first. Get the fuck outta here...

Enjoy. :P

I did everything I could during my first playthrough, including gaining the loyalty of all the crew, upgrading the ship, and coming out alive without giving in to the Man's bullshittery.

However, I played through multiple times, and 2 of the 3 characters I have were Female, even though I'm a male player

My first playthrough was the same as Andy's and I romanced Tali, as a MaleShep, cheating on Liara because she was no longer the adorkable person who I loved in the first game after all the time she's spent plotting vengeance on The Shadow Broker.

For my second I made a FemiShep and did the opposite: didn't upgrade my ship fully, lost Mordin, Jack, Tali, Legion and Thane, chose the Renegade ending and generally played her as a psychotically damaged, incompetent leader.
Who totally got herself a fine piece of Jacob.

Edit: Oh and my MaleShep was an Adept, and my FemiShep was an Infiltrator.

Yeah, well. Dat ass would turn almost any Shepherd into a heterosexual male.

I always interpreted this statistic as most players who create a female Shepard also create a male Shepard at some point as well, but most players who create a male Shepard won't try a female Shepard.

After playing through the game twice with my imported FemShep, I tried the male Shepard but I found him too boring, and I couldn't finish with him.

Yeah, I screwed over TIM, and my squad survived. However, my crew became a giant slushy because I wanted to bring Legion everywhere and see everyone's reactions. :-/

Male Shep, Fully upgraded ship, took me three playthroughs but I got everyone out alive, kept Miranda and Garrus as my primary squadmates and I told the Illusive man he could go fuck himself.

Distorted Stu:
I prefered the female character, if you ask me the voice acting was soooo much better. She just looked ugly as fuck.. (plays a great bitch themed character though)

Huh. I made mine pretty hot, actually. Thank you, character customisation. ^ ^

I've finished entirely too many playthroughs so as to have plenty of options available in ME3 (also, cause I'm more than a little obsessive when it comes to branching storylines). Most have been with a manshep, but that's more because my best import from ME1 was a manshep than because of any preference. Overall, I actually prefer Jennifer Hale's voice acting or Mark Meer's, and have enjoyed my femshep characters more.

I prefer playing FemShep, but unfortunately three of the game's four interesting romance options are MaleShep only. Jacob's kind of creepy and Garrus is too inhuman for my taste.

But, still... my male/female ratio in ME2 is 50/50 (1v1) right now, while it's been 25/75 (1v3) in ME1 so far.

EDIT: Also, I'm completely worthless at creating male custom faces.

EDIT2: Additionally, I just can't think "Garrus" and "romantic", for some reason. The two concepts just aren't compatible to me.

Andy Chalk:
That's not terribly surprising given the heavily male-dominated videogame market, but what I do find shocking is that only 50 percent of Mass Effect 2 players had fully upgraded their ship by the time the game was over.

I very nearly didn't. My lord is scanning boring. I ended up looking for Platinum rich planets on the wiki because the only upgrades I had left in the game required 150,000 more Platinum from me.

I never played ME, but if I did, I would play the female Sheppard and have sex with one of my male teammates so I can play the rest of game thinking I'm pregnant.


In games where I can choose, I go man for one playthrough, and woman for another. Fable, Mass Effect etc..

Red Rum:
I never played ME, but if I did, I would play the female Sheppard and have sex with one of my male teammates so I can play the rest of game thinking I'm pregnant.


"The rest of the game" is the final mission, so there wouldn't be much time for roleplaying that. :P

Everyone loves Garrus as much as I do.

This is a good day.

I am happy.

Oh I've still got more plays left ahead. I played the first one about 14 times now from start to finish, and I had three different characters. Oddly, I never cared for the soldier class in either game, but in the first the biotics were way better. My good Shep, ultra paragon man of justice, is well, good all the time, the great peacemaker. Then there's my evil renegade selfish masochist Shep, a female, all bad, cruel at every opportunity, likes double-crossing when she can.

My normal Shep I play based on my genuine feelings, about characters, situations (like friendship, bigotry, loyalty to a cause). I really do my best to let go and immerse myself, and with ME and ME2, even if they felt limited in a lot of ways, I was still able to really do that.

On my first playthrough I romanced Tali, was a renegade/paragon hybrid and ended up wiping all collector life forms from their base. I did not import a save game as I had not played ME1 so I had the default start.I was thinking that giving the Collector base is a reaper construct this will lead to an easier win in the next game, as you can easily reverse engineer the technology there and end up creating even more powerful cruisers/weapons. I realised my mistake once the Illusive Man started acting like a mad-man, boasting about humanity's place as the leader of the galaxy. I ended up re-doing the last mission just so I can get the ending where I flip the Illusive Man so now I have 2 saves ready for ME3.

On my second playthrough I decided to import a ME1 save game from that database website and ended up having Liara as a romance in ME1, with the council also surviving. I was completely paragon this time around and attempted to be the "model soldier", resolving every conflict and being a goody two shoes. Of course this was done after Lair of the Shadowbroker was released as there really was no reason to continue any relationship you had in the past since, well, you just stare at a picture goddamnit...

On the first playthrough Grunt died and so did Jack if I'm not mistaken. I had all the upgrades but unfortunately getting all the upgrades meant I had to spend more time mining since I didn't have enough time to recruit all the dudes and dudetes I ended up not saving the entire crew. When I reloaded the save I ended up saving everyone.

On my second playthrough I managed to save everyone. It was my perfect ending as humanity's role in the galaxy was expanded through the use of the council, I was reinstated as a spectre so as to reafirm my loyalty to the council rather than Cerberus(this also included flipping off the Illusive Man) and I also managed to keep Liara as my besttest buddy with benefits.

I ended up playing Mass Effect 1 just so I could get a more "personalized" save for ME2 but I can't believe how annoying the levels are. Every single area has the look and feel of a labyrinth and to be honest I hate that. Still, I ended up completing it as a Paragon Shepard with Liara as my romance. The weird thing is, I always felt that Shepard and Ashley were the intended romance plot for ME1. I mean, there's the awkward sister event, then there's her calling Shepard skipper... I don't know. None of the other romance interests expressed any interest in Shepard without sounding robotic. At least with Ashley it felt built up from the scratch... Oh well, I'm just rambling.

Awesome pic. :P

I played as female Shepard. I played both for a while in mass effect 1, but the woman voice actor sounded miles more into it than her male counter part. That and it gave me something nice to look at I MEAN... I PLAYED AS AN INFILTRATOR

100% survival (even crew), love and collector ship destroyed. I wanted to give it to alliance space but ah well...

Strangely, Mordin died on the second play through. This made me sad, so I replayed the last mission and made sure that salarian survived. No one can sing scientist salarian like he can.

I didnt upgrade the normandy ship at all, but not because I was unaware you could, but it was my understanding that people would die if you didnt. I didnt want to skip any loyalty missions, but I didnt want to finish the game without losing anyone either.

I mean come on! This is the middle chapter, it's supposed to end on a low point. The empire is supposed to strike back, where is my frozen han!? I liked the idea of losing some party members, I figured it would have a more emotional impact.


I prefer Hale's voice acting. And I'm not saying that to be different. I truly do. It feels....weird playing male Shepard now. It's just not the same :-/

It's funny I feel the exact opposite. Hale's voice acting for Shepard just doesn't do it for me.

I've done one renegade female Infiltrator Shepard that saves the base, one paragon female Soldier Shepard that destroys the base, one renegade male Soldier Shepard that saves the base, and one paragon male Soldier Shepard that destroys the base. At least, those where my primary playthroughs I decided to keep. I've done at least 13 so far, all together. I preferred my female Shepard, however. Jennifer Hale's voice just sounds right for Commander Shepard in my mind.

If you read Mass Effect Retribution, you know why allowing the Illusive Man to hold onto Reaper technology is a major fuck-up in decision making. But I did it with a male and a female for the sake of having a more varied gameplay and storyline available for Mass Effect 3. Otherwise, nothing pleases me more than telling the Illusive Man to go and kindly fuck himself when I blow up the base he so badly wanted.

..And my crew survives every time. The suicide mission has become "butcher Collectors and laugh in their melting faces" mission for me now, with so many damned playthroughs. Mordin withstanding. With enough interaction, he becomes just.. invaluable. In. Valuable.

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