Man Attaches Cyborg Camera Implant to His Skull

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So now I guess he really does have eyes in the back of his head...

and by eyes I mean a camera :)

Wait, wait...a helmet cam would be "too obvious"? And looking like you slipped in the shower and have the drain cap buried in your skull will be less obvious? Won't most of his pictures be of middle-aged people, pointing at the back of his head and whispering to each other about it?

So how is this artistic again?

Not sure what makes this a cyborg implant but whatever.

Ladies and gentlemen if you needed more proof we're living in the future here it is.

I wish I could quote This_ends_now because the "extremist nature of transexuals" puzzles me. In what way are transexuals extremist, immoral, or even morally questionable?

OT: this looks like an interesting artistic project. Sounds like the walk through china guy sans facein the way of all the crap in the background. I'll defnitely be checking this out.

You know you live in the future when you can get the job title of body modification artist. Also that you can turn the back of your head into camera.

Any who this is just plain crazy, and its even in the name of art. Its in the name of grabbing attention. He's a walking troll.

He's too cool to turn 180 degrees and press the button on a regular camera.

I was hoping he had done something crazy and turned half his head into a 35mm and he could disprove everyone who had ever conjectured that the universe is only in existence because we perceive it or some nonsense like that.

This calls for a meme! Let's see here... Hmm, no, no. Ah, here we are! Ahem!

what is this i dont even

In all cereal, I agree that this is an attention ploy. What's he really gonna get from this?



I still contend that I can shit on a canvas and make better "art"

not true, shit on a canvas is just expensive toilet paper, BUT shit on a canvas with a crucifix, an american flag, or a family youll be accepted to the guggenheim

Touche sir.

Quiet Stranger:
I guess this man
*puts on sun glasses*
really DOES have eyes in the back of his head


A bit late on this, but:


I see we're making progress.

Heart of Darkness:
...why? A third of the pictures are going to take pictures of the exact same thing over and over again, like his pillow or a darkened ceiling or something like that. Seriously, how's he going to sleep with that in the back of his skull? It looks mighty uncomfortable.

Why not go with a smaller spycam or something? It seems less intrusive than that big honking thing.


OT: If only they attached a solar powered video camera and attached it to his visual cortex or whatever it is called so he could constantly have eyes in the back of his head.

Then would it be awesome? How could it not?!

Is it wrong that I want to tape a crudely drawn picture of Muhammad to the camera?

Guy's an idiot. And not in a "his brave creativity scares me because I'm small-minded" sort of way. More in the "his desperate attempt to stand out is lame and so is his face" sort of way.

I think I understand the point of this project: to document real life without people being aware of it but I wonder if there were another way. One such way could be on a peice of cloth at the back of his neck instead of on his skull, or any other place with the right angle.

I am a wee bit curious if ou can send pictures to your visual parts of the brain, I beliave I have heard of such things.

His camera reminds me of the jacks in neo´s head in "the matrix".


Ethylene Glycol:
But it wouldn't be news if he weren't the first person to do it, and to do something new simply for the sake of doing something new is what drives an artist.

I'm not expecting any of you to change your minds, though--they don't teach this kind of thinking in school. It only gets in the way of believing everything someone in authority tells you.

You're right about a handful of artists, but some of us just want to create something that you don't USUALLY see.

That counts too.

If you're that type of hipster artist who must do something no one has done, well I truly pity those people. (reminds me of

Hitler was a terrible artist even when he wasn't a hipster D<
Best webcomic online atm, btw.

I will be surprised if a cyborg's backward-facing camera eye will make any difference in the art world.

It probably won't--but changing the world isn't the difference between art and non-art, it's the difference between art and great art.

Also, notice how he needed to use 'I' instead of 'Eye'? ... I bet he has nothing but apple products surrounding him at all times.

I laugh at the foolish iSlave.

lol, iSlave. Perfect for all those latte-sipping hipster dommes in Seattle.

Looks like this teacher...


...has eyes in the back of his head.



This hardly has anything to do with "cyborg" or cybernetics. Its the equivalent of a camera tripod stuck in the back of an idiot's head. This section was particularily pretentious and assinine soundin:

'The premise behind the project is to comment on the "inaccessibility of time and the inability to capture memory and experience," Bilal says. He adds that he's interested in "what he leaves behind."

Also, the title of the exhibit alsop sounds pretentious and assinine in it's "cleverness".

'The Third I', ffs that is pathetic.

This guy is just helping add meaninglessness to the idea of art, because any jackass can do something stupid add a dose of pretenentiousness to it and call it art.

I thought he was going to be using the camera to replace his eye... I am dissapoint.

I wonder what would happen if you walked behind this guy pulling faces... It would be epic to have your mug being beamed across half the world for a group of modern artists too see you pulling your mouth open with your hands as you go cross eyed.

Its an interesting project but as it is modern art I don't really care. I came here hoping to use the phrase "One small step for man, one giant leap for skynet!" and I am dissapoint.

I have the feeling this is more about someone suffering from a serious histrionic personality disorder then about art.

Remember kids: just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

The camera was on the back of his head so it couldn't photograph him masturbating.

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