Give Your Little Time Lords Their Very Own TARDIS Bed

Give Your Little Time Lords Their Very Own TARDIS Bed


One lucky kid in New Zealand received a custom-built TARDIS themed bed. He's decided against using it, though, so his dad is auctioning it off online.

The Best Dad in the World apparently lives in New Zealand, and to defend his title, he built his son a custom-made TARDIS-themed Murphy bed. The kid likely couldn't sleep for pretending he was a time lord, so the family isn't keeping the bed. Instead, Dad is auctioning it off on the New Zealand auction site Trade Me.

The father/builder describes every last detail of the bed on the auction listing, including "a chain of LED lights on the makes your whole ceiling look like the Tardis is taking off its mind blowing! Once you open the 1970s lock, you will find a handmade Doctor Who replica talking , yes I said talking telephone! It says 3 or 4 different things, then when the secret button is pushed the green light turns blue then pulses and makes the Tardis sound. It is loud enough to know when your child is not sleeping!" Or, perhaps, your adult wife, who bought this and set it up in the spare bedroom to pretend she's traveling through space and time. The listing describes the bed as child-sized, but who knows: Maybe it's bigger on the inside.

The online auction ends December 9, and, as of this writing, the bidding has reached NZ $3,300.00. (This figure does not include the price to ship the bed from Wellington, New Zealand.)

Source: Trade Me, via Blastr


Thats pretty neat. If I was 15 years younger I'd totally want it.

Umm where is the bed part?

Umm where is the bed part?

It folds down. The TARDIS interior you see is the base of the bed, I believe.

And wow, that's one ungrateful little kid, but one utterly awesome dad.

News about a selfmade TARDIS bed? Alright.
Now show me the kid that was stupid enough to let it go!

Damn, I'd be glued to that thing for the next two years...

I say keep the bed and get rid of the brat. Obviously the child is broken and will amount to nothing in his life. Get a new one.

What is that kid's problem?

Buuh? Why would that kid get rid of that? Oh well they're at least making a good deal off of it and some other lucky dude (who will be missing 3,000+ bucks after it's done) will have an awesome bed that's probably too small for him.

Should I buy it for my cat?

I thought the best dad in the world made that stupid marble track...

Escapist, get your facts straight!

Is it ok to hate a child you don't know?

I'm actually thinking about building my own TARDIS for occasions like Halloween and parties.

I'll be your kid!

....So, it doesn't travel in time? Awww! Ah well, its still pretty cool.

To pay that much for a bed, you'd have to be a REtardis!


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